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Pixie & Me

It’s that moment when you are a little embarrassed that you grabbed your daughter’s sweater for a photo shoot … and “hid” behind the dog.

Happy and productive Monday anyone!
Are you ready for VERY first VIP pattern? Any guesses which one will be released tomorrow?

Rus 🇷🇺
Это тот момент, когда ты “стырил” свитер дочери для фотосессии… и ненавязчиво прикрылся собакой

Готовы к первой VIP инструкции, которая “выйдет в свет” уже завтра? Угадайте что это будет?!

Coming Soon…

Something exciting coming soon! ;o)

Handmade with L0ve Super Bundle 2017 & Giveaway

I’m so excited to tell you that The Handmade With Love Super Bundle 2017 is coming very soon! My both Imagical Seasons crochet pattern books are included into this great collection.

The bundle goes live November 27th and will be available for purchase to December 4th.

More info what is included into Handmade With Love Super Bundle is coming soon.

So far, you can enter a fantastic giveaway from Ultimate Bundles!



How would you like to win a Cricut Maker Machine ($400), a Brother Embroidery and Sewing Machine ($390) or any of 18 other prizes?

There are 20 great prizes (worth almost $4,000 altogether!), so you’ll definitely find something crafty that you would love. With good choice of categories like Knitting & Crochet; Embroidery & Cross-Stitch; Sewing, Quilting, & Applique, and Mixed Media Fiber Arts (like Weaving), there is something exciting for every crafter.




So take a moment and click HERE to enter.
You’ll pick your category and enter your name and email address. That’s it!
Then you sit back and wait to see if you win.

Just don’t wait, because you must enter by November 26!

Ravelry | Download Issue – Fixed!

Recently I had multiple issues with Ravelry customers not receiving their instant downloads. I am so glad to letting you know that this issue is fixed!

Also, I’ve been contacted by several people having a problem with instant download patterns in my Shop. I’ve double checked the process and found it also a bit not straightforward or clear but this is how eCommerce plugin is designed … So I want to explain it here.

There are two ways you can download your pattern.

1. After PayPal transaction is completed, you will be forwarded back to my Shop and you will see a “Transaction Results” page – please note lime Download hyperlink – this is the link to the PDF file. Please click it (or right-click it) and your browser will open/save/display PDF, as it is configured in your Windows/Mac/Unix/Chromium and your browser.

download pic


2. A few seconds after PayPal finished transaction, you will receive an email with download link.

Purschase receipt


Anyways, please let me know if you did not receive it or may have any questions.


Easier than ever to sell/buy digital items on Etsy

What a great news!! Etsy have simplified how you can manage and sell/buy digital items on Etsy.

A more efficient process for sellers:

  • Time-saving direct downloads. You no longer have to email the file to the buyer after every purchase–just upload the file to the listing once, and you’re done.
  • Streamlined shopper experience. Once the payment processes, the buyer will instantly receive a notification letting them know their purchase is ready for download.
  • Ready to sell your digital items more easily? Edit your listings and select “Digital file” as the item type.

For more info check out their FAQ

I’ll edit all my listings late today! I love this new Etsy’s feature, don’t you?! ;o)


P.S.: I’ve just took pictures of all Tutti Frutti designs and will release pattern just in a few.

Tutti Frutti. Update

Orange Scarf

Gosh, I’ve spend almost all morning in my studio trying to take pictures, but with no luck so far (poor and exhausted me ;)… Well, thanks to Seattle for a little rain-break and ability to take outside photo of scarf at least.

The good news is that EAP version of scarf and shawl will be released just in hour or so.


Lemon Shawl




Thank you so much for waiting and your patience with me!!

Gardenia Pattern. Release Date Update

Gardenia 05

I still can’t believe that pattern I’ve started to work on this Monday was done in a day even if crochet chart was such a challenge to draw.

Yesterday I did scarf testing with another yarn-weight to show you more yarn choices and can’t resisted to add a new detail (see picture above). Then I did some pattern-polishing and sent it to my new and absolutely amazing (read – the best in the world!!) technical editor, teacher, author of number of books, talented knit and crochet designer and such awesome person – I really can’t describe how I’m happy and excited to work with Edie Eckman … and guess what?!  Yes, I’ve just got the pattern back today and will release Gardenia Scarf pattern tomorrow morning (even if without final description, which will be added October, 30th when contest ends)!

