[quote author=”- Karen Gaskell, Beautiful scarves. Interesting story”]I saw your site listed on a group to which I belong, Crochet Partners, and I checked it out, as I always look at their referrals.  When I saw your Sea Shells Scarf, which looked so familiar. I recognized it immediately as a scarf which I had recently seen. I knew in real life that it was a stunning piece and I knew I had seen in done in a pale to mid shade of blue. It then came to me that I was in line at Starbucks in Ponte Vedra, Florida (south of Jacksonville but north of St Augustine) yesterday. The weather was really nice & warm so most people in the very long line wore shorts. The woman in front of me, though wore a light blue sweat suit, carried an incredible large and lovely  blue handbag. She also wore this gorgeous blue scarf….yours……she looked stunning. I know she was from Europe as she and her companion were speaking  Italian and her clothing was well made with that European style. Anyhow, that scarf made the outfit and everyone in the long line was admiring her.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Sharon Curtis”]I am still breathlessly awaiting a book series based on your designs!! They are all wonderful, and yet each item has an element of simplicity that can be used in other areas!! Very excited about your work. [/quote]

[quote author=”- Jennifer in Missouri”]Thank You so much for posting these wonderful- cute as a bug patterns! Finally some REALLY cute crochet patterns for real life wear. My girlies and myself LOVE to wear crochet but almost everything you find is soooo outdated. My 7yr olds head is just about to pop off with excitment because her summer outfits are going to be so cool…[/quote]

[quote author=”- Helga”]Wow. I just want to let those who haven´t bought patterns here before know that they are absolutely worth every penny. I just bought my first patterns from Alla and they were waiting for me in my email box about an hour later. And not only are they gorgeous but also extremely well written and have lots of pictures and explanations. Plus how many pattern designers can you contact directly if you need any help;)And on top of being talented, she is also very nice and helpful. Now with all these new beautiful patterns my fingers are just itching to get started:)
Thank you so much Alla
I´ll be looking forward to seeing what pretty things you´ll be creating in the future.
One very happy customer:)))[/quote]

[quote author=”- Joyce”]Alla, I am truly amazed by your creativity! I haven’t seen such beautiful designs in years. It is so wonderful that you share your gift with others. You have inspired me to move on to more challenging projects. I look forward to seeing your new masterpieces in the future. Again, Thank you for sharing![/quote]

[quote author=”- Irina”]Спасибо Вам огромное за переворот в моем сознании. Вязать я раньше не очень любила, так, по необходимости. Но увидев Ваши работы, просто влюбилась практически в каждую модельку. Уже запаслась пряжей, и надеюсь к лету моя принцесса будет щеголять в Ваших моделях. [/quote]

[quote author=”- Dawn”]In 2010 I found your website by doing a google search for crochet scarf patterns. In my 35 years of crocheting never have I seen the creativity that your patterns have. I love the way you draw the pattern. I crocheted 16 of your scarf patterns this year and gave them to my co-workers. I usually crochet scarves all year as a stress reliever, then give the scarves to homeless shelters. I am excited to begin my stress therapy :) [/quote]

[quote author=”- Claudette”] I have just discovered your wonderful talent. You are incredible!!! You are extremely inspiring. Thank you so much. [/quote]

[quote author=”- Jenniferbeth”]I would like to compliment you, on your precise, complete and thorughly understandable directions. i do believe these are the nicest pattern directions and the most complete i have ever seen. Bravo..and ty..[/quote]

[quote author=”- Connie Caban”] I just started to crochet again after many years and found your website recently. I am still a novice but your designs are really encouraging me to learn more and do more. They are beautiful and inspiring. Usually when I think of crochet I think of the old not-so-attractive looking patterns but now I know that up to date clothing, etc. can be made. Much thanks and appreciation.[/quote]

[quote author=”- MK Carroll”]I think the biggest strength of your design sense is that your designs would look right at home in chic urban boutiques![/quote]

[quote author=”- Linda Henderson”]Canada calling!

