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Sneak Peek & Contest Time!!

Red Tunic 02

While Kristin and I are waiting for matches shoes and accessories we ordered recently to model this dress tunic, I decided to take some sneak peek and offer you a little contest ;o)

This dress tunic made with my newest favorite Omega’s #5 Cotton yarn in such unusual for me red color – if you know, I’m not a big fun of red, but I really like red for this style.  The dress/tunic crocheted in one piece (read: NO sewing work at all … well, except buttons ;o) and features Hi-Lo skirt, made in different patterns and crocheted in one piece too.  I really would love to write this pattern as soon as possible, but it will be a bit a challenge even if this one is pretty easy to crochet (if get all math correctly, and before you start to work on this design :) So, I can’t give even approx. dates when this pattern may be released, but I’ll keep you updated for sure.

Red Tunic 03


And now let’s go for a CONTEST

I  am looking for the NAME and catching and clear description for this tunic or dress (you name it!). In English only please ;o)

To enter the contest, please post the name suggestions and description here, on mylittlecitygirl.com (feel free to post as many entries as you like). 

I may take full text of your post or part of it. The post with biggest number of used parts will become a Winner.

The Winner will get:

  1. 5 balls of Omega Cotton #5 in ANY available color for your choice
  2. Visa Gift Card of $25 value (for US residents only!) or $25 via PayPal (WORLDWIDE)
  3. 65% off coupon to one-time purchase (valid on all my patterns, including the new ones!) The coupon has no expiration date but is only good for one use.

Other participants who’s post parts will be used in final pattern description will receive 65% off coupon to one-time purchase (valid on all my patterns, including the new ones!). The coupon has no expiration date but is only good for one use.

Red Tunic 04


  • This contest starts today, April 8th 2013 and will end April 22st, 2013 at 11:59 pm PST.
  • The Winner will be announced and notified next day – April, 23th.


    Have a Fun and Good luck!
    P.S.: If you are not interesting in this contest, please feel to leave comments anyway. I just love to receive them and every comment is much appreciated!! Well, I bet You now ;o)

    *** UPDATE I’ve had an absolute PLEASURE read all YOUR LOVELY suggestions and must to admit that I’m in TROUBLE …officially ;o) Everyone’s suggestions just awesome!! But I would love to make sure that my request about “In English only please” is just about description!! I’m always so excited to discover MANY MANY AWESOME things and means in ANY other languages possible, which can be translated/spelled to everyone!! AND, please keep in mind… this tunic/dress will be also looks JUST great in white/black/turquoise/you-name-it-color, or ANY color-combo you can think of!!

    *** UPDATE #2 I’ve got several questions – where is front of this dress tunic and what are measurements for this one. Well, front is buttoned and shorter one (first & second pictures ;o) And measurements for sample shown above made in girl’s size 10: chest (loose fit) – 27” (69 cm); bodice (front length): 5.5” (14 cm); bodice (back longest length): 9.5” (24 cm); adjustable straps (approx. – they are still need to adjust): 4.5”(11.5 cm); skirt (front length): 8.5” (22 cm); skirt (back length): 9.5” (24 cm). I’ll do my best to catch Kristin in between her all scheduled play dates/sleep overs with BFF (she has and enjoys Spring break now) and take some pictures to show you how this tunic looks in person …even with current available shoes and her favorite jeans ;o)

  • 94 Responses to Sneak Peek & Contest Time!!

    1. 1
      Darsy says:

      I love this!

    2. 2

      I love this, and I LOVE your work!!!

    3. 3
      Julieann says:

      That is just lovely! Here’s my first thoughts:

      1) Summer Sashay
      2) Summer Flounce
      3) Swishy Siren


    4. 4

      forgot to say: I’d name it GLORY

    5. 5
      Denise Dickey says:

      Love, love this dress and the first thing that came to mind was calling the dress Hot summer nights.

    6. 6
      Yulya says:

      Gorgeous. How about naming it Red Delicios?

    7. 7
      Mary Shular says:

      Love the sneek peek and it is like a beautiful Rose. My granddaughters would love this. I can imagine her dancing in order to watch the movement of the skirt.

    8. 8
      Anna says:

      Hi Alla,
      How beautiful!! It’s like “Dreaming in red”. That’s what I’d call it.

