Happy Memorial Day & Giveaway Time!



While Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, it also marks something else—the opportunity to thank all of the brave soldiers and honor those who we’ve lost…


The weekend isn’t over yet. Leap into Memorial Day with some special offers I have for you. First, get 65% off all patterns! Use coupon code USA2015 at checkout.

This coupon is applicable to myShop and Etsy—stores with instant download.

Offer valid now through Tuesday, May 28, 2015 at 11:59pm PST.


Omega Cotton5


Poppy Pin


Also, I have a GIVEAWAY for You! A lucky one two ones from anywhere in the world will win lot of Omega Cotton #5 (100% cotton; 164 yd [150 m]/1.76 oz [50 g]): 5 balls of #59 red. This cotton has exceptional quality, texture and durability and just perfect for summer & spring crochet projects. Each ball is 1.76 oz 164 yards and comes in 21 colors (I wish Omega would have more colors). This is my absolute favorite yarn to work with and I really have no idea how I’ve “existed” without Omega’s yarn, seriously! ;o) Projects made with this yarn: Scarlet Tunic, Snowdrop Coat, Daisy Hat , Millefiori Apron Top …just to name a few. Please note: last two mentioned projects are secret projects so far.

And yes, I’m offering TWO LOTS of 5 skeins each + Poppy Pin Pattern for free, so Your chance to win is double and we will have 2 winners this time, yay!! I’ll ship WORLDWIDE!

And last, but not least… 10 participants in this contest will win a Poppy Pin Pattern for free.


Each person is allowed to enter up to 2 times as follows:

  • Mandatory entry. You have to leave any comment here, on the blog—and that all, no any obligations ;o).
  • Optional Entry #2. Blog about this giveaway, linking to this post and leave another comment to this post with link to your blog post.
  • Optional Entry #3. Share this post on any of your accounts: Google+, Facebook, Ravelry, twitter, yahoo… etc.


  • This giveaway starts today, May 24 and will end Friday, May 31 2015 at 11:59pm PST.
  • I’ll select the winners with random.org’s random number generator and I’ll notify the Winners by email on Saturday, June 1.


P.S.: Are you ready for Spring and Summer books releases just in a middle of June?!!! For my part …I hardly can wait!!!! ;o)


Wishing everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Publishing the Books | In the News



Hi my dears,

Do you like spring? I love the spring so MUCH! My mood always jumps over 101% ;o)

Especially now, when my first two books started their own “life”…

Last week I got a CIP block, barcode and anything else needed for Summer book; decided where to print my books (see copyright page above for details), signed contract for public relations services ….and both books were send to marketing agent and ready for marketing campaign. The whole process, including blog tours, reviews, preparation and distribution of press materials, etc. may take up to 3 months before book’s launch, but at least I have a plenty of time to print the books, work on my new website for Imagical Seasons; and finally I can continue to work on Winter and Fall books – I just can’t wait!


Also, I had an absolute pleasure to discover (and ordered for you ;o)) some “must have” notions and cute things for knitters and crocheters; as well and promotional accessories… more details later.


Oh, and I would LOVE to thanks again Scanova for creating for me 3D visual QR code! And for free and without ads displayed (I posted about this type of codes HERE). I love my:



And last news for today is that I am on half way with Pink Marguerite jacket. Yes, unfortunately, it took me much longer that I hoped. Looks as I am overly optimistic about how much time I am going to have to work on stuff and how much I have on my plate.


A wonderful and sunny Wednesday everyone!

Publishing the Books | Copyright page, Printers + More


copyright page4


Copyright page

It’s official. I am now in “Cataloging in Publication” data and proudly put my very first CIP block on Spring book’s copyright page ;o)

Oh, btw, do you see the string of numbers (in reverse order) from one to ten? It was interesting to learn that these numbers have to specify the printing and when you reach the second printing, you simple remove the number “1” from the string, when you reach the third printing, you remove the “2”, etc. This is an artifact from the days before computers, when this information was stripped in by hand to eliminate excessive copy changes, which were expensive. The graphic person at the printer simply sliced out the numbers with a razor blade, and reshot that section of the text.

The only section on copyright page I need to fill in is “Printed in……….”


Printing houses

I requested quotes from lots of printers; so far I have 3 winners. The process is pretty cumbersome – you have to specify something what you don’t know and then receive estimate with definitions you don’t understand… It took couple rounds to resolve all issues and now I can’t wait to get very final estimates included freight costs. This may not be final – this is how I understand the process today…

Speaking about 3 winners – it was really nice and educational experience to work with printing-houses, and here are my absolute favorites:

  1. DeHART’s Media Services
  2. Bookmasters
  3. Edwards Brothers Malloy

I’ll post more details when I get the winner ;o)


QR codes

I fall in love with 2D visual codes by Visualead, and just can’t resist to play with my own. You can generate 3 codes for free, but with ads displayed. You have to pay $12.45/month +/-  to own these stunning 2D codes… Well, I was able to assure myself that it’s not reasonable for my needs… even if that was really hard decision… ;o)



BTW, do you know that InDesign can generate QR codes? Simply go to Object > Generate QR code.



