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Sneak Peak


Sneak peek of a couple crochet swatches I made this month. Do you like any?

Two of them are already used in my current projects… One is done and even I took pictures yesterday. Check my next post for details😉


Lace Coat Progress

Sneak peek №2
The result of voting for the style of back panel was about 45% to 55% in favor of a white coat. I also could not choose, so I ended up with the third version, which can be embellished in couple ways for different look. It’s look funny without collar and sleeves but I wanted to give you an idea what it’s look like 😉 What do you think?
For the back panel of turquoise coat – I’ll use it for lace tunic pattern for sure. And now I think think that back panel on white coat makes the coat a bit overloaded with variety of lace patterns 🤔
In the other news.
So far:
☑︎ Both coats about 70% done.
☑︎ All 💯+ stitch diagrams are finished.
☑︎ Instructions for sleeves and back inserts are written as well as material list and Special Stitches.
☑︎ Schematic and resizing half done.
I am so looking forward to finish the coats and pattern as soon ad possible. But first I should complete and ship secret project for Interweave Crochet Fall 2019 issue 😎

My Current Project Updates

One more pattern I want to finish before start to work on a secret project for Fall 2019 issue of my lovely Interweave Crochet 🥰

Can you recognize this design?! Oh, yes. It took a long time to get back to this design 🙈 But I am so glad I did it!

Below are back details and a question for you:

Which version of back insert do you like more if any?
1 – like on white coat
2 – like on turquoise one
3 – no any

P. S.: Curious what’s the final one?! 🤓

For more details and progress pictures and more news, please visit my Instagram’s page @allakovaldesigns. You are heartily invited and very welcome to join me! Let’s stay connected:

One more sneak peek and more dogs ;o)

One more sneak peek and more dogs as I promised 😉

Yep, we had 3 dogs last weekend 🥰 Our chihuahua Pixie (red one) hosted a sleepover party with Simba and Honey while their parents were out of town.

I still need to write a sweater’s “saga” and edit more pictures. But oh my, I am in trouble – here are so many awesome shots to choose from!
Thank you so much Sergey!! You are the BEST! 🔥
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

Happy New 2019 Year & Sneak Peek

Hello in new 2019 my dear friends!!
Let me introduce our oh-so-handsome models and new sweater design with pretty long but funny story ;o)
More details, photos  …and dogs are coming. Stay tuned!
To our local friends: Can you recognize these lovely guys?!
Ah, and Happy-happy New 2019 Year!
I am so excited how creative and productive this new year is for me. Can you believe that I already:
☑️Finished this men’s sweater and Crest of a Wave blanket (well, they were almost finished but “almost” doesn’t counts, right?!)
☑️Wrote pattern for blanket and on now on half way with pattern for the sweater
☑️Crocheted a secret project for one book I was invited to join
☑️Ordered yarn for 2019 (most hard but most exciting task)
☑️Crocheted about 1000+ exciting swatches for future projects
…. to be continued 😎

Blast From The Past

Hehe… look what I found. Our baby Kristin in my very first crochet coat design.

P.S: Would you recognize our daughter now… in her 17?! 🥰

Scarf-Poncho Preview & Contest Time!



I am thrilled to introduce my newest scarf-poncho design. Suitable for wearers of all ages, there will be few times you and your loved ones won’t find an excuse to wear this fun scarf-poncho, crocheted with soft and light weight Premier® Cotton Fair®! Opt for wool blends for winter and early spring time. Wear it with belt under jacket or coat, wrap in many ways …or just crochet it without turtleneck collar to turn into a stylish scarf.












… And now it’s a C O N T E S T time!

I am looking for a catching name (and short description if possible) for this scarf-poncho. In English only please ;o)
Any suggestions?


  • To enter the contest, please post the scarf-poncho name ideas and short description here. Feel free to post as many entries as you would like. 
  • The Winner will get Visa Gift Card of $35 value (for US residents only!) or $35 via PayPal/Western Union (WORLDWIDE) + a scarf-poncho pattern for free right after release.

          Visa Card

  • All participants, who will post a name suggestion(s) will receive the pattern for free right after release.


