Hello, April!

Video: Werble-234EF0850

YAY! I just finished course in mobile shooting and photo editing by amazing @photo_by_lada and even got a Certificate. ⠀

Here are my finals and photos before… and my Certificate of course 😜 Next course is video… wish me luck!

What a Story!!

I got very touching email from one of my follower (swipe to see). I asked if I can share it with you. Barbara’s answer caused tears in my eyes.

❝ My God Alla! Of course you may! You are a blessing!!! Always there through a storm. I lost my job some years ago and by following your posts and running to Hobby Lobby to buy a crochet book when I knew you had a published pattern made my job hunting days easier to bear. I thank you so much. Also, you didn’t know it but when I lost my job, I won the gift certificate and the delicious gardenia fragrance for naming the pattern. I have looked for years and could never find the scent. Whenever I look at the gardenias in my back yard, I think of you and how you helped me get through a very hard time. I actually put the plants there because of the scent of the fragrance you sent me. True story! Be safe and you can use any of my words because the world needs to know that you are a gift from the God!
Thank you so much. I will send a picture when I finish.
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
Oh, I do perfectly remember that contest in 2011, right after or vacation to Hawaii. BTW, first photo is gardenia from my garden 🥰 ⠀ ⠀

Below are that bottle of fragrance and scarf:

Have a lovely and safe day everyone! My FREE pattern deal is still running until midnight March, 31!
All details two posts below.

Mouse Sweater Progress

Mouse sweater progress. Any name suggestions?! 😉

Marguerite Pin | Free Crochet Pattern + DEAL for You!

When did you start knit/crochet? I am about 6-7 years old. So, probably it’s a good idea to learn your kids or grandkids to learn something new?! ⠀ ⠀

And what if start with Marguerite Pin? Such quick and fun project for girls of any age 😉

Marguerite Pin

Go whimsical with this fun crocheted Marguerite Pin for a party-ready look or just for traipsing along on a summer day!
Get playful with vibrant hues and use different colors for a sunny delight!

This pattern is available for download for FREE (to download: simple click at highlighted in green meadow_flowers_v01.pdf file on the right ) >>>

Download: marguerite_pin_v01.pdf
Updated: March 26, 2000
Size: 3.9 MiB

And a DEAL for you! I am offering one of any of my patterns for your choice for FREE. Just email me at allakoval@gmail.com which pattern you would like and I’ll email it to you right away. ⠀ ⠀

This offer expires March, 31 at 11:59 pm PST.

Have a lovely day!! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

In The News

There should be photos from our trip to Mexico, which we sure had to cancel … although we all still had a huge desire to get some rest and were upset because this would be our last vacation with Kristin before her leaving to uversity. So, we arranged a vacation at home: no work, minimum social networks, a lot of relax, reading, walking, chatting online with our friends. It was super time and we had lots of fun!! ⠀

Now I plan slowly back to work on patterns I planned this month, work on new designs and finish two courses I have. So, I have so much on my plate, well as always 🙈🤓. ⠀

Blast From The Past

I take courses in mobile shooting and video and first lesson was rules of composition in photography.
I wonder that I found all requested-homework images in my archive, even if first three 10 years old, and I had no idea about all these rules. Mother’s power to capture memories of their little ones is just amazing!! ⠀


Sakura Top is the most bought instruction for the last two weeks. Does everyone seem ready for spring?! 🌸

Which version of Sakura top do you like better: white or pink?

Oh, and first photo is one of my most favorite photo of amazing Romana which exactly describes my feelings for Spring 🌱🤓 Thank you so much beautiful and gorgeous girl for such fantastic memories!! 🥰
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
Rus 🇷🇺
Судя потому, что инструкция Sakura топика лидирует по продажам за последние пару недель—все готовы к весне?! 🌸🌱 А, кстати какая версия топика вам нравится больше – белая или розовая?

Fluffy Clouds Crochet Blanket | First VIP Pattern just released!

YAY! My first Fluffy Clouds Crochet Blanket VIP pattern is just released!! ⠀

I started with one of your favorite and most popular Fluffy Clouds Crochet Blanket … which in May marks 10 years since the publication. Celebrating this event, I added one more version of the finishing border to the pattern. A “traditional” pattern will be updated too! Also, I received a question: “Would the blanket look good with a blue trim?” The answer on the first two photos.

PLEASE NOTE: This pattern is written in my new VIP style (Visual-Style International Pattern), which combines minimal written instructions along with very detailed stitch diagrams, schematics, and photo/video tutorials when needed.

If you prefer written out instructions, please check my shop for this pattern which comes with row-by-row written instructions.

Remember, all my patterns already have detailed crochet stitch diagrams, so purchasers of either the “Traditional” or VIP version will get all the stitch diagrams and schematics necessary. The main difference will be the VIP version has less written instructions, which suits the visual crafter’s way of making and will be available in multiple languages as soon as possible. I will release the VIP version first, followed by the traditional, written-out pattern.