I’m Canadian born, of Belorussian parentage, and am most “awed” by the needlework talents of Russian women, especially your creative crochet designs. You make me think in new directions and outside the box – THANK YOU!!![/quote]

[quote author=”- Hoda Negm”]I’m crazy about your designs esp. combinations of colors and stitches[/quote]

[quote author=”- Lorna”] YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! your designs are soooo beautiful and chic. they express well of your talent. you elevate the meaning of crochet and knitting. i wish i had the ideas same as yours. keep it up, alla. you can go further than this . . don’t limit your talent working on wearables. . btw, thank you for sharing some of your designs. your model is pretty and she looks so adorable in your clothes. your site is nice as well. good luck to you..[/quote]

[quote author=”- Lynn”]I love your designs, and especially your use of vibrant color and smaller gauge yarn and thread. It’s not often that I find a designer whose tastes so closely mirror my own, so I always look forward to seeing your new posts. You’re such an inspiration![/quote]

[quote author=”- Goldenvoice”]Фантастически красиво!! Невероятно красивые вещи!! Сколько фантазии, сколько любви в Ваших работах! Браво! Такое удовольствие!!! Спасибо! Такой и должны быть настоящие горожанки! Такими должны быть настоящие девочки:) [/quote]

[quote author=”- Tanya”] Definitely city! Your designs are truly exciting.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Joyce”] This is stunning. your work is out of this world. where have you been hiding, darling. Thank-you so much for sharing all your beautiful treasures.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Ginette Daoust”]This is my first visite on your Site… I’m thrilled…Your pattons are beautiful…What a nice nest of work…You must have fairies coming to replace your fingers…Il realy enjoyed my eyes…I think I had a nice meal of wonder…It will be an honnor to do one of your creation…PS: I will recommend your site to all my friends…and I will comme back often…Thand your for such wonderful site…and for the energy you put in it…We can reconise a meticulus knitting lover…[/quote]

[quote author=”- Tasleem”]I would like to know from where can I buy this whole book… I liked all of them…they are very nice….[/quote]

[quote author=”- Connie Caban”] I just started to crochet again after many years and found your website recently. I am still a novice but your designs are really encouraging me to learn more and do more. They are beautiful and inspiring. Usually when I think of crochet I think of the old not-so-attractive looking patterns but now I know that up to date clothing, etc. can be made. Much thanks and appreciation.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Ayesha”]I fall in love with each & every creation of yours, you’re truly blessed and how i wish i could be your student. Your breathtaking projects are real motivation!!! [/quote]

[quote author=”- Rania”]I do not want to go to work. I just want to sit down and crochet. Your designs are so inspiring. I wish I had half of your talent.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Kimberly”]Your patterns are so easy to follow! I’m on my second Fiesta bag. I love the extra detail you provide in the diagrams. It really helps those of us that need to check their work. Sometimes the words are not enough! I also love that the designs are so colorful. I’ll be telling all my crochet and knitting friends about this site. Thank you![/quote]

[quote author=”-  Bianca”]The most creative & beautiful crochet patterns that I have ever found. Love making clothing for my little GG.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Linda D”]I lean towards the bright and vivid colors myself, so your color combinations always catch my eye. Nice mixture of textures & stitches, too.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Carolyn Rash”]Alla Your patterns are way beyonds words to explain, how beautiful they are. Again you have done a fantastic job with this design.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Tat”]I am happy to be one of your fan, Alla. Your work is beautiful and I am always delighted to recommend your designs.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Dawn”]In 2010 I found your website by doing a google search for crochet scarf patterns. In my 35 years of crocheting never have I seen the creativity that your patterns have. I love the way you draw the pattern. I crocheted 16 of your scarf patterns this year and gave them to my co-workers. I usually crochet scarves all year as a stress reliever, then give the scarves to homeless shelters. I am excited to begin my stress therapy :) [/quote]

