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White Peacock | Stitch Diagram





I’ve received many requests for this halter pattern. Thank you so much for your interest! Unfortunately I’ve had no chance to work on this pattern, but I do have a stitch diagram of dolly I’ve used for the skirt.

To download this lovely chart simple click at highlighted in green White_peacock.jpg file on the right. >>>>

Download: White_peacock.jpg
Updated: June 11, 2014
Size: 7.6 MiB
  And then click at image to enlarge – it’s pretty big and great quality chart.


White peacock


Oh, and if you may know the author of this amazing vintage dolly, could you please let me know, so I can give a credit.

Thank you and enjoy!!

Crochet! Magazine | Fluffy Clouds Blanket

Fluffy Clouds


What a nice surprise! My Fluffy Clouds Blanket pattern was featured yesterday at Crochet! Magazine. More than 4738 likes, 853 shares and 71 such sweet and lovely comments – could I ask for more?! ;o)

Thank you SO MUCH everyone!! This blanket is my very first I’ve even made, and was designed for our friend’s baby girl couple years ago!


Crochet! Magazine FluffyClouds3


A wonderful day everyone!!

Let it Snow | Feza 3N In Person ;)

Feza 3N Scarf02


According to my last post, sure I couldn’t resist and ordered a hank of Feza 3N ;o)

And you know, I was really amazed at how soft and pleasant to touch the yarn is, even though kniting with US #30-50/19-20 mm needles can be truly a challenge! But I wanted to try the idea of weaving this yarn through crocheted base in Mesh pattern. Shown on the picture below is (tr, ch2) pattern, but I think my favorite is the pattern of the scarf above, where ch-5 sps and puff stitches met ;o) And weaved every other ch-5 sp Feza 3N yarn brings to scarf such lovely, cozy and unusual look. The mannequin is child size (6-8 years) for reference.

Feza 3N Swatch


A wonderful and lovely week everyone!!

Alla Koval Designs

Dryad | Vest & More

Dryad Vest 02

Just can’t resist to share the first pictures taken in my mini photo studio. MANY THANKS to Svetlana Maytak, such AMAZING and BEYOND talented girl!!

Also, I’ve added a couple Dryad accessories, even if it’s a main reason of the delay with release the pattern. But I MUST release this pattern tomorrow. Wish me luck, please! ;0)

Dryad Vest 01

Dryad Vest 03

Dryad Vest 04

Sneak Peek & Contest Time!!

Red Tunic 02

While Kristin and I are waiting for matches shoes and accessories we ordered recently to model this dress tunic, I decided to take some sneak peek and offer you a little contest ;o)

This dress tunic made with my newest favorite Omega’s #5 Cotton yarn in such unusual for me red color – if you know, I’m not a big fun of red, but I really like red for this style.  The dress/tunic crocheted in one piece (read: NO sewing work at all … well, except buttons ;o) and features Hi-Lo skirt, made in different patterns and crocheted in one piece too.  I really would love to write this pattern as soon as possible, but it will be a bit a challenge even if this one is pretty easy to crochet (if get all math correctly, and before you start to work on this design :) So, I can’t give even approx. dates when this pattern may be released, but I’ll keep you updated for sure.

Red Tunic 03


And now let’s go for a CONTEST

I  am looking for the NAME and catching and clear description for this tunic or dress (you name it!). In English only please ;o)

To enter the contest, please post the name suggestions and description here, on (feel free to post as many entries as you like). 

I may take full text of your post or part of it. The post with biggest number of used parts will become a Winner.

The Winner will get:

  1. 5 balls of Omega Cotton #5 in ANY available color for your choice
  2. Visa Gift Card of $25 value (for US residents only!) or $25 via PayPal (WORLDWIDE)
  3. 65% off coupon to one-time purchase (valid on all my patterns, including the new ones!) The coupon has no expiration date but is only good for one use.

Other participants who’s post parts will be used in final pattern description will receive 65% off coupon to one-time purchase (valid on all my patterns, including the new ones!). The coupon has no expiration date but is only good for one use.

Red Tunic 04


  • This contest starts today, April 8th 2013 and will end April 22st, 2013 at 11:59 pm PST.
  • The Winner will be announced and notified next day – April, 23th.


    Have a Fun and Good luck!
    P.S.: If you are not interesting in this contest, please feel to leave comments anyway. I just love to receive them and every comment is much appreciated!! Well, I bet You now ;o)

    *** UPDATE I’ve had an absolute PLEASURE read all YOUR LOVELY suggestions and must to admit that I’m in TROUBLE …officially ;o) Everyone’s suggestions just awesome!! But I would love to make sure that my request about “In English only please” is just about description!! I’m always so excited to discover MANY MANY AWESOME things and means in ANY other languages possible, which can be translated/spelled to everyone!! AND, please keep in mind… this tunic/dress will be also looks JUST great in white/black/turquoise/you-name-it-color, or ANY color-combo you can think of!!

