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    May Zeki says:

    Hi Alla:

    This is beautifull…Is the pattern available for sale? Please advise.

    Many thanks.

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    Alla says:

    Hi May,

    Thank you for your interest. This bolero was created as OOAK (one of a kind) for collaboration and just for fun. I do not write patterns for my OOAK designs, but since I’ve got several requests for this bolero, I’ll do my best to work on something in this style and will write a pattern ;)

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    May says:

    Hi Alla:

    Thank you for your response..You are a real artist and a great designer and I love your work..I very much look forward to be able to make the bolero for my two grand-daughters once you complete the pattern.

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    Becky Greenstreet says:

    This is out of this world adorable and am on the edge of my set waiting for a pattern – Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with others!!!!

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    Emily says:

    Oh my! This is gorgeous!!! Please send the pattern!

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    Laura Meraz says:

    Hi, just to say, Contratulations!! this is really beautifull, I’m learning to crochet, so I was searching for patterns, then I Found this beautiful work of you… My God!! I haven’t seen something so cute. Thanks for sharing your work.

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    Sharon Stephenson says:

    Too cute!! Beautiful designs.

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    Diane May says:

    This is so pretty and delicate. It displays the innocence of our little girls. Thank you for this. I appreciate all of your hard work and time you put in.
    Health, Peace and Happiness
    ps How can I obtain this pattern if so….Thanks again

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    Maggie says:

    Please write a pattern for this beautiful bolero. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for, for my little girl! I just finished you pineapple scarf and it turned out so beautiful that I came back to your site for more ideas. You work is amazing!

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    Rebecca says:

    hi Alla,
    i love this pattern it’s gorgeous keep up the good work


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    Vickie Shepherd says:

    Would you please include me to be notified when you have a pattern for this bolero. Your work is beautiful. Thank you.

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    Marion says:

    This long white lacy crochet sweater is fabulous. Do you have a pattern for this? I’d love to purchase it so I can make one for each of my 4 granddaughters. You are quite creative. I admire your talent.

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    Roxy says:

    Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous and unique! You are definitely talented:) I have been crocheting for a few years now and have been lookig for a fun pattern for my little girl as a keepsake…I would surely appreciate if you would share your pattern once you have it written. You should also definitely post some of your designs on etsy…:)

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    Where would I find order info for your patterns? Particularly the white, crocheted girl’s sweater, with butterfly sleeves?


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    Alla says:

    Hi Roxy and Lauretta,

    Thank you so much for your interest. All my patterns, which are available so far are listed in my Etsy shop and others 5 (please see “Buy my patterns at” on Right Sidebar to see all my stores).

    Thank you so much again,

  16. 16
    Bonnie Peterson says:

    Please send me the order info for your patterns they are beautiful.

  17. 17

    me faire parvenir vos beaux modèles de tricot , celui-ci est magnifique de la petite fille, explications en français, je ne connais pas les langues, merçi

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    Hema says:

    Hello Alla,

    I stumbled upon your work while looking for patterns for a summer hat for my girl. Your work is beautiful. The garden party hats are amazing. They wouldn’t be complete without the patterns for the daisy, dandelion and poppy flowers. Are any of the patterns for these flowers ready that you could share please? Would like to know when they are coming.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    AUA says:

    Hey, I have not been on your page for a while…Now I can see I was totally missing out, this is amazing. Very inspired work! Love ya!!! Annya A.U.

  20. 20
    mona says:

    Hello Alla,

    Thank you for the lovely work .

    I love it a lot.


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    Jana says:

    How can I get this pattern?! It’s so pretty! I have a 5 month old granddaughter and I would love to start making this for her for when she is big enough!

  22. 22
    Jana says:

    I’d love this pattern too!

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    judy says:


  24. 24
    judy says:


  25. 25
    judy says:


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    Nicole says:

    J’aimerais avoir le patron de la longue veste blanche au crochet en français. Est-ce possible?

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    Callie Giles says:

    This is a beautiful jacket, is there any chance you could publish it in adult sizes?

