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Unexpected Cables by Heather Zoppetti

Unexpected Cables Cover

Today I have a very special guest and amazing designer Heather Zoppetti with her new fantastic book Unexpected Cables: Feminine Knitted Garments Featuring Modern Cable Knitting (Interweave/F+W; $24.99; October 2015)

It’s great to see a new book on an amazing, one of my absolute favorite technique in such unexpected-delightful way!

Heather Zoppetti has crafted a fresh, modern, flattering collection of 18 knitted garments. She perfectly captures the essence of the iconic knitted cable and makes cabled designs decidedly fashion-forward!

The book features 3 chapters: Refined, Lace, and Abstract.

  • Refined cables explore classic Aran cables using lightweight yarns, twisted stitches, and feminine shapes.
  • In the Lace section, Heather challenges knitters to marry together these two popular knitting techniques with spectacular results.
  • The Abstract section focuses on unusual construction, direction, and texture in cabled projects that have edgy, urban feel.

Sleek garment shapes, an interesting mix of cables and lace, and unusual construction converge to bring the generations-old tradition of cable knitting squarely into the here and now. Knitters will delight in making these intriguing, accessible creations!


Unexpected_Cables_-_Warwick_Tam_beauty_image Unexpected_Cables_-_Rheems_Pullover_beauty_image

Since there are many projects I would love to make, I am planning on a few gifts done by this holiday season.

And now, I would love you to meet Heather Zoppetti. Thank you so much Heather for such interesting interview!


How and when did you learn to knit and who taught you?

I learned to knit out of a book. In college, my roomate decided to learn to crochet, and I chose to learn knitting. We sat down with our “Can’t believe I’m…” booklets, aluminum tools, and acrylic yarns and got started! 

What makes you most excited about knitting?

The thing I love most about knitting is its endless possibility. There is always something new to learn. Whether that’s a new technique or just a new way to hold your yarn. The learning and exploring never stop, and I love that. 

Additionally, I love passing on my love of knitting to others. So, I’ve become a knitting teacher. I want others to feel my passion for knitting, and hope that taking one of my classes inspires others to go out and learn even more.

What is the most important thing that you would like readers to know about Unexpected Cables?

I want readers to know that cables are deceptively easy and not to let them intimidate you. In the end a cable is simply a reordering of stitches, then you knit or purl them, just like normal. There’s nothing more to it than that. It really is magic, and you can do it.

Would you recommend the book to beginning knitters, or more experienced knitters? How many of the patterns, if any, are suitable for beginners?

I would recommend the book to advanced beginners. Meaning, folks who are comfortable with knits, purls, and various increases and decreases. If you’ve never cabled before, perhaps have someone show you the basics. But really, you can handle it. Again, reorder the stitches, then work them as normal.

Refton Cloche is a great project for beginners. It doesn’t have a chart, and it’s a small, simple hat. Knitters can focus on the cable and not have to worry about anything else.


Your designs are feminine and unique. Can you tell us a bit about your creative process? Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Sometimes something as little as a color or shape can spark an idea for me. Usually my designs begin with a silhouette and a drawing. From there I decide what kind of elements I want to add and go searching for the specific stitch patterns. Then swatching and playing with yarn come next. 

What tips and advice would you give to brand new knitters?

Try everything and don’t let anyone tell you that anything is too hard. Have faith in your self and your knitting abilities. At the end of the day, we are all just winding yarn around some sticks.

When you are not knitting, where can we find you? What are some of your other passions and interests?

Besides knitting I’m into spinning yarn, crochet, drawing, and watercolor. I love anything to do with the fiber arts and arts in general. You can find me all over social media as both myself and my company in the following locations:

http://twitter.com/digitalnabi  or http://twitter.com/stitchsprouts

http://facebook.com/heatherzoppettidesigns  or http://facebook.com/stitchsprouts

http://instagram.com/digitalnabi   or http://instagram.com/stitchsprouts

Ravelry: digitalnabi    or   StitchSprouts

Is there anything you wished I asked you and I didn’t?

You could ask a bit about Stitch Sprouts—Established in 2012, Stitch Sprouts offers the highest quality yarns to fill your shelves and hundreds of patterns and books by the industry’s most popular designers. We distribute to stores all over the country, and even a few overseas. You can learn more about us here: http://stitchsprouts.com

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