Sakura Con 2014

Sakura Con 010[5]

I know, I probably surprise you by two posts a day, but I just can’t resist to share that…

…yesterday we went to Sakura-Con 2014 event. This time we took kids of our friends with us, because it is so really cool event that we wanted to share it!

And.. we realized this one became our family annual event – for 3 years in a row!! To look, to buy some funny stuff and some art, so make pictures, to look for crazy interesting and creative people who make stuff and who express themselves in a funny way and .. to have a day of fun! This event is “a bit” different from “normal” day-to-day life that it can be counted as one of these “out of the box” moments that move you and raise you and give you some space to fill with … with creativity and, may be, some kind of reset of mind ;o)

I’d like to say “let pictures talk”.. But I realize that in event with 5000 people I was not even prepared to capture feeling of insane ;o) I tried to freeze the moments but I missed a lot for sure…

There were dances, computer games, team battles and wins, music, anime movies, music and much much more…

Sakura Con 01

Sakura Con 02

Sakura Con 04

Sakura Con 07

Sakura Con 05  Sakura Con 06 

Sakura Con 08

Sakura Con 09


Sakura Con 011

Our team:

Sakura Con 019

Sakura Con 012

pretty fun couple we’ve met:

Sakura Con 013

Sakura Con 014


Oh, and cherry on the top: we’ve watched two fashions shows of Japanese designers we’re lucky to met! First, it’s BEYOUND talented designer MINT NeKO.

Sure, I can’t resist to buy the shirt ;o) And Kristin fall in love with backpack, but we found that it is available in Japan only ….well,  it’s one more reason to visit this country (my_always_dream; and we’ll do it in some of days for sure ;0)

Sakura Con 016 Sakura Con 017


And below is the picture with famous Mint Neko Well, I bet we both were more than exhausted after 7 hours spending on Sakura Con (and I’m sure he was much more). Oh, and I think I definitely need to work on stretching my fingers that way …wow ;o)

Sakura Con 015


And last, but not least .. my absolute favorite fashion show of Angelic Pretty…such  inspiration!

Happy Easter!!

Easter 2014

Have a fabulous day with your family and friends!

My New Baby ;)



I’m so excited to call this such cute baby ~mine, and just can’t wait to hug her in person!! Made by BEYOUND TALENTED Ada Gurevich, my most LOVELY and FAVORITE online friend (in case, here is her Etsy shop).

….I’m just dying to meet Ada in person in some of days!

Oh, and here is another cutie of her, which is in my book already ;o)

Aduschka, you are AMAZING!!! I just ADORE YOU!!

Kristal Motif-1

That Spring Feeling!!


Sarura Etsy2


I’ve got sweet message from Carole this morning that my Sakura Top was featured in That Spring Feeling Etsy treasure. Such lovely Spring goodies! Thank you so much Carole!!


That Spring Feeeling


Dryad Scarf P


Another great collection is Saturday Kids by EtsyShopSecrets. Many Thanks for adding one of my favorite Dryad Scarf pattern.


Saturday Kids




Oh, and what a luscious Out in the Vineyard treasury! Thanks a lot to Ann from Harleypaws for including my Grape Scarf pattern!


Out In The Vineyard


And to continue fruit theme …here is another fun Look At My Pineapples collection, which is all about cute pineapple inspired gifts and décor ;o) Thank you so much Jenna from JennaMariesShoppe for feature Pineapple Top from my Fruity Fun collection!




Look At My Pineapples


Happy and sunny Monday everyone!!

Bak Balls by DFX

Bak Balls

I’ve discovered DFX about 5-6 moths ago and I’m just in love with Sports Body Secrets Massage Power Rollers, but with my new order, which is Bak Balls I couldn’t be more pleasant. What a kind of relief if you are stay in front of computer for 10-12+ hours a day… I just love this device!!

YCMT | $5 Deals are Back

YCMT Spring

It’s time for another big $5 Deals sale at Over 100 patterns have been reduced to just $5!

Plus, the brand-new Kimberbell “Let’s Go Fly a Kite!” Bench Pillow pattern will automatically be added to your order for FREE with your purchase of $25 or more! Also, when you spend over $40, you will automatically receive 10% off your order!


“So, how do I find these deals?” you may be asking…

It’s easy! Just click the link below to find all the deals.

See all of the $5 Deals now!

Prices reduced through Tuesday, March 25, 2014.


There are several pages of deals to look through! You might also want to try using the sorting options at the top of the page and increase the Items per Page – there is a lot to see! I was invited to join and gladly offering you my Sunlit Rose Bolero for this such fun event!


