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Hello, March!!

Hello, March!! Spring is in the air 🌷🌱

What are your favorite first spring flowers? My definitely are snowdrops 🥰


My First Live Mimosa in the Last 20 Years!

Seriously, mimosa doesn’t grow in Seattle, but every early spring I have a mimosa-obsession and look for it wherever possible, even tried to grow a tree, but without success. But, I planted chocolate mimosa last year – an absolutely unique plant (I will show you later)

And to my fully amazement, I saw in (make sure to check this lovely blog!) stories – a real mimosa on The London Plane cafe street …

Oh my, it’s an almost forgotten smell and pure eye candy!
It’s funny, the same day we got the mimosa it snowed (a kind of local “Armageddon” here ;o)).

I’ll leave here photos of mimosa and a short video with my favorite hummingbirds to show you, and just for memories of February, 13th 2021.

Have a lovely day!! 🥰🥰🥰

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter 🐣🐰 to you!! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

Spring is finally here in Seattle, my most favorite season! This is definitely the magic time makes you want to stay outside as much as possible and put in non-working mood a bit ☺️ But I have excuse—my lovely garden and everyday’s 3-5 walking in our neighborhood… ⠀

Have a lovely and beautiful day 🥰🥰🥰

In The News

There should be photos from our trip to Mexico, which we sure had to cancel … although we all still had a huge desire to get some rest and were upset because this would be our last vacation with Kristin before her leaving to uversity. So, we arranged a vacation at home: no work, minimum social networks, a lot of relax, reading, walking, chatting online with our friends. It was super time and we had lots of fun!! ⠀

Now I plan slowly back to work on patterns I planned this month, work on new designs and finish two courses I have. So, I have so much on my plate, well as always 🙈🤓. ⠀

Blast From The Past

I take courses in mobile shooting and video and first lesson was rules of composition in photography.
I wonder that I found all requested-homework images in my archive, even if first three 10 years old, and I had no idea about all these rules. Mother’s power to capture memories of their little ones is just amazing!! ⠀


Pixie & Me

It’s that moment when you are a little embarrassed that you grabbed your daughter’s sweater for a photo shoot … and “hid” behind the dog.

Happy and productive Monday anyone!
Are you ready for VERY first VIP pattern? Any guesses which one will be released tomorrow?

Rus 🇷🇺
Это тот момент, когда ты “стырил” свитер дочери для фотосессии… и ненавязчиво прикрылся собакой

Готовы к первой VIP инструкции, которая “выйдет в свет” уже завтра? Угадайте что это будет?!


Our Kristin 😍😍😍
… when sweater modeling went into a portrait photo shoot. Just can’t resist to share.

Las Vegas | Vacation

July was fantastic this year 🥰 ⠀


Las Vegas | Working Mood

Snow in Seattle :)

Seattle’s first snow of the season ❄️☃️ Snow isn’t that common here and city tends to slow or even shut down with mere inches of snow. So, schools are still closed. And I started this morning with thawing nectar in the hummingbird’s feeders 🙃

If you are curious, below are some interesting facts about Seattle’s snow:

The most snow that Seattle has ever had was 64 inches. This record was made back in 1880. Usually, however, the average is about five inches of snow every season. In some years they don’t get any snow. Other notable snow seasons include the 21.4 inches back in 1950 and the 21.5 inches in 1916. Getting snow of this amount is really rare in Seattle.

I am just back from walking and so enjoyed sun and snow ❄️ What is your weather today?😉

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