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Its’ a coming … Spring!

Dandelion Tunic

… Rain and gales here at the minute… but Spring is coming! cant wait:))” says Margaret, a curator of such cool and beautiful Its’ a comin’ …Spring!! treasury. Oh, roll on Spring PLEASE! I feel more than ready for spring and can’t wait for warn and sunny days if it possible here in Seattle anymore ;o)

It's a comin'..

Thank you so much Margaret for including my Dandelion Tunic Pattern.


Daysy Pin5

Grass Fields and Daisies The Spider Wove its Web

This whole Grass Fields and Daisies collection makes me happy! Love the daisies and happy yellow! Also the Daisy Pin Pattern was included in such fun and wonderful The spider wove its web… treasury.




What a juicy and Fruit-y-licious this Etsy treasury! Many thanks Dorothy for including my Strawberry Apron Top Top Pattern.


Poppy Top 1

Red Poppy Poppy Fields Forever

Poppies are such a popular flower and make every item warmer. What a gorgeous and bright Red Poppy and Poppie fields forever collections! Thank you so much for including my Poppy Top pattern.


2010_10  2011_05

You are so beautiful for me

And my Magnolia Lace Coat and Polka Dots Cap patterns was featured in such darling and sweet And You are ‘so beautiful to me… treasury. Aren’t they just?! :o) Thank you so much Margaret!


In the other news… This afternoon we are going to Vancouver, BC, Canada (our daughter participates in Planet Rhythmics Invitational 2012 competitions in rhythmic gymnastics) and will be back late evening Sunday, 18th. I’m leaving my stores open and will do my best to manage all purchases as soon as possible. For immediately download my patterns are available in my Shop, Raverly and YCMT shops. Please be patient with me if here is some delay with response.

my-lcg[1] ravelry[1] ycmt[1]


A wonderful and sunny weekend everyone!!

You Can Make This. $5 Deals


YCMT is doing again a big $5 Sale and this time it’s huge! And, it’s on right now!


Over 100 great patterns and projects are on sale for only $5, giving you savings of up to 75% on some! However, it will end this Saturday, March 17th.

Plus, when your order totals $25 or more, you will receive a free Garland and Bunting pattern. It will automatically be added to your order.


"So, how do I find these deals?" you may be asking…

It’s easy! All of the patterns and projects that are part of the $5 Sale added to the Featured Products category. You can click the link below to visit that section.


There are several pages of deals to look through! You might also want to try using the sorting options at the top of the page and increase the Items per Page – there is a lot to see! I was invited to join and gladly offering you my Fluffy Clouds Baby Blanket pattern for this such great event!

Fluffy Clouds Blanket



Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Ravelry In-Store Pattern Sales Program


I get asked a lot by local yarn shops to sell my patterns and well as for printed version of them. Many Thanks to Ravelry and their innovative In-Store Pattern Sales Program – both these services are now available! This feature lets local yarn shops sell your patterns to their customers. It is growing every month, with new shops and designers joining the program each day.

What it is

Ravelry is pleased to offer a new service for local yarn shops (LYSs), designers selling patterns through the Ravelry Pattern Store, and any customers who want to buy those patterns through brick-and-mortar shops! Designers and shop owners (LYSOs) can opt-in to this service.


How it works

Participating LYSOs can search for patterns available through this service (designers agree to the pricing scale and LYSs sell the patterns at the retail price of the pattern) and sell them to customers through their shops, printing the pattern for the customer in-store if desired. Patterns can also be emailed to the customer and saved in their Ravelry library. At the end of each month, shop owners receive a combined invoice for all the patterns sold during that month, and pay for them through Ravelry via PayPal or a credit card.


You can find more information in Ravelry’s wiki.


To join and set up this program took me about 5 min. Now my 64 patterns are set up for in-store sales and are permitted to sell by 214 retailers. As with everything on Ravelry, here are always the best service and such great new features!

Daisy Chain

I love to check Etsy’s Treasury, an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery, where members can feature their favorite items or items selected on a theme or whatever they like. And I can’t hide that always thrilled to see my designs included in such wonderful and lovely collections ;o)

Daysy Pin6

Many thanks to Valerie Wick’s for including my Garden Party. Daisy Pin Pattern to such sweet and romantic Daisy Chain treasury, featuring daisies of all kinds!

Daisy Chain

Grape Scarf

Fruity Fun. Grape Scarf Pattern featured in two wonderful collections: Grapes and The Vinyard.

Thinking of spring and the beauty of grapevines covering a trellis, the romance of the plant itself and the luscious flavors!

Thanks a lot to Elisabeth Kinney and Deb L for including my pattern.


The Vinyard

And make sure to check such darling and lovely Gifts for a little chic princess treasury! Thank you so much to Alessandra Geninatti for including my Minnie Jacket Pattern.

Gifts For A Chic Princess


Happy Tuesday everyone! Make your day fantastic!

Santa’s Workshop Is Working Hard

2006_36 2006_37

My Grinch Hand Knitted Jacket was features in two such wonderful and fun Santa’s Wokshop is working hard! and Let Me You Smile! Etsy’s treasures. Many thanks to Teri for including my pattern! Crochet version of this jacket (Elf Princess) is available here.

Santa's Workshop Let Me Make You Smile


Grape Scarf

Grape Scarf

If you have not yet decided on a Christmas… how about Christmas With The Peacocks At The Vineyard? ;o) Thank you so much Amanda Doubblestien for including my Grape Scarf pattern to such lovely treasury – pure eye candy!!