Sunlit Rose Bolero Logo


P.S.: We are leaving this afternoon to Vancouver, BC for Planet Rhythmic International Rhythmic Gymnastics Invitational our daughter participates. We will be back late Sunday. So, if there any delays with responding your emails, please be patience with me. And wish us luck!! Planet Rhythmic is our MOST lovely competition and place to visit, and sure we are so exited ;o)

Over a Cup | Green Jewelry

I am truly blessed with many amazing and beyond talented friends, and today I would like to introduce you two of them: Anatoli and Elena.

They are not related to knitting or crocheting, but when it come to the art and design, it doesn’t really matter I think. Anatoli and Elena run their creativity in jewelry design and video production!

I’d like share two stories: “Engagement ring” and “My animal” ;0)


Engagement Ring

Diamond Ring

A year ago they created a wedding ring – all of it: idea, selection of stone, wireframe of design, 3D modeling, production, polishing and video production. This video was demonstrated at Mexico and ring was presented with proposal to get married. Exactly today that couple is again in Mexico but this time for wedding!!! And … you can guess … both wedding rings were designed and created by Anatoli and Elena! 




My Animal

Dog Pendant


Another project I’m in love is My Animal. The idea was to create a jewelry for animal owners. Lena decided to create a friend’s dog pendant (plus friend’s birthday was coming soon and such pendant would suit both purposes just fine).

Below is the video of all the process: photo shut session, 3D modeling, 3D printing, casting, polishing.



BTW, Anatoli and Elena run small private business GlamSilver – a green jewelry store. To visit their store, just click on the banner below, which also can be found at right bar here.

Glam Silver


Not only guys offer lots of cool and fun jewelry, but they also have giveaways on regular base. Make sure to visit their eBay Store page and subscribe for newsletter.


A wonderful and lovely Sunday everyone!!


P.S.: I have some pretty exciting news for you. Stay tuned ;o)

Happy Heart Day!!


From my heart to Yours, happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! I am sending some love Your way to let You know how YOU are special

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Over a Cup | Imaginative Makeup Art

Tal Peleg


Did you hear about Israel makeup artist Tal Peleg? She creates miniature works of art using eye makeup. Using eyelids as her canvas, she tackles each scenario with color, depth and texture. Needless to say, the results are nothing less than mind-blowing … and sure, I just can’t resist to share ;o) She’s totally amazing!!


Tal Peleg 02


Tal shares some answers to some frequently asked questions:
–> Yes, it is my eye.
–> No, it’s not hard to draw on my own eye. Actually, It’s much easier than drawing on someone else’s eyelid. I don’t move, don’t complain, I have a good eye shape for such things, and I have endless patience! Oh, and I always there for myself whenever I’ve got the muse… so I’m perfect as my own eye-model for that matter
However, I prefer to do full-face makeup looks on other people of course.
–> Yes, it is possible to be so precise with the right equipment, experience and steady hand. {People are writing names on rice grains for god’s sake! } Once, I used to be upset with skeptical people… now all I have to say is – thank you, I’ll take your disbelief as a compliment. I don’t feel I have to prove anything after all my hard (yet so fun!) work… take it or leave it
–> No, I’m not sad to remove the makeup creations off my eye after I’m done. Not even after all the hard work. As long as I know that I have a good photo of it, I’m just happy and relieved to clean my eyes from all the paint and lashes…


“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” – Anne Frank


A lovely and cozy Sunday everyone!! Here is still snowing since yesterday’s evening… not typical for Seattle for sure ;o)

Featured Yarn 42 | Berroco Captiva. Cotton blend

I’ve just finished a project for another publication, and I am so glad that editor of crochet magazine gave me the opportunity to discover Berroco Captiva yarn!

Captiva’s satiny feel and subtle shine give it an air of sophistication. Created by wrapping a shimmering filament around a smooth cotton blend, this machine washable yarn comes in a wide range of elegant shades. Give your imagination free rein and just think of all the spring/summer tops, cardis, scarves, shawls, pullovers & more you can create with fantastic “Captiva.” Beautifully crafted in Italy of 60% cotton, 23% polyester and 17% acrylic.


Berocco Captiva HankBerocco Captiva Color Chart


Fiber Content: 60% cotton, 23% polyester and 17% acrylic
Yardage: 1.75 oz (50 g)/98 yd (90 m)
Gauge: 18 sts x 25 rows = 4” (10 cm) with US #8 (5 mm) knitting needles; 16 sc x 18 rows = 4” (10 cm) with H/8 [5 mm] crochet hook
Weight: Worsted weight (#4 Medium)
Care: machine washable. Lay flat to dry. 


shoppingcart-small where to buy: jimmy beans wool, webs, amazon just to name a few. 

Alla Koval Designs

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