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Writing a Book. Unexpected Tasks, Growing Skills + MORE :)

If I knew that just in an hour after my last post, I’ll be a crazy-happy owner of this lens for my new Nikon D600, I would probably wait to play with the camera and lights in my studio (more details below).

But, first of all, my apologies for this little escape and keeping you without any updates… I was just extremely busy working on a new spring mini collection, which will be released this week for sure.

Yes, not a single pattern as I planned, but mini collection.

Well, a sneak peek I’ve showed in this post is a blanket for an absolutely precious newborn girl of our friends I just can’t resist to make (but who does?!). Then I‘ve got an idea that in some juicy and fun colors the blanket will looks not bad too, so here is how second blanket was born (see second sneak peek below) …Then I found that this blanket pattern (both versions are done) is pretty easy to turn into shawl and just can’t resist to make one (see picture below – it’s not finished shawl yet, but just to give you an idea). And last piece of this collection is going to be a skinny ruffle scarf – not only because a scarf if always good idea, but since I’ve received several requests for ruffle scarf and sure I’m so happy to play with (as well as with couple more Ruffles designs, but they are under “secret book projects” so far ;o)





And as I promised, below are details of my very first photo studio, which includes:

  1. The AllienBees B400 Flash Unit – 3 units (one for background separation).
  2. 48-inch Translucent White Umbrella with removable black cover for bounce use – 2
  3. 10-foot general purpose light stand – 2
  4. Backlight Stand – 1
  5. White Shovel Background Reflector (lights background space for subject/background separation)
  6. Telescopic Stand (backdrop support system)
  7. Wireless Flash Trigger

MANY MANY THANKS to all my wonderful friends who helped me to pick up right stuff, their unvalued help, advice, tips and sharing experience!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Sure, I still have to learn tons things about studio photography first of all (and I definitely hooked!), but if you are thinking about own studio and looking  “where to start”, first – I would highly recommend Beyond Snapshots: How to Take That Fancy DSLR Camera Off “Auto” and Photograph Your Life like a Pro book. Beyond Snapshots is actually a great intro/refresher for shooting manual and you will find some great inspiration in the photos in the book.  Perfect book even for beginners (as me!).

Also, thanks a lot to Denis for the advice to check videos by ProPhotoLife. I really like Jim Talkington’s style of transferring knowledge and how he present everything step by step so that I can see what each light does. And plus, each episode is no longer than 3-7 min. Well, you know that I’m not a big fan of videos with lots blala and longer then 10-15 min (probably because I am visual person and rather prefer to see once).


If you curious, below is a picture of my mini studio with “one strobe set up” fro shawl shot:

Set Up01


And below is my very first “handmade” photo prop. I call it “a new life of old tripod” ;o)

Well, I like a little fresh accent in the pictures, and one of my favorites are leaves and flowers. Yesterday I grafted one of my favorite home plant, and while it will have roots, I placed it in a tiny (4.5”) vase (filled with water of course) and attached to a tripod. This my “photo prop” allows me easily adjust height if needed, put any other plans, or flowers …or let me see what else lol




Oh, and my favorite place to buy backdrops is LemonDrop Stop. Their poly paper backdrops are really great, plus amazing customer service and ability to order any custom backdrop.

Well, that’s all. ;o)


I’ll be back just in a few days with new patterns release! See you then!

Alla Koval Designs

4 Responses to Writing a Book. Unexpected Tasks, Growing Skills + MORE :)

  1. 1
    judy orrego says:

    You’re amazing, you’re growing in every way !! Beautiful colors!

  2. 2
    marsha says:

    Magnificent, Alla! I can hardly wait!

  3. 3
    Sandra says:

    Really beautiful!! Love it!

  4. 4
    Sarah Jones says:

    OOO!! I love this!!

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