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👋🏻 Hi-hi dear friends!! How is your summer? It looks like summer has not come here yet in Seattle, but it works for me and my challenges and tasks😉

✅ One of my latest 10 days-challenge was 3000 kettlebell swings (300 every morning). We done it yesterday 💪🏻 Both, Igor and I lost 7-8 lbs and feel full of energy! Funny, but most challenge to us was to be in gym at 5:00 am and wake up at 4:15 am…

✅ Another challenge was to complete work on my new kind of patterns called LIM (Less Is More). …And first pattern is done!! YAY!!! I’ll share more details soon!

✅ Next challenge was to create every day a new swatch and note design ideas with it. 30 swatches are done. Two projects are in work now and one done (I work on pattern now).

✅ Also, I wanted to find a perfect bamboo blend yarn for summer projects. And after testing a bunch of them, I finally found yarn I love 😍 See my next post for details.

🤓 And last, but not least coming challenge… is survive a week in Las Vegas – San Diego. Yes, we are going to a little trip in a two days 🥰

Yeah, but I missed blogging again… probably it’s a good idea for new challenge?! 🤔😉

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