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The Winners!!

First of all, my apologies, for the delay with the winner(s) announcement! It’s was a challenge to decide on name of this dress-tunic, and since I’ve received so many amazing and lovely suggestions, to be honest, I was a bit lost ;o)

I am still in love with Flamenco, Carmelita, Fiesta, Red Sunset, Hot summer nights and many-many other such amazing ideas, and I would love to work on each theme if I’ll get a chance! But for this particular dress-tunic, and with a model (blonde girl with blue eyes) in mind, I think “Summer in Scarlet” or simply “Scarlet” suits the best!!


So, let me introduce…

“Summer in Scarlet” (a shorter version “Scarlet”- which is color, just fine too ;0) and our winners are Jennifer (comment #12) and Lana (comment #19)!!!! Jennifer, Lana thank You so much and CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’ll contact you shortly!


For the description, it is going to be something like… : “Summer in Scarlet”, but why stop there? Crochet this top in your favorite color and step out in style! … to be continued… ;o)


P. S.: the pictures will coming soon, we’ve finally got such SO lovely Spring weather here!!  

5 Responses to The Winners!!

  1. 1
    judy orrego says:

    congrats to the winners!!

  2. 2
    Наталья says:

    Поздравляю победителей!!!

  3. 3
    Lana says:

    Thank you Alla!

    It was an honor to be chosen! Thank you all for support!

  4. 4
    Julieann says:

    Belated congratulations to Jennifer and Lana!

    • Julieann says:

      P.S. When can we expect the pattern to be released? I’m itching to make this for my niece to wear this summer (she grows SOOOO fast!)

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