***** In fact, for first-time VIP purchases, if you find you still prefer fully written instructions, I will gladly provide you with a replacement pattern written in the “traditional style” at NO extra charge.


Fluffy Clouds Blanket
The sky’s the limit! Give Baby the sweetest of sleep and the best of dreams with this unbelievably luxurious afghan. Fluffy crochet shells come together to create billows of heavenly softness, just right for Baby’s delicate skin. It’s a perfect gift for boys and girls alike—just trim it in blue, pink, or any color of your choice, and watch little eyes grow wide in delight before Baby snuggles into the clouds for a nap!

This pattern includes 2 OPTIONS of border finishing for your choice!


33″ (84 cm) square.

DK weight (#3 Light).
Shown: Omega Trigo (100% cotton; 295 yd [270 m]/3.5 oz [100 g]): 5 balls of #201 white.

Sport weight (#2 Fine).
Shown: Omega Perle (100% mercerized cotton; 178 yd [163 m]/1.76 oz [50 g]): 1 ball of #520 light pink.

• 1 spool (4 yd [3.6 m]) of 3/8″
(9 mm) wide baby pink/white polka dots ribbon (shown: Offray, item #RN17991)
• 4 stitch markers
• Sewing needle and coordinating thread
• Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

* This pattern involves crochet skills only.

19 pages, 2 pictures, 3 stitch diagrams, a schematic, technical pages: Resources, Terms, Crochet Chart Symbols, Dictionary, Conversion charts, VIP-Introduction Page.

Copyright: All graphics, template and photos are copyrighted. All rights reserved. Please be respectful of the designer’s rights to this pattern. No portion of this work may be photocopied or reproduced by any means without written authorization from Alla Koval Designs. Unauthorized distribution or duplication is a violation of applicable laws.
You are more than welcome to sell items made from AllaKovalDesigns™ patterns. Credit to the designer is greatly appreciated (example: pattern is designed by www.AllaKovalDesigns.com) but not required. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀

Pixie & Me

It’s that moment when you are a little embarrassed that you grabbed your daughter’s sweater for a photo shoot … and “hid” behind the dog.

Happy and productive Monday anyone!
Are you ready for VERY first VIP pattern? Any guesses which one will be released tomorrow?

Rus 🇷🇺
Это тот момент, когда ты “стырил” свитер дочери для фотосессии… и ненавязчиво прикрылся собакой

Готовы к первой VIP инструкции, которая “выйдет в свет” уже завтра? Угадайте что это будет?!

VIP | Visual-Style International Patterns

I have some exciting news for my dear crochet and knit crafting followers.
To make my patterns more easy to dive into for visual crafters, and also make my patterns accessible to a wider international audience, I am launching a new style of pattern called “Visual-Style International Patterns”. Or VIP for short!
“VIP” patterns combine minimal wording along with my usual detailed crochet stitch diagrams, schematics, and photo/video tutorials that enable visual crafters to follow my patterns with greater speed. My VIP patterns will be translated into several languages.
In addition, the “VIP” style of pattern gets my new designs out to you faster, with fewer delays.
Written pattern lovers, please don’t worry, I will continue to release my traditional-style patterns  (US English standard) that combine detailed row-by-row written instructions with stitch diagrams and schematics, as always! Because creating row-by-row instructions takes more time to prepare, I will release the “Visual-Style International Patterns” version first, followed by the traditional, written-out pattern. 
And, to make my patterns even more accessible, I am also happy to announce that my “VIP” patterns will be available in US English and Russian immediately, and in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and UK/Australian English in the near future. 
Of special note, in the VIP patterns, stitch diagrams will be customized for each language version, as there are small differences for each country. Each VIP international language pattern will also come with the English language version, so 1-2 PDF(s) in total. I want to make sure my customers get accurate instructions, and I cannot judge the translation accuracy for all the languages I plan to offer except for Russian. So by giving my international customers their language plus the English version, I can be sure they will get 100% accurate instructions.
Remember, my patterns already have crochet stitch diagrams, so purchasers of either the “Traditional” or “VIP” version will get all the stitch diagrams and schematics necessary. The main difference will be the “VIP” version has less written instructions, which suits the visual crafter’s way of making and will be available in multiple languages.
If you are a beginning crocheter (or master!) and have not used symbol crochet yet, I encourage you to give it a try! Because not only will it speed up your crocheting, you will also be able to understand and create beautiful contemporary designs from all over the world. In many countries, symbols and charts predominate. Imagine that without having to learn another language, suddenly you can “read” and make gorgeous designs from patterns that use international symbols.
Why not give it a go? In fact, for first-time “VIP” purchases, if you find you still prefer fully written instructions, I will gladly provide you with a replacement pattern written in the “traditional style” at no extra charge. 
I also plan to launch my patterns in Amazon Kindle and Apple store formats, for those of you that like to use your phone or tablet to read.
Whew, that’s a lot of announcements for one day!
Thank you, everyone, for your support of my designs and my new developments! It means a lot to me.
In addition to new patterns, I will be creating “VIP” versions of my previously published patterns, as time allows.
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