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Over a Cup | Imaginative Makeup Art

Tal Peleg


Did you hear about Israel makeup artist Tal Peleg? She creates miniature works of art using eye makeup. Using eyelids as her canvas, she tackles each scenario with color, depth and texture. Needless to say, the results are nothing less than mind-blowing … and sure, I just can’t resist to share ;o) She’s totally amazing!!


Tal Peleg 02


Tal shares some answers to some frequently asked questions:
–> Yes, it is my eye.
–> No, it’s not hard to draw on my own eye. Actually, It’s much easier than drawing on someone else’s eyelid. I don’t move, don’t complain, I have a good eye shape for such things, and I have endless patience! Oh, and I always there for myself whenever I’ve got the muse… so I’m perfect as my own eye-model for that matter
However, I prefer to do full-face makeup looks on other people of course.
–> Yes, it is possible to be so precise with the right equipment, experience and steady hand. {People are writing names on rice grains for god’s sake! } Once, I used to be upset with skeptical people… now all I have to say is – thank you, I’ll take your disbelief as a compliment. I don’t feel I have to prove anything after all my hard (yet so fun!) work… take it or leave it
–> No, I’m not sad to remove the makeup creations off my eye after I’m done. Not even after all the hard work. As long as I know that I have a good photo of it, I’m just happy and relieved to clean my eyes from all the paint and lashes…


“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” – Anne Frank


A lovely and cozy Sunday everyone!! Here is still snowing since yesterday’s evening… not typical for Seattle for sure ;o)

7 Responses to Over a Cup | Imaginative Makeup Art

  1. 1
    Marie says:

    Wow, I love her work! Now, what I want to know is what specific eye makeup remover she recommends!

    • Alla says:

      Marie, I would love to know too! As well what a kind of “paint” she uses ;)

      • Marie says:

        Hi Alla, I just found a few answers as to what she uses:

        “I use ordinary eyeshadows, loose pigments, eyeliners, aqua-colors… most of the times I mix and play with textures, like mixing loose eyeshadow with water or gel for example,” she said. “I use a magnifying mirror so I can see everything very clear and can be precise with all the tiny details. Really precise brushes are a must. I buy many of my brushes at art supply stores, as to make these miniature illustrations I need the thinnest brushes possible.”


  2. 2
    judy orrego says:

    Amazing and beautiful!!!

  3. 3
    Alla says:

    Oh yes, I totally agree – her work is totally amazing!!

  4. 4
    Ayesha says:

    beautiful ^_^

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