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Puppy and I…

A first Kristin and Pixie’s matches set…;)
puppy_and_i1 copy puppy_and_i6 copy
puppy_and_i3 copy puppy_and_i4 copy puppy_and_i2 copy
I was sure I couldn’t resist to create something for puppy too lol! SUCH A


Must admit that I spent some to find out Kristin on the picture from her
last sport camping ;o) 180 kids, not to count staff LOL!

Our new family member!!

pixie11 copy 
Our absolutely charming and precious baby girl arrived on Wed from Texas…
hiiiiiiiii!!! Here is no words to describe how she CUTE and ADORABLE. We all
just LOVE her and stay so busy all these days.. but this puppy can afford it
for sure ;) 
pixie3 pixie2  
pixie1 pixie4

It’s official – summer break started

Even if date was changed to 17th, the summer break is started and from
this morning Kristin is a 2nd grader!! :)

Everyone deserved privacy ;)


… Is my baby have grew up already?!!! This Saturday we’ve had a
big party at our home and Kristin (my 7 years old) with her friends
had a Blast at playground near us, watched TV, enjoined craft and
game activities and we (parents) always saw them here and here…
But after I realized that did not see kids enough long time, I just
wanted to check if all is Ok and found this note on Kristin’s door ;)

Happy Monday to everyone!!

Tracking Santa

We’ve spent last eve tracking Santa and watching pictures and videos
of the cities as he was visiting them. You still can go to the site and take
a look at all pictures. Santa visited Seattle at around 11 PM, sneaked in
our house unnoticed and left few presents near our Christmas Tree. 
Everybody is excited, especially Kristin :)

Christmas tree


We’ve got lots of fun with Kristin making this Christmas
tree. If you would like to try too, click here to download
instruction. Enjoy!

Popsicle sticks and pompoms

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Kristin felt in love with popsicle sticks projects
now and still enjoy pompoms animals…  I just 
Love these seal guys!! Kristin  explains that is 
"My teacher and class are going to lunch" :)

A WONDERFUL weekends to everyone!!!

Daily inspirations for a beautiful life…

I’ve just recently discovered This absolutely Amazing place, but 
my daughter and I feel overload on DIY right now!! Such  HUGE
source for whole family and any age … And not to mention that
I’m a bit out of my schedule,  because it is impossible to stop to
discover all these wonderful projects and ideas!!! Make sure to
check them out! … Just remember I warned You it’s addicting!!!
Get LOTS of FUN!!


Turquoise Love… and our first collaboration!

I’ve created this jacket for Kristin for BTS… and the most EXCITING thing is
that it was our FIRST collaboration! My 6 1/2 old girl made matches bracelet
in Macramé technique and SURE we’re SUPER EXCITED about our FIRST, but
feel like definitely not last collaboration :)

Hand Knitted from Gedifra Pantarei, which is unfortunately discontinued, but
I’m sure for this style will work any other furry or enough drapery silk, cotton
and other yarn blends.

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