And last news for today—my book’s pricing for U.S.A and Canada. Canada, you do NOT have to pay more! You’re welcome.


A Wonderful and lovely day everyone!

Publishing The Books | Helpful Links + MORE! ;)




What a busy weeks, but totally educational and oh_well_exactly_what_I_ dreamed_needed_to_do_right_now things! To be shorter: ISBN, ABI, P.O. Box, SAN, EAN barcode, PCN, CIP data, copyright, decided on a discount schedule and terms, planed on future titles, submitted RFQs + very interesting experience with printing houses as I really hoped! ;o)


Well, I know that I have the followers working on self-publishing too and some who want to try, so bellow is more details and the helpful links:

  • ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. Each version of material needs a unique ISBN. That means you’ll need a separate for the hardcover, softcover, audio, video and e-book versions of the book. You can’t buy just one ISBN, but can order a block of  10, 100, or 1000+ from Bowker. Also, keep in mind that the owner of the ISBN number is the publisher-or-record for the book-so even if you could find another publisher willing to sell you a single ISBN number, that would identify heir publishing house—not—yours—as the publisher of the book (they would then receive the orders, the returns, the checks—you get the idea. If you give or sell one of your ISBN numbers to someone else, you are the publisher of record if they are sued for copyright violation, libel, etc.) This is not the place to cut corners; buy your own ISBNs. Since you need a different ISBN for each version of the work, you’ll need more ISBNs than you may think…
  • ABI is R.R. Bowker’s Advace Book Information form. All books announced via ABI are listed in Bowker’s Books in Print. Since Books in Print is used heavily by many in the book industry, it is definitely worthwhile to fill out an ABI. There’s no charge for the ABI service once you have ISBN numbers.
  • Rent P.O. Box takes about 5-10 min to fill in the application, but usually here is a waiting list to take the smallest size box (size 1 – $80 per year; size 2 – $129, and so on)
  • SAN stands for Standard Address Number, and identifies the different mailing addresses of multi-location companies. Unless your publishing house has multiple addresses for billing and shipping, you can safely skip this step. A SAN costs $150 and can be purchased from Bowker.
  • Once you have ISBN, title and price, you can get a barcode. The barcode specific for books is called the “Bookland EAN with price code extension” (you can see my on Spring cover above). EAN stands for European Article Number, and is international product code standard. The barcode costs between $10 and $30 and is available from variety of vendors like Barcode Graphics for example. Sure, you can buy barcode direct from Browker for $25.
  • PCN stands for Preassigned Card Number. You can apply for a PCN through the Library of Congress’s PCN program. It’s free and it’s an important part of the CIP block.
  • CIP stands for Cataloging in Publication data. This information typically found on the verso of the title page of a book (the copyright page). Librarians use this information when entering the book into their online catalogs. You can apply for a CIP through the Library of Congress’s CIP program. Or hire someone who will help you with CIP block. I found this great CIP service and so glad I did!
  • And last thing (I hope!) in this routine is copyright. I still need to check it out.

To find more information about the whole process, I highly recommend The Publishing Game: Publish a Book in 30 days by Fern Reiss.


Also, I worked with printers and got really great experience and discovered a lot interesting things like described in this dictionary ;o) I’ve got quotes from 4 printing houses already, and still wait for 3 more …and the Spring and Summer books will be send to print! I’ll post about my experience with RFQs and printing houses next week.


And last, we have the Fall and Winter covers already! Unfortunately Windows Life Writer makes the pictures grey and I am not sure how to fix that… yeah.






a Wonderful and lovely week to you all!

YCMT | Spring $5.00 Deals



It’s time again for the big $5.00 Deals sale at YouCanMakeThis.com!

And, it’s on RIGHT NOW!

A huge selection of great patterns and projects are on sale for only $5, giving you savings of up to 75% on some! Plus, get 10% off all purchase over $25.

This sale runs now through March 17, 2015.

“So, how do I find these deals?” you may be asking…
It’s easy! All of the patterns and projects that are part of the $5 Sale added to the Featured Products category.

There are several pages of deals to look through! You might also want to try using the sorting options at the top of the page and increase the Items per Page – there is a lot to see! I was invited to join and gladly offering you my Magnolia Lace Coat Pattern for this such great event!




A wonderful and lovely weekend everyone!!

