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Life Lately | June News & Updates



What a busy, exciting and full of surprises month for many reasons!!

Well, we love beginning of every June, because here are al least 4 reasons: our Anniversary, Igor’s parents and my dad Birthdays (my daddy turned 70 this year, oh my – I can’t believe it!!)

In the other news, can you imagine that Kristin graduated middle school?! And sure, MOST exciting news is that yesterday, Igor and Kristin started a-little-trip-around-world-in-23-days (Thailand-Ukraine-Israel) and this morning they landed in Thailand for 5 days! I had many trips with my dad during my childhood, and I bet this one will be unforgettable for our daughter as well as for Igor! I am so happy we did this happened! I did not join because, unfortunately, I am not in good “relationships” with summer and hot weather, but I am looking forward for Europe-trip in late spring or early fall someday ;o)

So, I have 22 more days, which are already scheduled and seems pretty busy. This morning I started another yoga challenge and already took 6:00 am class. I really feel so blessed to afford myself back to work after months of dealing with “golfer’s elbow tendinitis (and I am not a golfer ;)) Not fan at all, but giving my poor hand some rest and treatment, I feel so happy and excited back to work! Plus I got a garden-aka-new-hobby since I can’t just sit and do nothing, and to my surprise, I definitely hooked!

Oh, we also did modeling for my newest hats. Many thanks to Lana Maytak for photo-shoot and her friend for such lovely adorable models!! More photos of another designs coming soon ;o)






Lady Bug Hat05W_thumb[2]


Below is another option of Ladybug hat… I really LOVE how playful this design is! Not to mention that testing pattern, I created a Marguerite hat (pretty close to that blue/white hat, but with some unusual details ;o)) The pattern for hats and Marguerite Pin is coming pretty soon!! I’ll keep you updated!


Lady Bug Hat04W_thumb[1]


A wonderful and lovely Tuesday anyone!!

Life Lately | April Updates and Specials

Hi my dears,

I cannot believe that April is flying by so quickly and here we are, just days before my birthday. I love April, and we have an amazing one here in Seattle – so warm and sunny! I just want to get outside and breathe in the fresh air! Not to mention that I am considering to plant a little garden (herbs, greens and probably tomatoes ;o) Well, anyways I am back to blogging after a little “Spring break” and have some news for you to share.


First, Marguerite Jacket pattern (official version) will be released tomorrow morning. I made a sample in pastel yellow color and I just love how it turned out!



Next pattern to be released is Strawberry Delight Blanket. I finished instructions and diagrams for blanket, but I still need to write directions for Strawberry pin and blanket finishing edging.



Another exciting news is that I almost finished my new collection called Secret Meadow – can’t to show you some new designs soon!! ;o)

And, just in time for Spring and Summer crochet garments and accessories for your little ones, I have an April Special for you! For the rest of this month, Imagical Seasons Books is 30% off: $17.47 for paperback format, and 23.07 for both, paperback and PDF formats! No coupon needed.

ImagicalSeasons Spring & Summer



To look inside Imagical Seasons™ crochet pattern books, please visit my Amazon store. The books are available at: 

Banner_order_now Amazon_logo etsy-button

Instagram | Alla Koval Designs

I have (finally!) opened Instagram account, YAY!! Let’s give it some love? ;o)



A lovely and wonderful weekends everyone!!!

In The News

Hello my friends!

So nice to see you in new 2016! I hope you had amazing and wonderful holidays.

After a short break from blogging, I am back!

We’ve enjoined lovely holiday season even were a bit limited with our usual winter activities due of Igor’s broken right hand, Kristin’s cracked thumb bone on right foot and my right wrist boring tendonitis… We are so much better now and I am so glad that 2015 in a past and looking forward for 2016! And I love how busy and exiting this year is already!! ;o) I had plenty time to decide what to learn new and almost finished to work on business plan for this year and I hope you will join me again and we will spend some exiting time together this year too. I love you and much-much appreciate your interest and support!!

In the other news, this morning I got nice email from Kaylee, FaveCraft’s editor, telling that Garden Party Hat Crochet Pattern was one of most popular projects of 2015 and featured in FaveCraft’s Top 100 Collection. YAY, I am so thankful and exited! Could I ask for more?!




Make sure to check their The 100: Craft Project Ideas and Crochet Project Ideas You Loved in 2015 list of free patterns – so many outstanding project you will adore in this list.



Happy and productive Monday everyone! Enjoy your day! See you very soon ;o)

I Won an Award? Two Awards? I accept! :)

Top-Blogger-Button-FC             Liebster Award


What a surprise-email I’ve got from Julia Litz, one of the editor of Fave Crafts, that my project Meringue Cowl pattern was one of the most popular craft tutorial on and was included in The Best of the Best: The Top 100 Projects of 2014. Yay, how exciting!! Thank you so much ladies!


Meringue Logo


And I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by the amazing Lin Wibisono at CrochetRockstar! Thank you so much Lin, it is always an honor to receive an award. The Liebster Blog Awards is about people nominating other people so their name get recognized. And sure, here are rules, which are fun and simple:

  1. Thank and link back to the blogger who presented you with the award (done).
  2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer 11 random questions.
  4. Create 11 random questions for your nominees.
  5. Present/nominate a Liebster Blog Award to more bloggers!


I’ll post my answers next Wednesday.

