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VIP | Visual-Style International Patterns

I have some exciting news for my dear crochet and knit crafting followers.
To make my patterns more easy to dive into for visual crafters, and also make my patterns accessible to a wider international audience, I am launching a new style of pattern called “Visual-Style International Patterns”. Or VIP for short!
“VIP” patterns combine minimal wording along with my usual detailed crochet stitch diagrams, schematics, and photo/video tutorials that enable visual crafters to follow my patterns with greater speed. My VIP patterns will be translated into several languages.
In addition, the “VIP” style of pattern gets my new designs out to you faster, with fewer delays.
Written pattern lovers, please don’t worry, I will continue to release my traditional-style patterns  (US English standard) that combine detailed row-by-row written instructions with stitch diagrams and schematics, as always! Because creating row-by-row instructions takes more time to prepare, I will release the “Visual-Style International Patterns” version first, followed by the traditional, written-out pattern. 
And, to make my patterns even more accessible, I am also happy to announce that my “VIP” patterns will be available in US English and Russian immediately, and in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and UK/Australian English in the near future. 
Of special note, in the VIP patterns, stitch diagrams will be customized for each language version, as there are small differences for each country. Each VIP international language pattern will also come with the English language version, so 1-2 PDF(s) in total. I want to make sure my customers get accurate instructions, and I cannot judge the translation accuracy for all the languages I plan to offer except for Russian. So by giving my international customers their language plus the English version, I can be sure they will get 100% accurate instructions.
Remember, my patterns already have crochet stitch diagrams, so purchasers of either the “Traditional” or “VIP” version will get all the stitch diagrams and schematics necessary. The main difference will be the “VIP” version has less written instructions, which suits the visual crafter’s way of making and will be available in multiple languages.
If you are a beginning crocheter (or master!) and have not used symbol crochet yet, I encourage you to give it a try! Because not only will it speed up your crocheting, you will also be able to understand and create beautiful contemporary designs from all over the world. In many countries, symbols and charts predominate. Imagine that without having to learn another language, suddenly you can “read” and make gorgeous designs from patterns that use international symbols.
Why not give it a go? In fact, for first-time “VIP” purchases, if you find you still prefer fully written instructions, I will gladly provide you with a replacement pattern written in the “traditional style” at no extra charge. 
I also plan to launch my patterns in Amazon Kindle and Apple store formats, for those of you that like to use your phone or tablet to read.
Whew, that’s a lot of announcements for one day!
Thank you, everyone, for your support of my designs and my new developments! It means a lot to me.
In addition to new patterns, I will be creating “VIP” versions of my previously published patterns, as time allows.

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