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Kristin’s first sew project

Oh my, can I explain my feelings even if on my native language… but there is a first
sew project of my 6 1/2 years old and I feel SOO PROUD for my Sweet daughter!!!!!
She just finished her Organizer and I’m sure it’s the best thing in the world, isn’t?!:)
The funny moment was… when I’ve offered to Kristin try something, but crochet
she said: “No, THANKS mommy! Crocheting looks too boring for me” Do you think
it’s because of me, who practically never separating with crochet hook or knitting
needles during almost of my free time ;)

Nice dancer

Did you see this Star of break dance?! Just can’t resist to share ;)

Have a Sweet evening!!!

Poisoned with hamster’s cuteness

After Kristin’s countless "I know exactly what I want!" between cat, dog
or horse lol, we all felt in FULL LOVE with rare Chinese Dwarf Hamster
and today this truly tiny (adult size 3-4") mouse-like hamster got new home!


She’s SO DARN CUTE, isn’t she!!! ;)

Family Fun

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Kristin is a huge fan of puzzles and loves different and original ones, but I don’t
know what we meant, when bought this 3D puzzle for our 6 years old DD LOL

Created with up to 12 layered images, this 3D Effect Tropical Colors 500-piece
puzzle from Hobbico features colorful lenticular images that create extreme 3D
effects! The REAL effect of Visual Echo has to be seen to be believed!

Well, even if Kristin was amazing and irreplaceable helper, I and my DH spent 2
whole evenings to complete this 3D puzzle. Well, it was a fun, but … looks like
we got a strong conviction to take a break with any puzzles for a couple next
years at least :)

Girl’s things


A couple shots, we got in Kristin’s room this morning by her request. I can’t believe it  :)
Even if she always hated to be pictured (well… she’s like me LOL), today we’ve really had a Blast!
We are remodeling her room and just painted the walls… still need to make some other changes and Princess room will be done!
Another news… I’ve just finished 3 new things for my mini collection, but still need to do a modeling.
Think to catch up and list in about 1-2 weeks. Stay tuned!

Have a Lovely day!!!

russian_logo Кристинка приятно удивила меня, когда попросила пофотографировать ее сегодня утром
Она всегда была не в вострорге фотографироваться (… впрочем как и я LOL), но сегодня мы получили огромное удовольствие и вот
несколько кадров, мы сделали в ее комнате, где практически закончили ремонт и осталось только украсить стены и нек. детали ;)

Snow bear


… funny

… прикольно

Skiing season is opened and…

Happy OLD NEW YEAR to everyone who know what I mean ;)


We are just back from our little trip to “The Summit” at Snoqualmie where we and our friends enjoined our first NORDIC Cross-country skiing. Yeah, we realized that we are so beginners that we just played at small loop near restaurant LOL. Anyway, we’ve got a BLAST and definitely hooked! But Oh my, we were REALLY surprised by Kristin (our 6th year old daughter) and her good friend Dasha! I can’t believe how fast kids learn! Less then in a hour of practice they looked as experienced cross-country skiers (in our eyes at least :) )

IBT The Nutcracker

IBT_Hutcracker Oh my! Even if from beginning I decided to keep this site like knitting/crocheting/craft place only, I can’t resist to share about The Nutcracker ballet presented by International Ballet Theatre we visited today. What’s an Awesome ballet and event for whole family!!! “With childlike awe and anticipation, The Nutcracker ballet rings in the holiday season like no other event. From within Clara’s dream, we are reminded to live life with imagination and wonder, as if we are children once again. Passed through generations for more than a century, The Nutcracker ballet preserves the classical artistry first created by Tchaikovsky and Petipa in St. Petersburg in 1892. IBT performs The Nutcracker ballet in its traditional Russian style with extraordinarily beautiful costumes and tremendous pageantry, including exotic Arabian dancers, a fierce battle scene with life like cavalry, soldiers and giant mice, elegant corps de ballet snowflakes, and of course with the beautiful ballerina, Clara, and her handsome prince (the world renowned dancers, Maria Makarenko and Dmitry Zavalishin from St. Petersburg).” We are in full LOVE with!!!

Happy and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Twirls For Girls

What’s an amazing cause! Please click here or on the ad below  for details.


Fun craft with kids

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Do you love to create sweet and fun things with your little one? We do! And truly enjoy it!!! Our latest project with my daugther was this super cute seal. We had lots of fun creating it and totally hooked on this pom-poms animals idea, comes from amazing Japanese craft book. It has lots patterns for many animals like chicks, bunnies, penguins, mice, hamster, frogs, cats, dogs, koala, lion, panda and  much more! They are just too cute, you can’t believe some of these designs, they are just so Lovely!!! The text is in Japanese, but the patterns are all step by step with many many pictures so pretty much anyone can figure it out.JapaneesePomPonAnimalBook

Make sure to visit this awesome store to buy the book, pom-pom maker and much much more.  Get a FUN!!!    ;)

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