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National Craft Month & Special Promotion for You!


Spring is Nature’s way of saying “Let’s party!”
—Robin Williams

Spring in the air and I am very ready for spring to come. I can’t wait for the sun to shine, the flowers to bloom, and to put away my boots and rain coats. It’s a time of rebirth, a time of enjoying the great outdoors and breathe in that clean spring air. And it’s March, which in case you didn’t know, is National Craft Month!

Created by the Craft & Hobby Association in 1994, it was designed to help people learn about and re-discover the joy of crafting and all its many benefits. It’s the perfect excuse to indulge in all things crafty.

What can you do to celebrate?

  • One of the best ways is to teach someone to knit or crochet—everyone can benefit from taking up knitting and crocheting.
  • Finish one of those knit or crochet projects you have hiding in the closet. You’ll really feel like celebrating when it’s done.
  • Wear your handmade creations. Make a gifts for your friends.
  • Learn to do a new stitch or try a new yarn and post it on your blog.
  • Enjoy seeing and sharing with other knitters and crocheters. Join an on-line group with people who enjoy yarn.
  • Throw a National Craft Month Party.
  • Share with your crochet and knitting friends My Little CityGirl blog and the deal, I’m offering.


To celebrate National Crochet Month, I have a ♥ SPECIAL DEAL FOR YOU: get 30% off on all my patterns and crochet pattern books* for the entire month!! Use promo code MARCHLOVE at checkout. This coupon is applicable to my Patterns Shop, Etsy, Ravelry and ImagicalSeasons.com.

This offer last through March 31th 2016 at 11:59 pm PST time.

* To look inside my crochet pattern books, please visit my Amazon store.


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