    9. 9
      rose lane says:

      Absolutely beautiful and I love the red color :) I would call it: Red Dance or Red Beauty Rose. Hugs, rose

    10. 10
      Kathy says:

      I love this tunic dress and it seems very festive. I would call her “Carmelita”. I look forward to the pattern being available and the best of luck.

    11. 11
      Jeannette says:

      So cute! I’d call it Hot red pepper!

    12. 12
      Jennifer says:

      Hi! I love this dress and can’t wait for the pattern! How about Summer in Scarlet? :-)

    13. 13
      ursula sasso says:

      makes me want to get started tonight love -love -love it

    14. 14
      Cecilia Castro says:

      This is a beautiful tunic dress I will call it strawberry summer delicious.

    15. 15
      ursula sasso says:

      I am one that cant wait for the pattern thank you

    16. 16
      ursula sasso says:

      call it simply sassy

    17. 17
      Erika says:

      I like the name “Gone with the wind” after Scarlet O’hara. The style reminds me of the graceful swags of the southern belle dresses.

    18. 18
      Tara says:

      My daughters would love this! I love this!

    19. 19
      Lana says:

      Hello Alla!

      This tunic is beautiful as all your other designs. In my first look I would call as follows

      The Red sunset tunic
      Red sunflower tunic
      Red sunset maple tunic
      Red sashey

      I wish to all of us a Good luck!

    20. 20
      Karen says:

      How about Scarlett Rose, it’s beautiful!!!

    21. 21
      Karen says:

      A couple more, Red Hot Salsa, or Crimson Summer Rose.

    22. 22
      Marsha says:

      I’m loving it. How about Scarlet Ruby? Red happens to be one of my favorite colors! Along with pink, yellow, blue, green…hehe! I love them all!
      and I love your designs, they are awesome.

    23. 23
      Lindy says:

      I’d call it Ruby Romance.

    24. 24
      Karin says:

      How about “Un Jolie Petite Rouge”.. a pretty little red!
      Just beautiful…would love it in my size!

    25. 25
      Karin says:

      Oops! Just reread the ONLY ENGLISH part.
      Disregard the above suggestion (it’s late here!)

    26. 26
      Aditi says:

      Love this dress. I will like to call this dress as:

      1) Red velvet princess
      2) Rose fairy
      3) Gorgeous cherry
      4) Refreshing red
      5) Simply WOW

    27. 27
      Trang says:

      Love it. How about
      – Beauty in Red
      – Scarlett

    28. 28
      Leslie says:

      Fairy tales do come true when your little girl is dressed in this gorgeous fairy tale tunic. With layers of Rose petal lace hanging gracefully from the bodice what little girl wouldn’t love to be dressed as Snow-White’s Sister “Rose-Red”

      So I would call it “Fairy Tale Rose” and like all of your designs it is spectacular

      See original Grimm’s fairy tale for Snow-White and Rose-Red. (Not the Snow White of Disney fame) :-)

    29. 29
      judy orrego says:

      Beautiful as always: ”
      little red riding hood top”
      That’s my suggestion.

    30. 30
      Nydia says:

      I love this little onte; I would call it

      1. Dreaming of you in red, or
      2. Itsy bitsy red

    31. 31
      Nydia says:

      1. Itsy Bitsy Red

    32. 32
      Novi says:

      Beautifulll! I love it front and back, especially the back part. I named it “Red Flamenco”

    33. 33
      Liz Sabo says:

      Oh Alla…I’m absolutely in love with this…Just perfect & to me it just screams, fun, carefree & fabulous. I would name it “POPPY LOVE” as my first thought was poppy flowers when I saw the gorgeous shade of red…I will be eagerly awaiting the release of this pattern…Love it & well done!
      Liz xxx :)

    34. 34
      C says:

      You work of art never ceases to amaze me. WOW!!! The detail and beauty of your art is wonderful!

    35. 35
      Jacekica says:

      I love the colour and design.
      Red sunset appears in my mind when I saw it!

    36. 36
      Aurora says:

      The “LRD” (stands for “little red dress,” just as LBD is for little black dress)

    37. 37
      Sandra Olivier says:

      Little Red Peoney or just Peoney

    38. 38
      Kysych says:

      My first thought was Carmen :)

    39. 39
      Irene says:

      What a gorgeous creation!
      I would name this “Sassy”
      Flounced layers and a vivid red combine to create a fresh and sassy look that is sure to get compliments everywhere! Intricate lacy patterns beautifully worked throughout add delicate femininity to the sassy image in just the right balance.
      Many of us will be eagerly waiting for this pattern :)

    40. 40
      Vera says:

      Invincible fire

    41. 41
      Bredja says:

      This lovely “Round-up Tunic” symbolises the swingy mood you will have, while wearing it. Worked in Poppy Red or other hot fashion colours of Omega Cotton #5 this lacy and flattering pattern will always be fun to work and a fun to wear. The ladybug buttons add a playful character for small and grown-up girls. Ideal for summer weather you can wear it over a Tshirt oder blouse or on your blank skin.

