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Ravelry In-Store Pattern Sales Program


I get asked a lot by local yarn shops to sell my patterns and well as for printed version of them. Many Thanks to Ravelry and their innovative In-Store Pattern Sales Program – both these services are now available! This feature lets local yarn shops sell your patterns to their customers. It is growing every month, with new shops and designers joining the program each day.

What it is

Ravelry is pleased to offer a new service for local yarn shops (LYSs), designers selling patterns through the Ravelry Pattern Store, and any customers who want to buy those patterns through brick-and-mortar shops! Designers and shop owners (LYSOs) can opt-in to this service.


How it works

Participating LYSOs can search for patterns available through this service (designers agree to the pricing scale and LYSs sell the patterns at the retail price of the pattern) and sell them to customers through their shops, printing the pattern for the customer in-store if desired. Patterns can also be emailed to the customer and saved in their Ravelry library. At the end of each month, shop owners receive a combined invoice for all the patterns sold during that month, and pay for them through Ravelry via PayPal or a credit card.


You can find more information in Ravelry’s wiki.


To join and set up this program took me about 5 min. Now my 64 patterns are set up for in-store sales and are permitted to sell by 214 retailers. As with everything on Ravelry, here are always the best service and such great new features!

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    Thanks for the post Alla! I updated my store for the LYS’s…very cool! :D

  2. 2

    I have a pro account but I don’t know how to sign up to sell patterns in my store.Please help.

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