So, stay tuned ;o)

EAP – New Business Model from Alla Koval Designs!

EAP stands for “Early Access Program” and servers a purpose to make all my future patterns available as soon as it is possible.

Every patterns goes through number of phases: design, modeling, creating charts, writing instructions, testing, technical editing, corrections and, finally, release. Each pattern happens to be different and it is hard to predict how long will take each step. I have dual wish every time: release my work as soon as possible and release my work as best as possible, most of the time it results in delayed releases and I think I found a way to deal with it and I want to try it out: Early Access Program (EAP).

There will be an area on my site where you may see one or two patterns in “fresh baked” state. “Fresh baked” means that pattern is real but I still do not count it as finished. It will come with chart, written instructions and pictures, etc. And, sure, tested. The “final-final” pattern will include technical editing, may have more professional pictures, may even have newer title or description – all that stuff what makes me fill that pattern is ready.


And patterns will show up in that EAP area not only earlier but with lower price (15% off of regular price). I’ll point out what area(s) I will try to improve precisely and it will be up to you – to buy it now or wait for official release. Any way I will send updated version to everyone who participated in EAP deal.


So what you’ll get from this program:

  • You’ll get pattern as soon as it exists
  • Pattern will be 15% less of regular price until release time
  • You always will get released version of pattern too with no additional charge at the same day when pattern will be officially released


EAP Pattern will include:

  • All Charts and diagrams
  • Written instructions
  • Details pictures
  • List of materials
  • … Actually all what you used to see in any my patterns


Because of technical limitations, I can run this Early Access Program only on my site and on the Etsy.

These patterns will be listed as usual with “EAP” stamp on picture and additional short explanation in the description area with link to the page with all details about EAP.

Final pattern will be listed as usual and “EAP” version will disappear from the stores and EAP Patterns page.


Come back tomorrow, September, 30th to see my first EAP eBook (sneak peek below ;) and please let me know what do you think about this program! 



Alla Koval Designs

Ravelry In-Store Pattern Sales Program


I get asked a lot by local yarn shops to sell my patterns and well as for printed version of them. Many Thanks to Ravelry and their innovative In-Store Pattern Sales Program – both these services are now available! This feature lets local yarn shops sell your patterns to their customers. It is growing every month, with new shops and designers joining the program each day.

What it is

Ravelry is pleased to offer a new service for local yarn shops (LYSs), designers selling patterns through the Ravelry Pattern Store, and any customers who want to buy those patterns through brick-and-mortar shops! Designers and shop owners (LYSOs) can opt-in to this service.


How it works

Participating LYSOs can search for patterns available through this service (designers agree to the pricing scale and LYSs sell the patterns at the retail price of the pattern) and sell them to customers through their shops, printing the pattern for the customer in-store if desired. Patterns can also be emailed to the customer and saved in their Ravelry library. At the end of each month, shop owners receive a combined invoice for all the patterns sold during that month, and pay for them through Ravelry via PayPal or a credit card.


You can find more information in Ravelry’s wiki.


To join and set up this program took me about 5 min. Now my 64 patterns are set up for in-store sales and are permitted to sell by 214 retailers. As with everything on Ravelry, here are always the best service and such great new features!

Out of power

Just a quick note that  our area is out of power now and I have no access to my computer to process your orders placed at Etsy, DaWanda and Artfire. We really hope everything will be fixes soon. Other than that is we still enjoy snow for last 4 days. Not a typical weather for Seattle. By the moment, I think I like rain better ;0)

I’ll keep you updated. Thank you!

January, 20. Still out of power. Just checked our home – it’s 46 degrees inside… brrr Thanks to our friends, we were “adopted” last night and still warm and safety ;o)

January, 21. Home, sweet home! Hooray!! We are joking that End of the World 2012 for us has passed, and a new era began. Even the Internet is back! :0) I’ll in touch just in a few!



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