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Thursday’s Moments 4. Sushi

Can you believe it’s a Thursday again?! And it’s Thursday’s Moments time…
Funny that I count myself as sushi fan, but I can’t eat uncooked fish (at least
without species) even if I love seafood and prefer if to meat and  poultry. The 
only “raw” fish I love are saba (mackerel) and herring (with no sugar for sure  
– just salted  and  marinated with species in oil).  Kristin  is on the same page
with me and above are her favorite sushi  … well they are only ones she likes
so far ;o) I  have much  longer list of my  favorite sushi as well as salads  and
another  cooked  seafood  like iSushu offers – one of our all time favorite.

Happy Thursday everyone! Have a Wonderful and Lovely day!

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    My husband and I just went out to lunch yesterday and had sushi…love it especially with ginger, sriracha, and wasabi! :D

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    Alla says:

    Thanks guys!

    BTW, Heather, do you know that it’s not real wasabi, but horseradish with something for color? ;) Real wasabi has pretty different taste as our friend said. I’m not that lucky one, who tried it. And also wasabi is very expensive, because grow in limited/specific location and request high maintenance…

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    Ayesha says:

    have’nt tried sushi ever… :) but i like the pic have a lovely weekend.

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    Alla, yes I am aware that it is not the original wasabi, but I love horseradish, so I am okay with it; it gives such a good flavor compliment to the sushi…but, I actually prefer the Sriracha hot sauce with the sushi…it gives it a hot, sweet, and garlic flavor…
    http://www.amazon.com/Huy-Fong-Sriracha-17-Ounce-Bottles/dp/B001EO5ZHO :D

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    Alla says:

    yeah, I love Sriracha too and we have it at home as one of spices we love, even if their “pale orange” (not sure for name) version I like much better for sushi ;)

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    Alla says:

    Thank you Sweet Ayesha … and BTW, I would say it’s one of reasons to visit us here ;)

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