Christmas With The Peacocks At The Vineyard


Faerie Dreams Dress

Faerie Dreams05

And the Faerie Dreams Hand Knitted Dress was featured in ITS PARTY TIME!! treasury. “Noting sweeter than a little girl dressed in her party finery! Some lovely items here that will fit the bill absolutely! Be ready for the Christmas party times!”, says curator of this such sweet and girlie collection. Thanks a lot for including my pattern, labazs from UK!

Its Party Time


Wee Style Magazine Winter 2011-2012

Wee Style Magazine Winter 2011_1

The Winter issue of Wee Style Magazine, published by Angela Owens is now for sale! Thank you so much Angela for featuring my two latest Elf Princess and Paint The Town designs and such amazing pictures!

Wee Style Magazine Winter 2011

Elf Princess. Preview

Awee, look what I’ve got this morning!! Yes, here are photos of my newest Elf Princess jacket – a crochet version of Grinch hand knitted jacket I’ve promised you since so long and so glad that got a chance to do it, finally!!

Elf Princess02

Elf Princess01  Elf Princess10_1

Elf Princess03

Elf Princess06

Elf Princess07  Elf Princess11

Elf Princess09

Elf Princess04  Elf Princess08

Isn’t they are simple ADORABLE?! Many Thanks to Angela Owens and sweet Miss Layla for such beautiful and lovely photos!!! But now I’m in trouble to pick just one, or two… well, or three pictures for the logo ;o) Any suggestions are much appreciated!!

.. Elves love white. And red. And green. And all the colors in between! Jazz up the holidays with this delightful crochet jacket in traditional Christmas colors, or make it in your little elf’s favorite shades for year-round wear. The long hood and wide bell sleeves are just right for chilly days, especially when trimmed with scallop edgings, organza ruffles and matching zipper closure! Bobble stitches, pom-pom ties and vibrant patchwork details add the perfect finishing touch, and will keep her snug and cheery all season long.

This pattern will be released as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your continued interest and patience with me. I’ll keep you updated!


2006_36  2006_37

On the other news, my Grinch Hand Knitted jacket was featured in such sweet Kiddle style :) treasury. Many Thanks to Margaret of JaminaRose for including my pattern.

Kiddle style

Happy and productive Monday, everyone!!

Thursday’s Moments 15. Inspiration


What a treasure and truly inspiration this wonderful and such lovely yarn, which have been spinning by outstanding talented designer and amazing person Faina Letoutchaia!! To read interview with Faina, make sure to visit The Designer’s Studio by Faina Goberstein – another very talented designer I was lucky to met personally.

From the Faina’s introduction, which is perfectly fit to both designers:

Once you see one of her designs, you will never forget it.


This is going to be our very first and such specific collaboration with Faina and I just can’t describe how I’m trilled and honored!! Can’t wait to start!! I’ll keep you updated ;o)


Happy Thursday everyone!!

Alla Koval Designs

Couture Knitting


My Urban Couture Jacket was featured in such wonderful and stylish Couture Knitting treasury at Etsy.

Couture Knitting

Angelina Elizabeth, a curator of this treasury says:

Not just your Grandma’s knitting anymore!

Make sure to check such great knits in here. I love them all!! Thanks to Angelina for including my pattern.



Daysy Pin6

For daisies lovers, here is another beautiful and romantic Daisies treasury. Daisies

Thank you Pitichi for including my Crocheted Daisy Pin Pattern.



And Blushing Pink at Artfire, curated  by shabbysheikboutique, featured my Flower Power Bolero and Celtic Pink Scarf patterns. What a pretty and delicate collection!! Thank you so much for adding my Flower Power bolero and Celtic Pink scarf patterns.

Blushing Pink

“Coy and collective, shy yet aloof
A precious commodity, your living proof
Share raindrops and colors of rainbows so fair
Save memories so captured, as blossoms appear..”

Happy Monday everyone!! Another exciting and pretty busy week has been scheduled and started already ;o) And btw, I plan to show you something new just in a few – stay tuned!


Alla Koval Designs

Just Be Yourself

2006_36 2006_37

…sometimes we forget who we are, says curator of Just Be Yourself – such fun, cute and unique treasury! Many Thanks to NanaJustBanan’s for including my Grinch Hand Knitted Jacket Pattern.

And I have good news for all crochet lovers! As I promised, I’m working on crochet version of this jacket (on half way to be exact ;o) and will do my best to offer you a crochet pattern as soon as possible. I’ll keep you updated.

Just Be Yourself

In the other news, my Pineapple Apron Top Pattern made sweet and fresh Pineapple Hospitality collection on Artfire.  Thank you Adrienne25 for including my pattern.

Pineapple Hospitality

Happy Thursday everyone!!

You Weigh Heavy On My Mind

Great and unique treasury! And as curator says : “I put on so many hats to worry over. Peace of mind is something I struggle with. There is so much that weighs heavy on my mind. ”

You Weigh Heavy On My Mind

Thank  you so much to branchonthebeadtree for including my Polka Dots Cap Pattern in You Weight Heavy On My Mind treasury.

P.S.: Hehehe, this Dog Hat is is definitely weights heavy on my mind. Not sure that our Pixie would love one, but this hat puts a huge smile on my face every time I see it ;o)

Happy and productive Monday, everyone!!


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