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$2.14 Friday Deal | OOAK Baby Crochet Blanket


Today’s deal is OOAK Baby Crochet pattern, which is available for only $2.14 HERE!

This offer runs through January 21nd, 2018 at 11:59 pm PST time.

If you are new here, and curious what I am talking about, below are some details:

I noticed that most of my patterns usually sold on Friday. Seems like you are looking for weekend-project near TV with cup of tea/coffee.

So, I decided run $2.14-Every-Friday-Deals, where you can buy particular pattern for only $2.14!

Why $2.14? Because it’s my Birthday date (April, 21th). Smile

Why every Friday? Because I can, and because You are Awesome!


Have a lovely weekend!

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