P.S.: BTW, did you notice that I’ve back on my “regular” schedule – a weekly posting?! I chose post every Wednesday this time ;o)


A wonderful and lovely day everyone!

My New Publication | Crochet! 70+ Crochet Gifts 2014

Crochet! 2014


I can’t believe I did not post about my new publication yet ;o) I have a new published pattern for 70+ Crochet Gifts in 1-2-2, a special issue of Crochet! magazine.

The paper and digital versions are available at Annie’s Crafts. This issue includes 70+ beautiful, cost-saving and time-friendly crochet patterns. Make sure to check them out!


Crochet! 2014 Design

Icing on the top scarf Just like mascarpone makes a fancy frosting on a classy desert, this gorgeous scarf, stitched in the same rich color in a silky-look yarn, will be an elegant accent for a dressy coat or sweater.


In the other news. I just realized that did not release any single patterns for you this year yet, even if done many for publications and my books. It’s not right, don’t you think so too? ;o) So, in a couple days I’ll release a new pattern, which I decided to offer for free – just a little gift for You! Stay tuned!


Happy Tuesday everyone!!

In the News ;)

I can’t believe how lovely and exciting summer time we have this year!

Igor and I always worked so hard, last couple years up to 14-16 hours a day, so we decided to take a little break and afford some rest.

Our daughter Kristin also got some “unusual” experience – she’s (with her friend) now at rhythmic gymnastic summer camp (Los Angeles, CA) for 2 weeks. It’s first time when we are separated with her for such long time, and we so glad that she looks so excited and happy!! Not to mention that after camp they do enjoy the ocean ;o)




Since Kristin was never excited for long car trips, we decided to realize one of our dreams of long travel, and yesterday Igor and I drove around Olympic Peninsula – visited Ocean Shores (-20F from Bellevue, but I’ve just LOVED it – I’m not a big fan of 85-90F), Hoh Rain Forest (really big trees, everything else you can see in any park in WA), Forks (vampires stores, High School looks different from what you see in the movie :)), Port Angeles (too many cops for small city), ferry to Seattle (we were lucky to wait only 2 minutes!) …. Tough day… 450+ miles, but with lots of fun ;o)

In two days (on Wednesday), we will fly to LA, CA to pick up Kristin and her friend, and will be back Saturday evening.

AND on Sunday, I’ll off for 3 days trip with Klondike travel to the lavender festival, with a visit to Olympic National Park (Arina, my friend and the owner of Klondike travel, assured me  that we missed lots of thing we must see that area), and then, – Portland, Oregon. How exciting!!


Oh, and just after my return, I’ll post the details of my first four (yes, 4!!! ;) books I’ve almost finished (approx. 75-98 pages each): one of them still need photos (we will work on them just in next couple weeks), some patterns need descriptions and tech editing, books needed introductions, bio, indexes, etc. parts… Oh, but we have covers!!! Here is a sneak peek of Spring book cover (well, even in pretty draft version so far):




P.S.: If I would ever knew how MUCH time would it take to design, learn (and then learn again!), write, draw stitch diagrams and schematic, edit, page making and so on … I would still take that journey again and again! :p)

I am Back

… from a break with blogging, and sure I have lots to share with you! ;o) Many thanks for your patience and all of your support!!

, 90% of my very first crochet book is done! I’ll write about my experience in a week or so, – here are really some great tips to share and many mistakes to avoid, but the most important thing is that I’m still pretty excited about this book venture, and will finish this book with no doubts ;o) Even if the last 10% takes 90% of the time…

The other news

I was invited by a book publisher based in London to join their new exciting crochet craft book, and just can’t resist. Pattern and garment were mailed couple weeks ago and should be published in near future. Also, possible this year, should be published two books, including another my 6 designs. Can’t wait!!

Oh, and next week we will take the photos for my book!! How exciting!

And last, but not least, I’m  almost finished ~ Design Your Own Hat ~ pattern for You, which will be released October, 10 (yes, 2013! ;o), and available for download for FREE. Stay tuned!! 

Design Your Hat Logo

Ravelry | Download Issue – Fixed!

Recently I had multiple issues with Ravelry customers not receiving their instant downloads. I am so glad to letting you know that this issue is fixed!

Also, I’ve been contacted by several people having a problem with instant download patterns in my Shop. I’ve double checked the process and found it also a bit not straightforward or clear but this is how eCommerce plugin is designed … So I want to explain it here.

There are two ways you can download your pattern.

1. After PayPal transaction is completed, you will be forwarded back to my Shop and you will see a “Transaction Results” page – please note lime Download hyperlink – this is the link to the PDF file. Please click it (or right-click it) and your browser will open/save/display PDF, as it is configured in your Windows/Mac/Unix/Chromium and your browser.

download pic


2. A few seconds after PayPal finished transaction, you will receive an email with download link.

Purschase receipt


Anyways, please let me know if you did not receive it or may have any questions.


My Interview for Hey Kids! Magazine


What a nice surprise! Thanks a lot to Alireza for sending a paper copy of Hey Kids! magazine with my interview in and the latest issue. It’s such fun and interesting magazine!! To read the interview click pictures below to enlarge, or check it here.


Hey Kids01

Hey Kids02 Hey Kids03


A Wonderful weekend everyone!!

Alla Koval Designs

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