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My Interview for Hey Kids! Magazine


What a nice surprise! Thanks a lot to Alireza for sending a paper copy of Hey Kids! magazine with my interview in and the latest issue. It’s such fun and interesting magazine!! To read the interview click pictures below to enlarge, or check it here.


Hey Kids01

Hey Kids02 Hey Kids03


A Wonderful weekend everyone!!

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My Favorite Urban Style


Urbanouture6 My Favorite Urban Style

Just spotted latest Etsy’s treasures and can’t resist to share some, especially My favorite urban ‘style’ by Margaret. Thank you so much for including the Urban Couture Jacket pattern, my all time favorite!


Elf Princess02

Elf Princess09 When All The World is Young

The Elf Princess was featured in such a joyful When all the world is young… by Margaret collection! Thanks a lot, dear Margaret!


Gardenia 01

Gardenia 05 Up With Crochet

Crochet should NOT be the underdog in the world of needlework! Crochet is beautiful. Here’s a treasury to support some of my favorite fellow crochet designers!”, says hookedvintagecrochet – a curator of such beautiful Up with Crochet!: Gorgeous Crochet Scarf Patterns collection. I am honored to be a part of such a beautiful collection of scarves! Thanks for adding my latest Gardenia Scarf pattern.



Grape Scarf Garden Delight

Such cute collection and “at least it’s all calorie-free!” as says Pam ;o) Many thanks Pam Nuss for adding the Grape Scarf pattern to fun Garden Delights… the non-edible variety treasury.


Double Fun in the Sun Hat

Hot Heads.. Crocheted Poppy

 Double Fun in the Sun hat pattern was featured in two such cool looking collections: Hot heads…pretty girls by Margaret and Crocheted Poppy by Luba Davies. Thank you so much ladies!!


Whimsical Forest4

Whimsical Forest Peek-a-boo Coat6 Colors Of The Fall

Oh, and I can’t believe I almost missed such lovely Colors of the fall treasury, created by my dear and beyond talented friend Adushka. Thank you so much Sweets for including the Whimsical Forest mini collection!! My absolute favorite fall collection of 2010, and mainly because of such lovely collaboration with my amazing friends and such passionate souls: French designer Francoise Lama-Solet and gorgeous  Alex Koloskov and Genia Larionova,  and sure their lovely twins!!


In the other news… I’ve almost finished winter collection for my book (yay!!) and will blog about a book progress, what happened with Dryad collection, etc. as soon as possible!

Have a lovely and productive day!

Alla Koval Designs

Style Sheet for Patterns

Style Sheet

SS Pages03

Even if I have published my patterns since 2008, I am happy and proud owner of Style sheet for knitting and crochet patterns … finally :)


How To Say It

If you are looking for polishing your pattern-style or plan to start write patterns, I would highly recommend Edie Eckman’s How to Say It class. I learned what I was looking for I can’t be more happy with quite detailed and information filled lessons! Thank you so much Edie!!


Alla Koval Designs

My interview for Hey Kids! magazine

Hey Kids01

Hey Kids02

Hey Kids03

I was very delighted to receive a proposal from Alireza Rezaei, executive editor of Hey Kids! magazine and work on the interview for such a cool and fun magazine!


Alla Koval’s Happy Fashion
interview by Alireza Rezaei

It can be said that fashion is fashion and there’s not too much difference when a designer works for ladies, gentlemen or kids. The essence of this job or art is almost the same for all, but when you look at Alla Koval’s designs, you will find it obvious that there is something special for kids in them. Something makes us smile when we see children wearing them. Something in the colours, textures and the way she combines materials is happy and makes her designs unique, fabulous and enticing. That’s why I asked her to have an interview with Hey Kids. As I expected there is something unique in her point of view about fashion for children: Happiness!


The first eye catching thing in your designs is the colours and the way you choose and use them. Please tell us about your view and sense of colours.

One of a brightest memories from my childhood was my very first set of 48 colour markers. I was super excited to experiment with the colours, and my mom paid attention to how I used them. Later she told me that when she asked why I combined the colours that way, I explained, “They felt happy together.” Well, I still have that excitement about colours and love to make them feel happy.

What got you started working in children’s clothing design?

My daughter Kristin. I have been knitting and crocheting since I was a child, but rarely created any children’s items – just did not have much motivation. But when I had my own daughter, I started imagining all the cute things she could wear and this is how I started designing children’s clothes. And then I realized that it was exactly what I wanted to do in my life.

Your work is all highly detailed and imaginative. Where does that inspiration come from?

From everything I see, from nature to graphic designs to eighteenth-century costumes. But most of my inspiration comes from little wonders with their such precious personality and amazing vision!

Some of them are like paintings for kids and they remind us of kids’ books. How do you imagine them before starting the design?

