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My Amaryllis is Blooming!

My Amaryllis is blooming! Ah, how I love white flowers! Regardless of the species, I think most of white flowers are my favorites 🥰
What flowers do you like? Do you have any color preferences?
Happy Monday everyone! 😘🥰😘

We are back


We are back from our little trip to Vancouver, BC Canada. It’s about 3 hours
of driving from Seattle and we’re still wondering why did not visit this place
such long time (if I remember right, our last visit was 9 years ago) The picture
above was taken from our suit on 15th level in The Sutton Place Hotel and
it’s almost all our pictures we’ve took LOL … We’re definitely in no “photograp-
hing” mood, especially Kristin ;) But definitely going to be back to Vancouver
in a month or so… so many Awesome activities going to be here. Can’t wait
for the Cherry Blossom Festival and visit their Fabulous Botanical Garden late
in a spring.


… I have a huge plans for this week and think will have something to share
with you this week, so stay tuned.

Happy Monday to everyone!

Everyone deserved privacy ;)


… Is my baby have grew up already?!!! This Saturday we’ve had a
big party at our home and Kristin (my 7 years old) with her friends
had a Blast at playground near us, watched TV, enjoined craft and
game activities and we (parents) always saw them here and here…
But after I realized that did not see kids enough long time, I just
wanted to check if all is Ok and found this note on Kristin’s door ;)

Happy Monday to everyone!!

Socks inspiration to anyone?! ;)

… Oh my, it’s a Monday again, can you believe it?! :o) 

Scenes from Antarctica

a05 a07
What’s an Amazing site with lots of unbelievable beautiful pictures listed
in many interesting categories! Make sure to check it out!

Christmas tree


We’ve got lots of fun with Kristin making this Christmas
tree. If you would like to try too, click here to download
instruction. Enjoy!

Love her!

And here is another my favorite. Isn’t she Amazing?! ;)

Future of knitting

Happy Monday to everyone!!! Hope you had a Lovely
and Happy weekends!

A challenge ;)

3c55c046dbbcI’ve just realized that never made even
a pair of socks… Do you think I should
try?! ;)

Happy Monday to everyone!

The Best Pet

“God has made the cat to give man the pleasure of
caressing the tiger”   
                                                             – Victor Hugo

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