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    Ginette Daoust says:

    This is my first visite on your Site…
    I’m thrilled…Your pattons are beautiful…What a nice nest of work…You must have fairies coming to replace your fingers…
    Il realy enjoyed my eyes…I think I had a nice meal of wonder…
    I love this patton to…If it is possible to receive it I will be more than be glad to execute it for my grand daughter…It will be an honnor to do one of your creation…
    PS: I am sorry for my poor English handwriting..Il speak english very well, but when it comes to write, this is something else hihi…
    PPS: I will recommend your site to all my friends…and I will comme back often…
    Thand your for such wonderful site…and for the energy you put in it…We can reconise a meticulus knitting lover…
    Have a nice day…

  29. 29
    Shirl J. Howell says:

    Please, please, please? Can I get the pattern for just the poppy? I just love it so-o-o-o much. Sincerely

  30. 30
    Alla says:

    Hi Shirl,

    Thank you your interest. Th pattern for poppy only available here: http://mylittlecitygirl.com/?page_id=370&category=3&product_id=47


  31. 31

    im interest this pattern thank you

  32. 32

    your pattern beautiful

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    Xuka says:

    Wonderful! I enjoy this partern, thank you for your sharing designs. I appriciate all your parterns. I am very happy If I can obtain this diagram of ths partern.
    thanks again.

  34. 34



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    Amy says:

    I am truly amazed by your creativity! I haven’t seen such beautiful designs in years. It is so wonderful that you share your gift with others. You have inspired me to move on to more challenging projects. I look forward to seeing your new masterpieces in the future.

    Again, Thank you for sharing!


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    Ayesha says:

    Hi Alla!
    I fall in love with each & every creation of yours, you’re truly blessed and how i wish i could be your student.

    It would be really cool if you uploaded tutorials especially on stitching up a sweater, decreasing/increasing patterns etc.

    Your breathtaking projects are real motivation!!! take care.

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    Yarnjockey says:

    When can we expect this pattern to be available?

  38. 38
    Alla says:

    This pattern will be available in beg of 2011. Thank you so much for your interest.

  39. 39
    Odete says:

    Can you offer this pattern as FREE?



  40. 40

    Is this pattern for sale? I like it a lot.

  41. 41
    Alla says:


    this pattern hopefully will be available in beg of 2011. Thank you so much for your interest.

    Odete, I do not think this one. I do my best to offer as much free patterns as I can afford (see right sidebar).

    Thank you,

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    Anita says:

    I simply love this pattern. My new lil great-great niece will look darling in these patterns. Can’t wait for them to come out!

  43. 43
    Alla says:

    Thank you so much Anita!

  44. 44

    I enjoyed that! I’ve had a lovely time looking around your site, you’ve done a great job. Easily, the post is really the greatest on this laudable topic.

  45. 45
    Alla says:

    Thank you so much Chau!


  46. 46
    hoda negm says:

    I’m crazy about your designs esp.
    combinations of colors and stitches

  47. 47
    Alla says:

    Thank you so much Hoda! It’s my fav part too :)

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    Cinda Brown says:

    OMG!!!! Would you please please please include me to be notified when you have a pattern for this bolero? I think you patterns are fabulous!
    Thank you.

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    Arvella Oliver says:

    Please add me to the list to be notified when you have written the pattern for this outfit – sweater (hoodie?) and leg warmers. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in yarn! I will happily pay you real money!

  50. 50
    Arvella Oliver says:

    Ahhhhgg! I just noticed that this is *knitted*, and though I have tried and tried, I cannot knit. I can crochet just about anything, and I see that you have “translated” your polar bear coat from knit to crochet. Could you please, please do the same for this coat as well? I will pay you twice as much real money for a crochet-only version!

  51. 51
    Misty says:

    I second the request for a crochet version… LOVE your designs!!

  52. 52
    Alla says:

    Thank you so much for your interest Ladies!

    Let me see.

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    manal says:

    so beautiful
    I do love the work

  54. 54
  55. 55
    helen says:

    when is this pattern available it would be adorable for my grandaughters at my sons wedding

  56. 56
    Rania says:


  57. 57
    Rania says:

    I’m speechless.

  58. 58
    Rania says:

    I do not want to go to work. I just want to sit down and crochet. Your designs are so inspiring. I wish I had half of your talent.

  59. 59

    I have crochet’d for a little over 3 1/2 yrs and still learning. but every once in a while i find your site and am in awe. i even forget what i was looking for. there are many great and generous people on the web and i love your use of color, your generous gift of some of the most beautiful pieces ever. i find you brilliant, a “one of a kind” and i sure hope you get the recognition you so deserve. thank you. a sincere fan.

  60. 60
    jasmine says:

    bonjour, puis-je obtenir ce magnifique modèle pour ma petite fille ? merci et bravo!!

  61. 61
    Sonora says:

    Ouch! This is just gorgeous!

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