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Thursday’s Moments | Lily of the Valley & Update

Oh my, look what I’ve spotted in our local park (during “photo shooting” Hugs of Love blanket) – my most favorite flowers!!

lily of the valley

And yes, even if posting before go to bed it’s something not typical for me, I just can’t resist to let you know that Hugs of Love blanket and Tutti Frutti collection will be released today or tomorrow at least. My deepest apologies for the delay and MANY thanks for your patience! Below are some sneak peaks of Hugs of Love blanket:

Hugs Of Love02

Hugs Of Love03

A wonderful and lovely Thursday everyone!

Thursday’s Moments | Pixie & a Fly

Diptych 2


Do you still remember this my “Thursday’s Moments” category? ;o)

I’ve played with my new baby yesterday and must admit that this lens is not only just amazing for sport video/photos (rhythmic gymnastic for our part), nature and portraiture, but also a “solution” and ability to take the pictures of our little chihuahua dog. Our Pixie hates to be pictured (…as well as I do lol), but at 200mm it works just perfect. Not to mention that I was able to see what grabbed Pixie’s attention just after uploaded the photograph. So, we’ve got a story in the image, which is about a dog and a fly ;)


A Lovely and Wonderful Thursday everyone!!

Friday Photo Bliss & Sneak Peek

Ruffles 021

Today was pretty unusual and totally different day for me. I didn’t even have to open InDesign or Illustrator, but had a blast in my very first own mini studio to experiment with light and play with my new camera (more details later). Oh yeah, here are tons of things to learn, but I’m definitely hooked… and now able to shot in manual mode (finally!! ;o) The current book I read is “Understanding RAW Photography”. If you know me, you know that photography is more than a challenge for me, but I still have a hope lol


So, below (and above) are some sneak peeks of my latest project (pattern is almost done too and will be released next week)

Ruffles 01


Well, Kristin and Pixie can’t resist to join too… And below are couple sots of my beautiful


… and silly girls ;o)


A wonderful and lovely weekend everyone!!

Alla Koval Designs

Thursday’s Moments. New Lens


Yes, I know – Thursday is tomorrow, but I can’t resist to introduce my new baby – very first “adult” lens: AF_S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR.

I bet, most of my friends-photographers will laugh that I call this lens “adult”, but it’s really a first one I own and so happy with!! ;o) Many Thanks Anatoliy for the tip and Sergey for the help to find this one!!

Above is one of very fist pictures, and taken without tripod and not edited in Ps (just cropped). Now, I’m off to find out where is my tripod and play with my baby, yay!!

BTW, this is also a sneak peek of Dryad vest & jacket, but in green shades. I like green version too. Made with such soft and smooth to the touch, Shine Sport Yarn by Knit Picks, this skirt pattern can be easily turned into scarf for lady of any age. The pattern is done, but unfortunately my tech editors are not available until middle of August, so there will be a little delay with release. My apologies.  I’ll keep you updated!

And if you wonder what is my on my hook now – I’ve submitted two designs to one crochet magazine, and now working on patterns and samples to be timely… Looks as 2013 going to be exciting year with several exiting publications. So far I’ve done: a jacket design for one crochet book, 5 accessories designs for another crochet book, two designs for crochet magazine (well, in progress ;) and 1/3 of my own very first crochet book!! To be continue ;o)

Thursday’s Moments. A Gift


My new Dell monitor!! 30” this time with such lovely 2560x1600 screen resolution!!! ;o)

Before I started to use Adobe Illustrator there was no even thinking about bigger monitor (I had Dell 27” 1920×1200). But now, 10-15 minutes after working on new one and in dual monitor setup (old 27” plus new 30”) I can’t imaging myself working on one monitor again and with less screen resolution :о) Oh my, and now I am even able to see page in InDesign and Charts in Illustrator both on one screen side to side—what a dream to work with!!

So now, my desktop’s diagonal is 57” to be exact:



Thursday’s Moments 15. Inspiration


What a treasure and truly inspiration this wonderful and such lovely yarn, which have been spinning by outstanding talented designer and amazing person Faina Letoutchaia!! To read interview with Faina, make sure to visit The Designer’s Studio by Faina Goberstein – another very talented designer I was lucky to met personally.

From the Faina’s introduction, which is perfectly fit to both designers:

Once you see one of her designs, you will never forget it.


This is going to be our very first and such specific collaboration with Faina and I just can’t describe how I’m trilled and honored!! Can’t wait to start!! I’ll keep you updated ;o)


Happy Thursday everyone!!

Alla Koval Designs

Thursday’s Moments 14. Black & White

Sneak Peek

… And above is a sneak peek of last piece of my newest black and white mini collection. I’m so excited about this one! Not to mention that B&W is my MOST favorite color combo and is about 80% of my wardrobe ;o) But sure this dress can be made in any colors you can think of! We are working on name of collection and still need to schedule a modeling, but patterns are done and everything should be released just in a few. I’ll keep you updated.


Happy Thursday everyone!!

Thursday’s Moments 13. Special Order

Probably you know that 6 years ago, right before My Little GityGirl was born, I’ve been working as designer, knitter and crocheter with one Amazing woman, an owner of Fine Custom Knitwear company specialized mainly on ladies hand knitted coats, felted hats, scarves and other accessories, including some Judaic stuff.

Jerusalem Hat

Now, with so many grand sons and daughters she does not have enough time to keep that business but we still stay in touch and this week I was working on Joyce’s request to make some Judaic hats for her great friend. Even if I don’t take custom orders any more, this one was the only exception I made in last 2 years plus it brought me back to some nice memories…

Happy Thursday, everyone!!

Thursday Moments 12. Sneak Peek

Ice Cream Social2

Yes, I know today is Friday, but I’ve just got a change to take some pictures of my newest design. The detail pictures are coming just in a few ;o)

Thursday’s Moments 11. Peaceful


Leavenworth. May, 2011 … not sure ~exactly why, but I love this picture ;o)

Happy Thursday everyone!!

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