    42. 42
      Sandra says:

      I love it!! I would say ‘Le Flamboyant’ just remind me the blooming Flamboyant tree in my country.

    43. 43
      Lu Gracias F says:

      1. Princess in Red
      2. Flamingo

      I would say its a lacy summers tunic – party wear

    44. 44
      Наталья says:

      Алла, как всегда – бесподобно. К сожалению, не владею английским.
      1) Лето красное.

    45. 45
      Наталья says:

      Как в басне: попрыгунья стрекоза, лето красное пропела…

    46. 46
      Mary from Australia says:

      This tunic makes me think of happy, special occasions ! It could be worn for celebrations…e.g. Birthday parties, Xmas and weddings! It almost looks as if it could be worn with the lower hemline at the front or the back! If this is the case it is also a very versatile style which covers quite a few seasons if it is worn with or without a top underneath it. Any little girl would feel special wearing such a “happy dress”. Maybe it could be called the all occasion tunic?

    47. 47
      Heather Kontoes says:

      Hello, Alla! This is a beautiful top!

      “Rose-Red’s Jewels”

    48. 48
      chinapat says:

      This top is very pretty as are all of your patterns.

      I think that it looks like “Strawberry Lace”.

      The front and back raised lace looks like strawberries. The stitch around the top looks like vines. It will be great on the hot summer occasions just as is and for the winter with a coordinating short or long sleeve peasant top.

    49. 49
      Marina says:

      It`s very precious!!! And I would say it looks like “RED FLAMES”.

    50. 50
      Mary Logue says:

      Oh…beautiful…”Red rows and Ruby rings” of delicate crocheted cotton producing an amazing summer dress for the little rose in your life!! Looooooove it!

    51. 51
      Amanda says:

      “Ladybird” She will be ready to fly away to wherever adventure awaits her this summer in this cheerful tank dress, or add a long sleeve shirt to bring a bright spot to the dreary winter days.

    52. 52
      De'Anna G says:

      Forever Yours….
      You can wear it as a dress or a elegant top for a two in one piece. Works well for those growing girls who will feel so beautiful in this dress tunic. Almost forever…… :-)

    53. 53
      Vera says:

      Алла, если не соотносить с красным цветом, то ещё предложу название ” Леди Лето”

    54. 54
      Sarah Cooper says:



      The top is such a striking, vivid red and stitching detail, you will want to crochet it just to work with the different textures and stitches.

      I just love it!

    55. 55
      Anita says:

      Flamenco Dancer–this deserves a more sophisticated name!
      Love this top–can’t wait for the pattern!
      As always–love-love-love your designs!!!!

    56. 56
      Jillian_R says:

      If it were in a blue tone, it could be called “Ocean’s waves” or “tranquility”. If you used pastel’s you could call it “morning glory”, in summery bright colors it could be called a “midsummer’s night dream”.

      I love the red, but there are so many other color’s you could use!

    57. 57
      dimitra alexopoulou says:

      my suggestion name is

      -spanish dream
      -spanish balarina

    58. 58
      Juana says:

      1)Fire Flare
      2)Summer Blaze

    59. 59
      Molly says:

      Wow! I would love to see this in an adult size *hint hint :)

      Ok here is my suggestion: SUMMER LOVIN’
      Description: Summer can’t get here fast enough when wearing this delicate summer top w/ sashying waves off the back and a cute button up brodice in the front.

      Your talen is endless!


    60. 60
      Molly says:

      Meant to say Your TALENT is endless :)

    61. 61
      Lana says:

      Another truly amazing piece of art!! Just beautiful!
      How about Hot Tamale ?

    62. 62
      Tammy Howars says:


      Name: Resplendent Red.
      Description: You will look stunning and stay cool in this airy frock. Made with a favorite yarn Omega #5.