    *** UPDATE #2 I’ve got several questions – where is front of this dress tunic and what are measurements for this one. Well, front is buttoned and shorter one (first & second pictures ;o) And measurements for sample shown above made in girl’s size 10: chest (loose fit) – 27” (69 cm); bodice (front length): 5.5” (14 cm); bodice (back longest length): 9.5” (24 cm); adjustable straps (approx. – they are still need to adjust): 4.5”(11.5 cm); skirt (front length): 8.5” (22 cm); skirt (back length): 9.5” (24 cm). I’ll do my best to catch Kristin in between her all scheduled play dates/sleep overs with BFF (she has and enjoys Spring break now) and take some pictures to show you how this tunic looks in person …even with current available shoes and her favorite jeans ;o)

  • White Peacock



    If you “enjoy” weaving in ends and sewing sequins as much as I do, I bet you know why to finish this top took me almost 2 weeks … uhh ;0)

    But I’m so glad I did it and let me introduce White Peacock Crocheted Halter Top. I always loved peacocks, but white ones are my all times favorites! I’m so amazed by their beauty, attractiveness and grace.

    Made with gorgeous Katia Syros (45% polyester, 28% cotton, 27% acrylic; 306 yd [280 m]/1.75 oz [50 g]) yarn, this top based on one vintage peacock doily I fell in love in instant. But sure, for Doily-style halters any doilies will work!! Just pick up a doily pattern you like, even knitted or crocheted. It’s such fun to work with and you will not be disappointment, I promise! 




    Cherry Blossom (Sakura) | Preview

    Cherry Blossom 02

    After educational reading over 1000 pages and watching 8 hours of teaching video last week (more details later), I decided to spoil myself and so enjoined working on some new projects before back to working on my book ;o)

    Let me introduce the Cherry Blossom Crocheted Tank Top (which can be easily turned into dress for little ones). This top made in pretty simple basic crochet pattern with 4 ruffle-panels (two each in front and back). My inspiration for this top was that gradient ribbon I’ve noticed in our local Jo-Ann craft store, and I really glad with this delicate and lovely touch, which reminds such pretty blossom petals. Can’t wait for cherry blossom just in a few months to make a modeling and show you this top on model ;) This sample top is made to fit my 11 years old daughter and just about 2 inches longer than her waist. But as I mentioned above, with shorter bodice and longer skirt this top will magically transformed into dress or halter top/tunic.  Not to mention that this top can be turned into any theme – tropical if made with bright color and contrasting ribbons, sea theme, black/white, cotton candy, strawberry shortcake or parfait, poppy, daisy, forget-me-knot, ladybug or bees …  well, whatever you can think of!


    As last, but not least… when ;o) This design is a part of my ruffle collection for the book, but I consider to make it available in a month or so. But only this one, OK? The rest of collection is still under “secret projects”.


    BTW, which name do you like better for this design: Cherry Blossom or Sakura? For the book one-word names work better, but Cherry blossom sounds more pleasant for my ears… not-sure-why. How about you?


    Cherry Blossom 03

    Cherry Blossom 05


    A wonderful weekend everyone!!
    Alla Koval Designs

    No Name Blanket. Pattern release update

    White Blanket 07

    Looks as releasing patterns on Friday afternoon it’s a kind of new tradition here ;0)

    On the other note, I was really shocked that today is Friday already… I’ve spent good amount of time to study and play with studio light, and must admit that I never felt myself such a DORK :0) Yes, I completely understand that photography is a very amazing, serious and kind of magic art and requests great knowledge, skills, practice (not to mention that talent and passion is a MUST!!) And this is why I procrastinated such a long time. But  since I always (and pretty often – right now!!) need pictures of my designs (and possibly in one style for a collections or even for a book), I decided to make a try.

    And you know what?! I really was so amazed by shades-world and how light “works” at all! Well, I must to say that never paid enough attention to these things. For outdoor pictures, I have a couple spots in our backyard and know that at a certain time and weather I can get not bad pictures, which will show texture and “volume” or crochet and knitted stuff perfectly. But oh my, you don’t want to know how many time was spend to do something similar in studio with strobes… Well, these pictures is what I’ve got so far. I still hate the dark shades on the floor and probably backdrop should be separated better, as well as contrast/white balance is not correct …and a composition is another thing to study.

    Well, I’m off to my comfort zone for awhile to make last touches and polish blankets patterns (a second blanket is this sneak peek).  I’ll do my best to release EAP version this afternoon, but if you will not hear back from me today – make sure I’m taking picture of second blanket ;o)))

    White Blanket 09


    White Blanket 10


    BTW, this blanket has No name so far… Do you think we may have a contest?! ;0)

    *** UPDATE I think I’ve got the name idea! :0) What do you think about this one:

    Sakura Crocheted Blanket
    Give Baby the sweetest of sleep and the best of dreams with this soft as sakura petals and unbelievably luxurious afghan. Delicate crochet shells come together to create billows of heavenly softness, just right for Baby’s delicate skin. It’s a perfect gift for boys and girls alike — just trim it in blue, pink, or any color of your choice, and watch little eyes grow wide in delight before Baby snuggles into the clouds for a nap!


