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Question for Left-handed Crocheters

I just finished some stitch tutorials. And so excited to let you know, that from now they are available for both, right- and left-handers! But since I am right-handed, I would like to make sure that instructions for left-handers are correct and make a sense for you ;o) Could you please take a look at picture below and let me know if it work for you. Thank you so much!!

A full size image can be downloaded HERE.



A wonderful and lovely weekend everyone!! Looks as we will have a summer in February (up to 60-65F) next 4 days …thanks, weather. So thoughtful ;o)

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    Tina says:

    Okay, it is a little confusing for me. I am a left hander and I crochet from left to right, just like the right hander does. With the description of the left-hander it looks like it’s crocheting from right to left. (or who knows maybe I’m the only left hander who does it that way, lol)

    • Alla says:

      Tina, thank you so much for your feedback. I see your confusion! But we are talking about “reverse sc” – a stitch which is worked from left to right for right-hangers, and from right to left for left-hangers… oh my, sounds really pretty confusing… but all about reverse sc :))

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