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Depeche Mode at Key Arena, Seattle ‘2009

depecheMode DepecheMode-D.M.Remixes-Promo2009
Depeche Mode is never disappointing. What an amazing show they put
on. Energy, electricity. Opening song, In Chains, amazing. Gives the whole
mass of fans a taste for the direction of the concert.
Oh and with true Depeche Mode fashion, they gave two fantastic encores,
and left the crown begging for more. We had an Absolute pleasure! Not to
mention these wonderful memories from the past… called…
A blast from the past… Ukraine. I was 17 and have moved to another city,
where I spent greatest 5 years as a student of University of Economy.
…Always no money… min food and sleeping…  black nail polish… Metallica,
Alice Cooper, Ария, Depeche Mod, Queen, Алиса, Черный кофе… just to
name a few. Would I ever expect that I’ll live here and visit Depeche Mod
concert some other day?! … Life is WONDERFUL, isn’t?! ;o)

3 Responses to Depeche Mode at Key Arena, Seattle ‘2009

  1. 1
    Tina says:

    Oh, I’m SOOOO Jealous!!! I LOVE Depeche Mode! When I was 17 I was lucky enough to see them at Irvine Meadows here in California with 2nd row center!!

  2. 2
    Alla says:

    We’ve owned 17th center floor row and I must admit, that it was enough for my “old and sensitive” ears :) LOL!!! Oh yeah, they are so GREAT!!!
    BTW, I believe they are still having a tour… did they plan to visit CA?! Or did it already?

  3. 3

    Hey Alla!

    I didn’t realize you are such a fan of Rock! Queen, Alice Cooper, and Metallica? I thought you might listen to more mellow music like me, lol. But, I did wear the black nail polish, and black lipstick, as well as black, pink hair. Fun times! BTW, you should check out two of my favorite bands, “Cocteau Twins” and “Dead Can Dance” if you get a chance.

    As far as the Depeche Mode CA shows, they cancelled the San Diego and San Francisco shows, but are performing in Los Angeles for two nights, Anaheim one night, and Santa Barbara one night all this week, Sun-Thurs.

    TTYS Sweetie!

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