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Poppy Love & Beyond

Poppy Top

Poppy Love Little Lady

Such gorgeous and my absolute favorite collection of poppies so far!! I would buy every single piece from this Poppy Love treasury – just lovely! And oh my, how cute is Little Lady collection?! What gorgeous little ladies they all are! I ♥ it! Thank you so much Anna Poli  and UnlimitedCraftworks for adding my Poppy Tank Top pattern.



Grapes and Grapevines

Grapes and Grapevines. Beautiful purple summer fruit of the vine. Thank you Alida Bunder for adding my Grape Scarf pattern.



Strawberry Picking  You make me happy when skieas are grey

To continue fruit theme …smaks of sunshine and summer ;o) Thank you so much Margaret for adding my Strawberry Apron Top pattern to such yummy and fun Strawberry pickin’ treasury! Also this pattern was featured in another Margaret’s You make me happy when skies are grey treasury. Just wonder if Margaret lives in Seattle. We definitely need more treasures like this ;) Thank you again Margaret!



Twirls for girls

What a sweet collection Twirls for our girls… of all things twirly … bunch of lovely finds to twirling in ;o) Thank you so much Margaret for including my Sunlit Rose Bolero pattern.


Flower Girls

April Showers Bring Flowers  Emeraild,Neon

April Showers Bring May Flowers is all about daisies and Emerald, Neon, Green, Spring Daisies Flower, Children Gifts, Pastel Home Décor is all about wonderful blend of pretty things! Many thanks Christine and Nermin for adding my Daisy Halter Top pattern to such sweet and pretty treasury.



More Pink

And something for girly girls… Thank you so much Sue for adding my Raspberry Top pattern to More pink is Girly-icious… Gift Guide collection! Not sure about pink, but raspberries are ones of Kristin’s favorite berries (most favorite are blueberries ;o)


Happy Monday everyone!!

Alla Koval Designs

3 Responses to Poppy Love & Beyond

  1. 1
    judy orrego says:

    Love to see everyone loves your creations like I do <3<3

  2. 2
    Sandy Rowley says:

    Adorable blog! Icelandic Poppies are my favorite flower!

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