    63. 63
      Karen says:

      the wau the lace and ruffles fall and that gorgeous red color reminds me of a classic American Beauty Rose.
      I the you should call it

    64. 64
      legendasun says:

      Невероятно красивая работа!!! Первая мысль – хочу, хочу, хочу!

      Мой вариант названия – ИСКОРКА.

      К сожалению, не владею английским.

    65. 65
      Salomé says:

      I would like to call the dress ‘olivia’

      For me, this name covers the words ‘cute, down to earth still flamboyant (this is dutch, don’t know in english sorry!),girly, fairytale’
      And thats what the dress shows me too…

    66. 66
      Heather Kontoes says:

      Spirit of Fire

    67. 67
      Heather Kontoes says:

      Fire-Lace Sprite

    68. 68
      Heather Kontoes says:


    69. 69
      Ayesha says:

      Another pretty creation ! lovely :D

    70. 70
      paracadutista says:

      Великолепная модель! Напоминает Испанию. Поэтому и названия такие:
      Сеньорита Росита

    71. 71
      Juliya says:

      I think this name is Carmen. This is incredibly beautiful and charismatic.Parts, round coquette, the charm of the frills. Смело, ярко и жизненно.
      Алла, привет из Росси, твои топы великолепны, дизайн манит и, в то же время, достаточно прост в исполнении. В данном случае – просто и гениально.

    72. 72
      Spirited Bohemian says:

      This dress design matched to the color reminds me of red carnations. I have two little great-granddaughters ages 4 and 5, and if they were dressed in this dress, they would definitely look like they were standing inside a bouquet of red carnations.

      Of course it might be created in a different color . . .

      “Ruffled Petals”

    73. 73
      Sandra says:

      Sure Kristin will wear it well! I was thinking about “Red plumeria”.

    74. 74
      Adriana Adams says:

      This is so sweet! The red reminds me of strawberries, so I would call it Strawberry Delight, Summer strawberries, or Strawberry dreams!

    75. 75
      Doris Soto says:

      Absolutely gorgeous, I would call it:

      Sweet Summer Red
      Lil Sassy Red
      Hot Red Bouganvilla
      Lil Red Missy
      My Little Ruby

    76. 76
      Lana says:

      Dear Alla! If you don’t mind but I have a few more in my mind today.

      The citygirl lace or the city girl lace
      The hot Summer lace or the huttest Summer lace
      The Summer sicret
      The Summer sicret of lace

      Hope you like it and I understand how hard is to choose from big verity of of choices. Good luck!

    77. 77
      Agatha says:

      Hello there,
      from Cyprus with lots of love,

      this is a fantastic pattern crochet,
      and with pleasure I would name it the



    78. 78
      Brittany says:

      Love!! have a few ideas.

      Spring tulips (reminds me of the tulip petals)
      Flower petal Dress

    79. 79

      it’s now 11:57 in Egypt .. anyway I would name (On the threshold of femininity) :)

    80. 80
      Swati says:

      Beautiful dress!! Can’t wait for the pattern!!

    81. 81
      J sensen says:

      Where can i get this pattern? I’m loving it for my little Girl

    82. 82
      Twyla says:

      I would name this “Chantilly Lace”
      My description would go something like this:
      this pattern creates such joy when crocheted with omega 5 and the love in your heart for that special little girl. The joy of a finished garment comes as you watch that pretty face, pony tail , a little high, a little low, happy smile, tiny bow, and splashes of red twirling round round round. ;)

      Love the look! Can’t wait! Thanks

    83. 83
      Twyla says:

      LOL day late and a dollar short this is 2014 isn’t it? Still like my suggestion and still love the garment :)

    84. 84
      Becky says:

      This is the most beautiful pattern yet!!!!!!

    85. 85

      I love this, it’s so beautiful!

      I think I missed the date to enter, but it reminds me of Arizona sun.

      When will you have this pattern available? Love it!

    86. 86
      Julie says:

      Hi Alla, Have you written this pattern yet? I have been searching for the last 2 weeks for just the perfect dress for my granddaughter…this is definitely it! Please let me know so I can buy the pattern right away (it’s heating up in Las Vegas…need to get this done for summer). Thanks!

    87. 87
      Jeannette says:

      I would call this cute dress Little Firefly! Love all of your designs!

    88. 88
      Alycia says:

      I can’t find this pattern in your shop! please let me know where I can purchase it. It looks as though others have made it and I would love to make it for my daughter as the top of a flower girl dress. Please let me know!

      What gorgeous patterns you create!


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