[quote author=”- Tricia”]I have to tell you how cute my little girls always look in the things I’ve made from your designs and always receive lots of compliments.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Kelly”]As someone who can barely crochet things in straight lines (like scarves), I am amazed at everything on your site! One day, I will learn more than one stitch/pattern/technique! ;)[/quote]

[quote author=”- Marianne C”]Everything on here is absolutely top quality! Here you are, giving away GORGEOUS patterns for free! Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve been trying to write out patterns for items I’ve made and am having a tough time with it! I envy your talent! If I could give you 10 extra hours a day, I would – just so I could see more of what you can do! I can’t wait to finish up some of my projects so I can buy your lacey coat pattern!!![/quote]

[quote author=”- Betsy Gnatowsky”]I just finished the Urban Couture jacket and am amazed at how well I did as a new knitter. Thanks for all the amazing designs! Back to work on the Polar Bear jacket.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Lisa”]Since finding your site a few days ago you have become my crochet designer Idol, your talent is amazing you have inspired me to keep at it I only hope I can aspire to your level of creativity you truly have an exceptional gift your daughter is one lucky girl to get to wear all your gorgeous creations.
Thank you for inspiring me to be more creative and to strive to be better at doing what I love![/quote]

[quote author=”- Judy Riddell”]I’m a self taught crocheter and just love your designs – beautiful and elegant. The colors you use are always so bright and lovely.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Carol Boljevic”]OMG! I stumbled upon your site and can’t believe my eyes! Such beautiful patterns and thorough instructions. Though I had seen your pattern for Sunny Skies Hat and Coat set in CROCHET!, no time to focus on it due to crocheting fingers working on Holiday gifts. Now, I can relax and continue to find new and beautiful new patterns for my “grand girls”. Thank you for such a wonderful site.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Erin Springer”]I absolutely LOVE all your patterns! They are not only beautiful, but they are also very well written!! Keep up the amazing work :-)[/quote]

[quote author=”- Jeanie Davis”]I love your designs! They are some of the most creative I have ever seen. If I am going to spend hours of my precious time on a project i want it to be worth the time and your patterns are.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Lynn”]I just finished ‘The Friday Night Knitting Club,’ and I can just imagine a group of ladies sitting around your shop making something beautiful from yarn. Your patterns always inspire me to try harder on my own work.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Loretta Hucks”]The first time I saw your designs I fell madly in love! Thanks for all the great ideas. I have a 10-year-old granddaughter, and many of your projects are perfect for her (she’s tiny)[/quote]

[quote author=”- Celinda Vazquez”]I really love your patterns. You are very talent. And my girls will enjoy the new wearables. Thanks to you for the beautiful, funny for girls and babys.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Montserrat”]You’re patterns are original and fill a gap in the pattern world. Looking forward to many more unique, stylish patterns.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Helga”]Your patterns are absolutly gorgeous. I´m so glad I found your page. When I have been looking for cute crochet patterns, I´ve always found a lot for babies and toddlers. It can be difficult to find pretty patterns for girls over 4 or 5 years old. So your page is an absolute treasure. I can´t wait to see what more you´ll be adding in the future:)[/quote]

[quote author=”- Sharon”]I made the splash pattern and the instructions were so clear and simple. It was so much fun to crochet! I received so many compliments on it as it was in progress. My granddaughter called when she got it in the mail. She said she loved it, and that it meant so much to her – she is 7. I was so touched by her enthusiasm and expression of love that words cannot explain how joyful I felt. I am sure all your fans join you in your celebration, and I would just like to let you know that if you ever publish a book, I’ll have it on pre-order the second I hear the news. Very few people have your talent, and I am grateful you share it with those of us who cannot design. [/quote]

[quote author=”- Catherine Fry”]What an eye for color, and what a gift you have for design. Congratulations in creating some of the yummiest eye-candy a crocheting grandmother could ever hope for![/quote]

[quote author=”- Ana Egas”]Im very happy that I have finally found some great projects to make,I have being crocheting by 5 years and I just love it, Im from Ecuador by the way ,sorry about my english[/quote]

