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CHAINGE Chain-Effect Turtleneck Scarf | The Winners!!


First of all, my apologies that I did not post yesterday – it was really not easy decision to pick up just one name from list of such lovely and brilliant suggestions! Thank you so much my dears for participating and your help!! It was a pleasure to read all your such lovely and neat ideas!


And now for the Winners! The Winners of Visa Gift Card of $35 value (plus Chainge Chain-Effect Turtleneck Scarf pattern for free too) are Robyn Tailor with suggestion posted on Instagram at @allakovaldesigns:

COOL CHAINGE! It’s time for a cool CHAINGE with this beautiful coral creation from Alla Koval Designs! Simple stitches and large CHAINS combine to make this beautiful scarf just in time to welcome fall in style!



… and Marie for such great name-idea for searching. I goggled “Chain-effect crochet” and it’s work perfectly for my scarf too ;o) Thank you, Marie!

Hi Alla, My name idea is “Chain-Effect Cowl Poncho-Scarf”. Or “Chain Reaction Cowl Poncho-Scarf” You could also add the word “Convertible” as in “Chain-Effect Convertible Cowl Poncho-Scarf”. I think “Chain Reaction sounds more funky and cool…but that “Chain Effect” tells the maker some important DESIGN information in the title right away. Lots of people are looking for “Chain or Braid effect” in their searches .In other words, in searching for a design to buy, they are more likely to put in the word EFFECT, as not as likely to type “Chain Reaction”. Love this design!

I also would love to offer $35 Gift Card to my Pattern shop to Judy Orrego for awesome idea for Turtleneck Scarf, I love it!!

My Congratulation dear ladies and Thank you so much for such brilliant ideas!! I’ll contact yu shortly!

A pattern Winners…
I would love to nominate every participant, because here is everyone winner!! And even if I will not use all your amazing ideas for this Blanket, I may use some of them in a future. SO… the Winners of Chainge Chain-Effect Turtleneck Scarf pattern are: Anne Westbrook, Novi, Maria Kaufman, Terry Spears, Aditi, Tamara, Lana, Helen King, Melinda Lent, Loura, Linda, Judy Orrego, Cindy, Shelly, Chris, Dora, Cheryl Houston, Mary from Australia.

My Congratulations dear ladies!! Your pattern will be emailed in PDF format right after pattern release!


P.S: I’ll work on pattern right after a deadline August 30th and plan to release the pattern in a middle of September.

So far, below is yarn info:

Sizes Child (Young, Adult): 2 (3, 5) balls of #27-07 bright peach and 1 ball of #27-14 black:

Brand: Premier® Yarns 
Yarn Name: Cotton Fair® Solids and Multis Yarn
Weight: Sport weight (#2 Fine)
Fiber Content: 52% Cotton, 48% Acrylic
Yardage: 317 yd (290 m)/3.5 oz (100 g)
Care Instructions: Cool iron. Machine Washable.
Price: $4.99


Have happy and lovely Sunday!!

3 Responses to CHAINGE Chain-Effect Turtleneck Scarf | The Winners!!

  1. 1
    Mary from Australia says:

    Thank you so much, Alla!

  2. 2
    Marie says:

    Thank you, Alla! Love how you combined different ideas into one. Brilliant!

  3. 3
    Judy orrego says:

    OMG , thanks!!!

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