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Knitting Charts with Stitch Maps

I can hardly express my delight with Stitch-maps! It makes me want to go back to knitting designs and patterns. Stitch-Maps.com is a website that offers a revolutionary new way of viewing knitting charts: without a grid.



The symbols within a stitch map clearly show what stitches to work. And – not being confined within grid squares – they also show which stitches of the previous row should be worked. The end result? Charts with unparalleled fluidity, authenticity, and beauty. Get more details on the Stitch Maps overview page.

There are currently 3567 patterns and counting. That’s an fantastic number of stitch patterns to choose from! All patterns include written instructions, some of the patterns include swatch photos, and there is a search feature that allows you to filter for exactly what you want.

Browsing and contributing to the pattern collection is free. Basic and Premium subscriptions give you additional options for highlighting rows, saving, exporting files, and other features. The Stitch Maps Ravelry group is full of Q&A’s and useful tips.

Find out Edie Eckman’s review of stitch maps for more details and aspects.

2 Responses to Knitting Charts with Stitch Maps

  1. 1
    Katie says:

    Thank you. I just wish I could knit.I’ve attempted a couple times, but it seems so much harder than crochet. I need to give it another try.

  2. 2
    Alla says:

    Oh yes, Katie! You definitely should give it another try. Knitting is such relaxing!

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