[quote author=”- Peggie”]Your Designs are “Top Drawer!!” Thank you so much
for sharing them.[/quote]
[quote author=”- Lucie”]Je ne sais pas parler anglais et quand je vois ce que tu fais je le regrette !!! Mais je tenais à te féliciter pour ton travail, c’est très beau et original. Merci pour les modèles gratuits
Bonne continuation[/quote]
[quote author=”- Doris”]Muchas gracias Que Dios la bendiga por su talento y por sus manos maravillosas. Besitos.[/quote]
[quote author=”- LadyHooker”]Your hats are ‘par excellence’! Your ability to create quality, by using simplicity, is very rare to find, and easily recognized as superior!

You have the ability to know that “How can something be so pretty and so simple?” because that, in itself, is the beauty. [/quote]

[quote author=”- D. Garrett”]without a doubt, you are the best when it comes to crocheting, your colors go together very well, I have crocheted for a long time, my mother taught me. God rest her. But I have never seen anything that looks as good as your does. I think my colors come from the old old school of putting colors together. You do a wonderful job. I am anxious for my sister to see your site. Keep it up, you are an inspiration when it comes to crocheting. Thank you for having this site.

[/quote] [quote author=”- Fran”]I have just discovered your site. Your patterns are so beautiful, full of creative flair. You are very generous to share them with us. What a gift you have – and are! Thank you![/quote]

[quote author=”- Gina”]I just love ALL of your work and how I wish I was your little girl! They must LOVE being dressed by you and getting to wear all your wonderful, frilly, princess-like, gorgeous creations! You do amazing work and thank you for the free patterns and directions.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Joyce”]Your patterns are fablous.Your crochet skills shows me that chochet can definilty be coture pieces. you work it. I am buying your patterns.Yes indeedy.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Dolce”]Love your imagination, skill with pattern and design. Absolutely lovely.[/quote]

[quote author=”- Heather”] I just had to write to you to let you know that I absolutely love all of your designs – they are gorgeous! I’ve made several versions of your free garden party hat for my daughter, and she loves them. I’m looking forward to making some of your other patterns – the tops in particular – for her. So many gorgeous things to choose from; I can’t decide :-) [/quote]

[quote author=”- Mary”]I’ve been crocheting since last year.  Making hats and baby things. I saw this pattern while randomly searching the web. I usually use free patterns but purchased this one to make for my 12 year old granddaughter. It came out as more a size 12, so I finished it for me. Wore it Wednesday. I got so many compliments from the first person who saw it and the woman at Dillard’s who asked me if I could make 300 by Christmas to sell at Dillard’s. Thank you. [/quote]

10 Responses to Testimonial

  1. 1
    Laura says:

    I have been watching your website for about 2 years now and I am always so amazed and impressed every time I look. I have been crocheting around 20 years now and could never begin to produce the quantity of such beautiful and creative work as you do. You are such an inspiration and I thank you for sharing your techniques and advice. You are by far the best in the business.

  2. 2
    kamlesh says:

    wow nice and show ur hard work which imperess me a lots thanks

  3. 3
    Kim says:

    One Word…You’re my INSPIRATION! Okay, that’s four words. ;-)

    I’ve searched countless sites and crochet patterns, but YOURS are the BEST and the most AWESOMENESS! (I know it’s not a word ;-))

    THANK YOU!!!

  4. 4
    kathy says:

    i love all these patterns! i have 6 granddaughters that are always picking out patterns for me to make,=. 3 want the top–forget-me-not,3 want the top ice creme social and all want the sakura top of course they all want them in different colors they keep me on my toes!!!!! thank for the pretty clothing patterns

  5. 5
    Маша says:

    Очень красиво!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Хотела купить у вас схемы, они у вас только на английском языке?

  6. 6
    Berlin says:

    Hello Alla
    I found your web page few minutes ago. Your designs are very pretty. I would like to try making one of your hats.
    I am wondering how to care for them. I am assuming they cannot be washed? Did you use starch to keep them looking firm?
    Thank you

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