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The Winner!!!

The Winner Template

First of all, I would love to thank you all for participation and your interest in my work!!! Could I ask for more?! Thank you so much from bottom of my heart!

And now it’s a time to name a Winner or our Gifting Time Giveaway!


The Winner is Alla Udod!!! Thank you so much Alla for all your lovely comments and activity! I’ll contact you shortly!

Bellow is Top 4 of most active participants:

The Winner


…BUT, that is not all …and magic continues ;o)

Everyone, who voted for pattern #9, will receive a pattern you wanted! Just email me at allakoval@gmail.com with remainder which pattern you preferred, and I’ll email it at email you provided.  

JUST PLEASE NOTE: The giveaway is closed. Any new comments on the posts of Gifting Time Giveaway will not be accepted!

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    greatminds on Rav says:

    Congrats to Alla Udod and from the heart, thank you Alla! xo

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