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A wonderful weekend

I think this year in Seattle is most Wonderful and sunny summer we ever
had here. So, we are  trying offer to Kristin as much outdoor activities as
we can and sure so enjoy them too ;o) This weekend we visited such so
Beautiful Lake Wenatchee State Park and had wonderful camping time
with our friends. 
wenatcheelake2 wenatcheelake71
… Lots of activities: wind surfing, swimming, bike fun, camp fire… just to
name a few.  
wenatcheelake5 wenatcheelake6
Kristin started love running in the mornings; ride a daddy and was don’t
mind to allow Alex to take a close up shoot LOL!
kristin2 kristin3 kristin1
Pixie looked excited too and spent many time with kids and had a fun with
good puppy boy Simba, who younger her for 2 days… and like all puppies,
loved spend some time on the hands ;)   
wenatcheelake1 pixie pixie2
On the next day after beach, we with our friends have visited one of our
favorite places since so long, German city Leavenworth, were had some
walking and Yummy dinner… last “activity” of the day, but definitely not
least ;o)
leavenworth1 leavenworth3 leavenworth5
annyaalex leavenworth6 annya
P.S: Oh my, I’m still sooo out of my schedule, but decided to be not such
hard on myself and must admit that feel much better ;) If seriously, I am
going to hurry back to work, BTS things and some other hurry things…

6 Responses to A wonderful weekend

  1. 1

    I know what you mean, Alla! I stress out over everything that I want to make, and then I don’t end up making anything because I get too tired from being stressed out! LOL Enjoy life…it is the only one we get! ;)


  2. 2
    Annya U says:

    Ha-ha! It was a great weekend! Look at me wolfing down that ice cream :)
    It was great fun hanging out with you and Pixie.
    Could you send me all the pictures you took so that I can remember it for ever?

    Annya A.U. ¦ Seattle Graphic Designer

  3. 3
    Alla says:

    Yes Heather, EXACTLY!!! HUGS and TTYS tomorrow probably?!

    HUGS, Alla

  4. 4
    Alla says:

    You don’t want to see me next to you on some of pics Igor took ;) His photography skill unbelievable, no doubts! Ahahaha!!

    We are watching “День радио” Must see movie ;)

  5. 5
    Людмила says:

    Привет! Классные фотки где отдыхали. А Дереш Мод в Сиэтл приезжали? Собака супер!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6
    Alla says:

    Ага, приезжали ;) Обалденный концерт!!! Когда они вышли на сцену, народ встал и все слушали концерт стоя. Огромнейший стадион был забит до отказа…

    А собака наша и правда суперская и такая прикольная :)

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