It varies. Usually I just visualize them clearly and then somehow make the mental images into something real. I call it “design as you go”, when having the rough idea is enough to get started. But other times, when I see it’s going to be complicated, I start with math and draw stitch diagrams first.

Knitting is the main part of your designs. It should be more difficult to design some knitting and mix it with other textures than using just textures. You really love knitting, don’t you?

I do love both equally, knitting and crochet, because they’re so different. I tend to use crochet more for lace on summer and spring garments and knitting when I want something more fluid or use textured yarn. And my absolutely favourite part is to combine knit and crochet in one garment – a more fresh and enticing look.

Are your designs knitted by hand? If yes, their prices should be high. Would you give me a rough idea about the prices?

Yes, all my creations are hand knitted and crocheted by me with high quality yarn. Unfortunately it all makes the prices really high, but still, I have sold hundreds of custom-made (mostly one of a kind) items online. However, one day I realized that I have too much on my plate and couldn’t keep up with all orders anymore. I thought if I started writing patterns, I could make something just once and let other knitters and crocheters make the garments by
themselves, and even sell finished projects made from my patterns. I really feel that it was the right thing to do, and I’ve been so blessed by this experience. Somebody else making something out of what I’ve created — that’s what makes me happiest!

Have you published your patterns?

I have published my patterns since 2008. I have my designs published in Interweave Crochet and Crochet! magazines. I have also been designing my own line of knitwear and crochet for Kids Designs and Women Accessories, and I sell my patterns in my own on-line store, My Little Citygirl and in shops on,,, and With more than a 100 published patterns, I have now started working on my very first crochet book Imagical Seasons: Crochet Couture for Kids 2-12 years and have exciting plans for the future.

Is it possible for you to go to mass production?

Mass production is not for me. But to design something for a child’s brand to be mass produced, would be a pretty exciting and interesting experience.

What do you think about the role of geography and culture in fashion?

I think there are no strict logical lines between geography and culture in fashion these days.

What’s your favourite piece from your current line? Any all time favourite?

I love them all! But I really like my latest Silverlace and Tropicana Blankets. My all-time favourites are the Ladybug top, Christmas and Steampunk jackets.

Alla Koval Designs

Back To School In Style

Forget Me Not01




We all love good yarn

Oh my, I can’t believe that school is right around the corner and now is the time to think about back to school outfits for your little ones…

Thank you Margaret to including my Forget-Me-Not Top pattern in Back to school in Style treasury and Dandelion Tunic pattern in We all love a ‘good yarn’.

…. Yes, we do Margaret! And all the goodies we can do with it ;o)


Magnolia Coat

On angels Wings

Many Thanks to Clematiscrafts for including Magnolia Lace Coat pattern to such darling  On Angels Wings… treasury.

Total sweetness!!


vintage21 copy

If I could turn back time

And Thank you for including my Vintage Rose Top pattern in this such brilliant If I could turn back time… would I? treasury.

Great question to think about….. I don’t think I would, and one of the reason that I wouldn’t have the same people in my life as I do now.

How about you? ;o)


A Wonderful Thursday everyone!!

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$5 Deals. Sunlit Rose Bolero Pattern


It’s another $5 Sale at!

And, it’s on RIGHT NOW!

Over 100 great patterns and projects are on sale for only $5!

However, it will end Monday, June 18th.

"So, how do I find these deals?" you may be asking…

It’s easy! All of the patterns and projects that are part of the $5 Sale added to the Featured Products category. You can click the link below to visit that section.

There are several pages of deals to look through! You might also want to try using the sorting options at the top of the page and increase the Items per Page – there is a lot to see! I was invited to join and gladly offering you my newest Sunlit Rose Bolero pattern for this such great event!

Sunlit Rose Bolero Logo


Alla Koval Designs

Poppy Love & Beyond

Poppy Top

Poppy Love Little Lady

Such gorgeous and my absolute favorite collection of poppies so far!! I would buy every single piece from this Poppy Love treasury – just lovely! And oh my, how cute is Little Lady collection?! What gorgeous little ladies they all are! I ♥ it! Thank you so much Anna Poli  and UnlimitedCraftworks for adding my Poppy Tank Top pattern.



Grapes and Grapevines

Grapes and Grapevines. Beautiful purple summer fruit of the vine. Thank you Alida Bunder for adding my Grape Scarf pattern.



Strawberry Picking  You make me happy when skieas are grey

To continue fruit theme …smaks of sunshine and summer ;o) Thank you so much Margaret for adding my Strawberry Apron Top pattern to such yummy and fun Strawberry pickin’ treasury! Also this pattern was featured in another Margaret’s You make me happy when skies are grey treasury. Just wonder if Margaret lives in Seattle. We definitely need more treasures like this ;) Thank you again Margaret!



Twirls for girls

What a sweet collection Twirls for our girls… of all things twirly … bunch of lovely finds to twirling in ;o) Thank you so much Margaret for including my Sunlit Rose Bolero pattern.