  • This contest starts today, August 14th, 2017 and will end August 21th, 2017 at 12:59 pm PST time.
  • The Winner will be announced and notified next day – Tuesday, August 22nd.



    P.S.: If you are not interesting in this contest, please feel free to leave the comments anyway. I just love to receive them and every comment is much appreciated!! Well, I bet You know ;o)



    Have a lovely and happy Monday!!

    OOAK Baby Blanket | Sneak Peek

    OOAK Collage01



    This is the blanket that I started back in February ….and finally I got a change to finish it and write the pattern, which will be released pretty soon.

    Not to mention that I ended with one more blanket using this fun stitch pattern in different way, and girl version for your OOAK (one of a kind) baby is scheduled too!

    Wonderful and lovely Tuesday everyone!!

    Owleta’s Secret Vest | Preview



    Hi my dears friends,

    How are you? I was busy like a bee and I have some news for you.

    If you know me, I am a huge fan of owls. And even if every fall I tried to be timely with some new designs, I got luck just once in 2010 with Whimsical Forest Peek-a-Boo Coat and Owl Jacket ;o) So, this year I decided to start from Winter/Holidays Owl designs…. and seems it was right decision ;o) So, let me introduce Owleta–the owl collection for every Imagical season. Winter/Holidays collection was inspired by such cutie Swarovski little owl my lovely friend’s gift from Italy (unfortunately, the picture below just can’t justify the beauty of my absolute favorite owl!)




    So far I ended up with 6 designs for Winter/Holidays collection, and first one is Owleta’s Secret vest. I am in such a love with my Peek-a-Boo Hood idea so I decided to bring it back with some fresh and festive look. The pattern is half way done and more details are coming soon. This vest is made with my absolutely favorite Cascade Yarns Pacific and Lion Brand Yarn Fun Fur for fun and furry touches.

    Treat your loved ones with the luxurious feel of Owleta’s Secret vest this delightful winter! Opt for bamboo or cotton blends for fall and spring.







    Oh, and BTW, what do you think – it’s knitted or crocheted?!! ;o)


    Owletas Secret VestW


    A lovely and wonderful day everyone!!

    Life Lately | June News & Updates



    What a busy, exciting and full of surprises month for many reasons!!

    Well, we love beginning of every June, because here are al least 4 reasons: our Anniversary, Igor’s parents and my dad Birthdays (my daddy turned 70 this year, oh my – I can’t believe it!!)

    In the other news, can you imagine that Kristin graduated middle school?! And sure, MOST exciting news is that yesterday, Igor and Kristin started a-little-trip-around-world-in-23-days (Thailand-Ukraine-Israel) and this morning they landed in Thailand for 5 days! I had many trips with my dad during my childhood, and I bet this one will be unforgettable for our daughter as well as for Igor! I am so happy we did this happened! I did not join because, unfortunately, I am not in good “relationships” with summer and hot weather, but I am looking forward for Europe-trip in late spring or early fall someday ;o)

    So, I have 22 more days, which are already scheduled and seems pretty busy. This morning I started another yoga challenge and already took 6:00 am class. I really feel so blessed to afford myself back to work after months of dealing with “golfer’s elbow tendinitis (and I am not a golfer ;)) Not fan at all, but giving my poor hand some rest and treatment, I feel so happy and excited back to work! Plus I got a garden-aka-new-hobby since I can’t just sit and do nothing, and to my surprise, I definitely hooked!

    Oh, we also did modeling for my newest hats. Many thanks to Lana Maytak for photo-shoot and her friend for such lovely adorable models!! More photos of another designs coming soon ;o)






    Lady Bug Hat05W_thumb[2]


    Below is another option of Ladybug hat… I really LOVE how playful this design is! Not to mention that testing pattern, I created a Marguerite hat (pretty close to that blue/white hat, but with some unusual details ;o)) The pattern for hats and Marguerite Pin is coming pretty soon!! I’ll keep you updated!


    Lady Bug Hat04W_thumb[1]


    A wonderful and lovely Tuesday anyone!!

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