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New Blanket Preview & Contest for You

Flower Blanket01


I am so excited to introduce my newest blanket design. Crocheted in one piece, this blanket features a rows of 3D flowers, satin ribbon and detachable Strawberry pin. So girly and delicate! it can be made with any yarn weight, in any colors combinations and turned into any theme you can think of! We had pretty rainy this fall/winter, so I feel in love with this such bright and sunny yellow Isuela by Omega yarns. Strawberry pin can be a cute addition to mom’s wardrobe or a hair/bag accessories for older sister ;o)


Flower Blanket02


… And now it’s a C O N T E S T time!

I am looking for the name and short and clear description for this blanket. In English only please ;o)
Any suggestion?


  • To enter the contest, please post the blanket name ideas and/or description here (feel free to post as many entries as you like). 
  • I may take full your description or a part of it. The description with biggest number or used parts will become a Winner.
  • The Winner of description will get a pattern for blanket (including Strawberry pin) for free right after release + all yarn and notions needed to crochet a Strawberry pin + $25 Visa Gift Card. If a Winner of Name of blanket will be a deferent person, the same prize will be received. I’ll ship prizes WORLDWIDE and email patterns in PDF format. Other participants who’s description parts will be used in final pattern description will receive a blanket pattern (including Strawberry pin) for free.

  • This contest starts today, February 10th 2016 and will end February 17th, 2016 at 11:59 pm PST time.
  • The Winner will be announced and notified next day – Thursday, February, 18th.
  • The Pattern Winners will receive blanket and Strawberry pin pattern same day as pattern will be released.

    Have a Fun and Good luck!

    Flower Blanket03


    P.S.: If you are not interesting in this contest, please feel to leave comments anyway. I just love to receive them and every comment is much appreciated!! Well, I bet You know ;o)

  • 25 Responses to New Blanket Preview & Contest for You

    1. 1
      Andrea says:

      It’s just lovely my name idea Spring Meadow

    2. 2
      Kelli says:

      Beautiful as always! Not interested in the contest. The blanket reminds me of a misty spring morning when the sun first breaks through the fog.

    3. 3
      Gen says:

      This beautiful blanket reminds me of a bright sunny day.
      It’s gorgeous. I like Sweet Sunshine for a name.

    4. 4
      Pamela says:

      Welcome Spring is the name I would choose. It is bright and sunny with the first flowers, Forsythia,daffodils and snow drops, and strawberries which is one of the first fruits of Spring and Summer.

    5. 5
      judy orrego says:

      Lovely as always <3

    6. 6
      Catherine Ramella says:

      Hello, WOW how beautiful. I love the colors. If I were to name it I would call it “Lady Bug Lace”.

    7. 7
      Jacki L. says:

      I love this design! It’s gorgeous! It reminds me of hiking and coming across a hidden meadow of flowers with the sun beaming down on it. I think a great name would be Secret Meadow or Sunshine Meadow Spotlight. <3

    8. 8
      novi says:

      Very beautiful <3 <3 <3 I named it "Glory Becomes You" x)

    9. 9
      Karree Williams says:

      That is a gorgeous blanket. It makes me think of the sunshine during the summer. I would name it “Sunshine Day”.

    10. 10
      Aditi says:

      It’s beautiful ❤️ Sunny starburst blanket, Gold coin daisy blanket, Alpine sunshine blanket, Rays of sunshine blanket, Marigold blanket, spring sun blanket, Sweet sunrise blanket. Thanks for the giveaway. Best Wishes

    11. 11
      Aditi says:

      Forgot to mention it reminds me of Sunny side up So would also love to call it as sunny side up blanket ❤️

    12. 12
      De'Anna says:

      My Little Buttercup Blanket
      It’s so pretty and make a wonderful lap blanket.

    13. 13
      Marie says:

      Hi Alla!

      Here’s my suggestion:

      Name: Strawberry Delight Blanket.

      Have you ever longed for those deliciously warm Summer days, when nothing seems sweeter than that fresh-picked strawberry that just brought a huge grin to your face? Now you can bring that feeling of sunshine, happy babies, family picnics, pretty flowers, and of course—strawberry-induced joy—to every day with the Strawberry Delight Blanket. Lovingly designed with eye-popping 3D flowers and “garnished” with a beautiful strawberry with leaves pin, this blanket would be perfect for a Summer-born baby or just anyone who deserves more sunshine in their life!

      :-) Marie

    14. 14
      Mary from Australia says:

      To me it looks as if it has rows of soft frills. I think it could be called ” Soft Frills Blanket”. Another gorgeous design, Alla!

    15. 15
      Kay says:

      Just gorgeous.
      I look at it and think of strawberries ripening in the sun and fluffy white clouds in the sky. “Sunshine and Strawberries”
      My next thought is “Yum” so I’m heading outside to check if my strawberry pots have some more ripe ones ready for me……
      The timing of this is perfect – it’s a sunny day here in the the SE corner of Australia with blue sky and fluffy clouds – and I just ate 4 strawberries :D

    16. 16
      Kay says:

      Another thought.
      Looking at the pattern of the blanket it looks to me like a line of girls dancing in big skirts – some kind of folk dancing. The colors are also like daffodils. So now I’m thinking “Daffodils Dancing” or “Dancing in the Sun”.
      Love it!

    17. 17
      Joann says:

      I like Radiant Blessings,or Radiant Dreams . It reminds me of the things in life we take for granted like the lady bug , the sun and the food we eat.We are so busy with everyday life we forget to notice these wonderful blessings. I also like Golden Radiance, Heavens Radiance. Its beautiful!

    18. 18
      Sara S says:

      The Sunny Eyelet Ruffles blanket with Strawberry Embellishment… can bring warm June sun to any location. This girly pattern features one piece construction, a row of 3D flowers, and as an added bonus, a detachable Strawberry Embellishment. This beautiful combination will brighten your hearts and your home’s.

    19. 19
      De'Anna says:

      I don’t know why but Michelle My Belle …..I just like it..Ha ha I love this…it is so pretty and can see it done in so many colors…I am going to go share this on my page they will love it too…I just know it.

    20. 20
      Pat says:

      Ruffles of Spring – crochet this beautiful blanket for that special little girl in your life. It is light and airy like the gentle breezes (ruffles)of Spring.

    21. 21
      Justine Kinch says:

      Lemon Cream Pie It’s my husbands favorite and the blanket looks delish like a dish of pie!

    22. 22
      Brenda Geiser says:

      “Morning Tide” The ruffles look like the soft waves coming up on the beach in the morning. Those of us enduring this harsh weather dream of the soft waves on a warm sandy beach. Beautiful blankdt, would love to crochet and put away in my hope chest for my daughter baby someday.

      “Pick a Strawberry”

    23. 23
      Catherine Ramella says:

      I think that it is so beautiful that it looks like
      “Victorian Times” or “Glory Days”

    24. 24
      Carol McGuinn says:

      Strawberry Fields because I apparently have the Beatles on my mind and then there’s Strawberry Garden.

    25. 25
      Catherine Ramella says:

      It seems so delicate.
      “Southern Breeze” or ” Savannah Morning”

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