    Happy Friday everyone!!

    Alla Koval Designs

    Writing a Book. Unexpected Tasks, Growing Skills + MORE :)

    If I knew that just in an hour after my last post, I’ll be a crazy-happy owner of this lens for my new Nikon D600, I would probably wait to play with the camera and lights in my studio (more details below).

    But, first of all, my apologies for this little escape and keeping you without any updates… I was just extremely busy working on a new spring mini collection, which will be released this week for sure.

    Yes, not a single pattern as I planned, but mini collection.

    Well, a sneak peek I’ve showed in this post is a blanket for an absolutely precious newborn girl of our friends I just can’t resist to make (but who does?!). Then I‘ve got an idea that in some juicy and fun colors the blanket will looks not bad too, so here is how second blanket was born (see second sneak peek below) …Then I found that this blanket pattern (both versions are done) is pretty easy to turn into shawl and just can’t resist to make one (see picture below – it’s not finished shawl yet, but just to give you an idea). And last piece of this collection is going to be a skinny ruffle scarf – not only because a scarf if always good idea, but since I’ve received several requests for ruffle scarf and sure I’m so happy to play with (as well as with couple more Ruffles designs, but they are under “secret book projects” so far ;o)





    And as I promised, below are details of my very first photo studio, which includes:

    1. The AllienBees B400 Flash Unit – 3 units (one for background separation).
    2. 48-inch Translucent White Umbrella with removable black cover for bounce use – 2
    3. 10-foot general purpose light stand – 2
    4. Backlight Stand – 1
    5. White Shovel Background Reflector (lights background space for subject/background separation)
    6. Telescopic Stand (backdrop support system)
    7. Wireless Flash Trigger

    MANY MANY THANKS to all my wonderful friends who helped me to pick up right stuff, their unvalued help, advice, tips and sharing experience!! I LOVE YOU!!!

    Sure, I still have to learn tons things about studio photography first of all (and I definitely hooked!), but if you are thinking about own studio and looking  “where to start”, first – I would highly recommend Beyond Snapshots: How to Take That Fancy DSLR Camera Off “Auto” and Photograph Your Life like a Pro book. Beyond Snapshots is actually a great intro/refresher for shooting manual and you will find some great inspiration in the photos in the book.  Perfect book even for beginners (as me!).

    Also, thanks a lot to Denis for the advice to check videos by ProPhotoLife. I really like Jim Talkington’s style of transferring knowledge and how he present everything step by step so that I can see what each light does. And plus, each episode is no longer than 3-7 min. Well, you know that I’m not a big fan of videos with lots blala and longer then 10-15 min (probably because I am visual person and rather prefer to see once).


    If you curious, below is a picture of my mini studio with “one strobe set up” fro shawl shot:

    Set Up01


    And below is my very first “handmade” photo prop. I call it “a new life of old tripod” ;o)

    Well, I like a little fresh accent in the pictures, and one of my favorites are leaves and flowers. Yesterday I grafted one of my favorite home plant, and while it will have roots, I placed it in a tiny (4.5”) vase (filled with water of course) and attached to a tripod. This my “photo prop” allows me easily adjust height if needed, put any other plans, or flowers …or let me see what else lol




    Oh, and my favorite place to buy backdrops is LemonDrop Stop. Their poly paper backdrops are really great, plus amazing customer service and ability to order any custom backdrop.

    Well, that’s all. ;o)


    I’ll be back just in a few days with new patterns release! See you then!

    Alla Koval Designs

    Butterfly Secrets

    Butterfly 03

    Butterfly Secrets

    If butterflies played hide and seek, the one camouflaged in this chic vest would win hands-down! The butterfly silhouette is stitched first, and then worked into a base mesh pattern to form the body of the vest. The back and front are crocheted as one piece up to the armholes for minimal joining. The front panels are highlighted with rows of wavy shell edging, and laced together with ribbon ties for a delightful bohemian effect. You can even highlight or disguise the butterfly depending on your choice of colors! This unique top can be worn over a swimsuit or shirt, and will look good anywhere from the beach to the mall!


    Butterfly 04

    Butterfly 02

    Butterfly 01

    This vest also has a story. I’ve started work on this project right after I’ve finished Ma Petite Kristin Top and it was planned as waist jacket or long coat for one secret project. But when Kristin saw the butterfly, she asked if we can turn it (even temporarily LOL) into something for her vacation. So I’ve did and it’s how we got this vest. My secret project is still on my schedule anyway as well as this vest ;o) I’ll keep you updated!



    Funny, but I’ve just found (better late than never) that Windows Life Writer has such interesting feature -  if you are adding couple pictures to your post at the same time, you have an option to insert them as album (which can be also customized):


    A Wonderful and lovely weekend to everyone!! This Saturday is Kristin’s sleepover Birthday party… 5 more girls to come – whish us luck ;o)

    Alla Koval Designs