Flower Girls

April Showers Bring Flowers  Emeraild,Neon

April Showers Bring May Flowers is all about daisies and Emerald, Neon, Green, Spring Daisies Flower, Children Gifts, Pastel Home Décor is all about wonderful blend of pretty things! Many thanks Christine and Nermin for adding my Daisy Halter Top pattern to such sweet and pretty treasury.



More Pink

And something for girly girls… Thank you so much Sue for adding my Raspberry Top pattern to More pink is Girly-icious… Gift Guide collection! Not sure about pink, but raspberries are ones of Kristin’s favorite berries (most favorite are blueberries ;o)


Happy Monday everyone!!

Alla Koval Designs

Thank heaven for little girls..

Just spotted latest Etsy’s treasures and can’t resist to share some, especially Thank heaven for little girls.. What a parade of sweetness!


LadyBugDetails  ladybug_details3

….19 off them…wearing the most beautiful creations says Margaret – a curator of this such darling and beautiful collection.

Thank you so much Margaret for including my Ladybug Apron Top pattern.

Thanks heaven for little girls


Another absolutely gorgeous and lovely treasury is Soft and Unique by Pasin. Wonderful finds!

Many thanks for adding the Forget-Me-Not Halter Top pattern.

Forget Me Not01

Soft and Unique


Who knew owls were so versatile? Have a hankering to make something funky? Take a look at the patterns for these outstanding owls who double as toys, coin purses, finger puppets, booties, hats, doorstops, quilts, mobiles, rattles, scissor cases, etc. “  as says Melissa Matthews, a curator of What a hoot! Make your own owl! awesome treasury! They are all so adorable!! I love them all.

Thanks so much for including Whimsical Forest Owl jacket pattern in such a great group of Hoots!

Whimsical Forest4

What a Hoot


…. And a bit smacks of sunshine and summer ;o) What a wonderful strawberries finds!!

Thanks a lot Margaret for including my Strawberry Apron Top pattern if such sweet and yummy Strawberry pickin’ collection!

strawberry_main  strawberry_details2

Strawberry Pickin


Oh my – I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already… So, I’ll better back to work, but will do my best to find a bit free time in near future to share with you my latest news and probably some sneak peeks… ;o)

Alla Koval Designs

Its’ a coming … Spring!

Dandelion Tunic

… Rain and gales here at the minute… but Spring is coming! cant wait:))” says Margaret, a curator of such cool and beautiful Its’ a comin’ …Spring!! treasury. Oh, roll on Spring PLEASE! I feel more than ready for spring and can’t wait for warn and sunny days if it possible here in Seattle anymore ;o)

It's a comin'..

Thank you so much Margaret for including my Dandelion Tunic Pattern.


Daysy Pin5

Grass Fields and Daisies The Spider Wove its Web

This whole Grass Fields and Daisies collection makes me happy! Love the daisies and happy yellow! Also the Daisy Pin Pattern was included in such fun and wonderful The spider wove its web… treasury.




What a juicy and Fruit-y-licious this Etsy treasury! Many thanks Dorothy for including my Strawberry Apron Top Top Pattern.


Poppy Top 1

Red Poppy Poppy Fields Forever

Poppies are such a popular flower and make every item warmer. What a gorgeous and bright Red Poppy and Poppie fields forever collections! Thank you so much for including my Poppy Top pattern.


2010_10  2011_05

You are so beautiful for me

And my Magnolia Lace Coat and Polka Dots Cap patterns was featured in such darling and sweet And You are ‘so beautiful to me… treasury. Aren’t they just?! :o) Thank you so much Margaret!


In the other news… This afternoon we are going to Vancouver, BC, Canada (our daughter participates in Planet Rhythmics Invitational 2012 competitions in rhythmic gymnastics) and will be back late evening Sunday, 18th. I’m leaving my stores open and will do my best to manage all purchases as soon as possible. For immediately download my patterns are available in my Shop, Raverly and YCMT shops. Please be patient with me if here is some delay with response.

my-lcg[1] ravelry[1] ycmt[1]


A wonderful and sunny weekend everyone!!

You Can Make This. $5 Deals


YCMT is doing again a big $5 Sale and this time it’s huge! And, it’s on right now!


Over 100 great patterns and projects are on sale for only $5, giving you savings of up to 75% on some! However, it will end this Saturday, March 17th.

Plus, when your order totals $25 or more, you will receive a free Garland and Bunting pattern. It will automatically be added to your order.


"So, how do I find these deals?" you may be asking…

It’s easy! All of the patterns and projects that are part of the $5 Sale added to the Featured Products category. You can click the link below to visit that section.


There are several pages of deals to look through! You might also want to try using the sorting options at the top of the page and increase the Items per Page – there is a lot to see! I was invited to join and gladly offering you my Fluffy Clouds Baby Blanket pattern for this such great event!

Fluffy Clouds Blanket



Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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