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Natural Raffia Tote

My very first tote I created for my vacation. Made from natural raffia, I think it’s a great as market or beach tote… or to carry your knit or crochet projects 😉

You know, I am still crazy on polka dots, but these 3D dots are my absolute new favorites!! So, at least one more design will be released soon. Not to mention that “winter” version of 3D is also created. Can’t wait to share!

⁉️ And last, but not least: do you think I should to write a pattern? Or on market are tons of tote patterns already?

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    Marie says:

    Ok, since you asked…YES! I think you should write a pattern. There may be tons of bags out there, but your designs are special. I think (my guess) that because you are used to designing more complicated things, that for simpler things…you’re thinking…”why bother” because many advanced crocheters can look at something and just recreate it by looking at. However, my impression from looking at the sales on ETSY, etc., is that the majority of people just want to have nice clear instructions and not have to “think” too much. Crochet is their relaxation. So if you create some easier patterns and sell those, you are providing a service to those that want “Simple and Beautiful” designs. Also, your photography is outstanding, so your designs will stand out from the crowd. Just my thoughts!!!

    • Alla says:

      Marie, oh BTW, do you have FB and Instagram accounts? I am first of all on Instagram now (@allakovaldesigns), but sure would love this site back so much.

  2. 2
    Alla says:

    Thank you so much Marie for your opinion!! You are perfectly right… and I just finished this pattern, but still no have a good name for this design so tomorrow I’ll start a Contest ;o)

    P.S.: My apologies for the delay with reply – not sure how I missed this comment :O(

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