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Ma Petite Kristin

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Kristin and I have a little tradition – I make her something fun and “airy” to wear for every our vacation. I wanted to make a white top using very simple filet/mesh pattern and then add some crochet embroidery – contrasting circles or flowers on the skirt of top. Kristin was excited about the whole idea and we already picked up pretty nice contrasting colors. But last minute Kristin has changed her mind and requested the top as you can see it – very simple and plain… At least, she allowed me to add lime ties with tassels to top and we turned it into sporty top finally ;o) And you know what? We SO loved how this top turned out! I would say it’s completely Kristin’s design and must to admit that she worn it EVERY single day during our 10 days of vacation – it was crazy, but she truly loved it – could I ask for more?! So, let me introduce…


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Ma Petite Kristin

Dress up your favorite girl for a day at the beach with this dainty lace top! Kristin designed this tank top for our vacation, and loved it so much that she wore it every single day! Made with fingering weight yarn and worked in easy filet crochet, it is ideal for girls of any age. The racerback is a pleasing contrast to the simple front, making this piece both sporty and stylish. Arrow designs on the back panel and the lacy skirt give this top a light and girlish look. Tassel ties in refreshing lime are both decorative and functional, allowing the hem and sides to be adjusted. Let her wear it over a swimsuit, or paired with her favorite T-shirt! Ma Petit Kristin is a sure hit, both on and off the beach!


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And BTW, it’s really cool idea to have such a plain top in your summer wardrobe. Not to mention that it can be turned in any themes and made in any colors you can think of, and adding flower pin or weaving ribbon(s) under bodice will add some great and interesting finished touch.

I do not think here is pattern really necessary, but if you would like this one – I’ll add it to my summer 2013 collection.

4 Responses to Ma Petite Kristin

  1. 1
    becky says:

    love this = all patterns are so wonderful

  2. 2
    Gen says:

    Lovely. It’s so simple. I love it!
    Your daughter looks so happy, carefree…

  3. 3
    Sandra says:

    Bravo Kristin! J,adore!!! I love the top since the first time I saw it on your vacation pictures. Now just waiting for the pattern.

  4. 4
    Judy says:

    Love both! Begin with the butterfly one…

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