Scarlet Tunic Crochet




Scarlet Tunic

Finally… I am to glad to show you Scarlet tunic, modeled by gorgeous and so lovely Genia! And it’s a 4th pattern in a row on my what-to-do-next-hurry schedule ;o) I’ve just finished the pattern and sent the garment for modeling to Interweave Crochet Scene 2015, and now I work on Snowdrop coat and Pink Marguerite jacket patterns. Looking forward to release them soon! OK, I’ll better hurry back to work ;o)










Spring 2015 Preview | Blue Poppy Lace Coat Crochet


Blue Poppy011


Blue Poppy Lace Coat

A third design from my Spring 2015 Flower collection …most off-the-cuff one ;o) Well, all garments from this mini collection were totally improvisation, and a kind of a little “escape” from that endless-very-last book’s polishing, patterns routine, the deadlines …

Since Scarlet tunic is still on my schedule, I decided to crochet some swatches for pattern and play a bit with one of my favorite, really gorgeous and versatile lace stitch patterns I used for the tunic… so here is how the two coats and Pink Marguerite jacket were born ;o)

I just crocheted it without thinking about stitches, listened only my feelings. I am very happy you like this mini collection. But you know, writing a pattern is completely different thing. I was unsure if I could make Scarlet tunic once again – but this time – with counting every stitch, with the sure, that I could write in that way, that anybody could make it. And now the tunic got three beautiful sisters… and not alone desperately waiting for the pattern (kidding ;P) I may change some little details I wasn’t satisfied with, and want to try find the yarn which is available worldwide, and I hope you will like it. Wish me luck!


Blue Poppy Details032



Blue Poppy Pin022


Blue Poppy03



See you next Wednesday! Curious what is next? Below is a sneak peek. I bet you recognized it… and yes, now it’s modeled, finally ;o)


Blue Poppy Pin021

Spring 2015 Preview | Pink Marguerite Lace Jacket Crochet



Is there really need any words to introduce anything modeled by absolutely charming and so lovely little Princess Lera? ;o) Marguerite lace crochet jacket is a second design from my Spring 2015 Flower collection. I can’t promise that this pattern will be released this month, but I’ll do my best to make available EAP version as soon as possible.





See you next Wednesday! Can’t wait to share a third design with you all ;o)


P.S.: Oh, an amazing and beyond talented Lena Doubivko just sent to me this fantastic description she created:

Pink Marguerite / Marguerite Daisy
Think springtime sweetness, think fields and meadows filled with daisy flowers! Capture the soft, girly pink of spring and adorn your little Princess with this delicate and festive top! This piece boasts a stylish buttoned front with sweet contrasting trim and darling tiers of ruffles for extra flair. But turn around and add more panache to the already exciting look! A delicate silky ribbon woven in the back of the jacket adds the perfect finishing touch to delight the lucky wearer. Perfect for an Easter egg hunt or for visiting the Easter Bunny, this jacket keeps chilly weather at bay and is sure to become a favorite to be worn again and again.

I LOVE her name suggestions. Hmm, now is dilemma which one is the winner….  I like them both. Pink Marguerite is perfectly “matches” the jacket, and Marguerite Daisy is a great name for search ;o) What is your favorite?

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! :)

You know, it’s a pretty hard to describe the feelings of keeping the first pretty own printed book in hands. I’m speechless… and not only because the sample book has two covers and all the pages are shifted so that outer edges go inside ;o) …but because I finally can see the result of true labor of love and one more of my dreams realized… and because it’s a first one…



Well, I need to polish some diagrams and few colors are not bold enough to see on a paper, but anyway it looks solid and even better then I may expected! Now, since we got an idea how the book look on paper, we want to check with couple printers and find the best solution of quality and price (hopefully, less then $15 per book as it is estimated now).
I am looking forward to update you with new status!






Happy and lovely Monday everyone!!

Spring 2015 Preview | Camellia Lace Trench Coat/ Vest Crochet



Camellia Trench Lace Crochet Coat and Vest

Enjoy springtime sweetness year-round with this intriguing lace crochet coat—it looks intricate, but is actually easy to make!

One of my new designs of Spring/ Summer 2015 collection based on such lovely lace patterns with accent details on the back/skirt of garments ;o) EAP pattern will be available in a couple weeks.





Its refreshing beauty is sure to delight the lucky wearer, especially when made in her favorite color! Done in fine weight yarn (100% cotton; 164 yd [150 m]/1.76 oz [50 g]), this splendid piece will add a touch of spring to both casual and formal attire.






…. Or just make it without sleeves for summer sunny days and fun (instructions for vest are included in the pattern).






The perfect year round, this coat will be also a great addition to her holiday outfit. And yes, this pattern will be included in Imagical Seasons™ Winter book ;o)



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