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Helpful Charts | Standard Measures

Standard Measures01

Standard Measures02

I recently worked on unusual design and was so thankful for measure #2 which was very important. If you design kids clothing or use the patterns for little ones, I am so glad to offer you this chart I created for my books.

Source: Craft Yarn Council’s.

Making a Pompom


I bet everyone can make a pompom with a pompom maker tool. But, if you don’t have one, it’s broken or lost, what is your way to make a pompom? Above is my method.

And one tip: Use (step 3) stretch jewelry cord for perfect tense ;o)

A la Koval Best Practices | Spike (Long) Stitch

Spike StitchW


One of the many reasons I love the Spike Stitch is how versatile a stitch it is, meaning you can creating a variety of different textures and designs using this simple technique!

I’ll show you a few projects using this unique stitch when I finish them ;o)

A la Koval Best Practices | Gauge Swatch

If you find so boring to crochet a gauge swatch and mostly skip on it praying that things turn out fine, take a look at solution I found for myself ;o)

Making sure your stitches are consistently the right size is very important when crocheting. And even if I perfectly understand it, I always hated to do that boring part – checking the crochet gauge… until I found for myself pretty comfy and easier (and much faster!) way to do it. 

See how-to below:




Happy Monday everyone! Have a wonderful week, even if according to rumors…

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A la Koval Best Practices | New Category + Friday Deal!

Template Best Practices

Please let me introduce a new category—à la Koval Best Practices. I always loved to learn something new, and so happy to share with you my experience. This category is for knitters and crocheters, as well as for designers too! As completely self taught knitter and crocheter, and then knit and crochet patterns and books writer, I have plenty of tips, how-to-do and special stitches tutorials, drawing crochet charts in Adobe Illustrator, working with long documents in InDesign… and much more!

So, let’s go…

Today’s tutorial is how to crochet into third loop of half double crochet stitch—my most favorite stitch for the second year in a row ;o)

The third loop is required for “camel crochet.” It has also been called the hump, bump, nub, lower loop, back-back loop, and lower horizontal bar of the single crochet or half double crochet. The patterns that result from using this loop in different ways have been called Camel Crochet™.

3rd Loop hdc_01


3rd Loop hdc02_600

You aren’t going to see that ribbing yet, unless you turn the work over. The row you are working on creates the ribbing on the opposite side. Crochet a few rows to see a beautiful pattern emerge!

Below are some designs using 3rd loop hdc stitch. All pattern are available at: my Pattern Shop, Etsy, Ravelry, Craftsy and LoveKnitting.

Owleta Vest01Owleta Vest02

Brioche Scarf01W

Brioche Scarf02W

Owleta Kerchief01

Owleta Cowl01


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