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In the news

Just a quick update that Petalline Halter Dress pattern is done as well and another 4 book projects and patterns using that same gorgeous motif.

All patterns will be send to tech editors today and right after I get them back, they will be released – yes, I decided to make them available before the book will be published. Stay tuned for more details ;o)





And above is current book pattern, I’m working now.

Yes, I know… it took me almost a year to get back to this project, but later is better than never I hope ;o) I also would like to thank you so much for your patience! This is going to be a vest (as shown), waist jacket and coat (as I promised)…

And most excited news (I guess) that is one more pattern, which will be released before book published. So, you will have 2, really volumetric patterns with endless possibilities and variations… just in near future (read—as soon as possible)!





Happy and productive Monday everyone!!

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Happy Father’s Day!!


Happy Father’s Day to all wonderful and lovely Dads!

Over a Cup. “Rules” for Living & Writing

Mark David Gerson - Now Clock

[quote author=”- Mark David Gerson”]It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being human.[/quote]

Rules for Living:

Rule #1 There are no rules: There is no right way. There is no wrong way. There is only your way.
Rule #2 What works today may not work tomorrow, so you might as well live in the present moment.
Rule #3 Listen to your heart and trust it; it speaks with the voice of God (or whatever you call that divine intelligence we all carry).
Rule #4 Be vulnerable: Share your pain and your passion. That’s what makes you human.
Rule #5 Treat yourself as you would your child or best friend: with love, compassion and respect.
Rule #6 It’s not what you do, it’s how you live (and love).
Rule #7 It’s not how often you meditate, it’s whether you live your life as a meditation.
Rule #8 It’s not what you shed, it’s what you embrace.
Rule #9 It’s not how hard you push, it’s how fully you surrender.
Rule #10 Find your passion and embrace it. Passionately.
Rule #11 It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being human.
Rule #12 Empower yourself: This is your life. Don’t let anyone else tell you how to live it (or not live it).
Rule #13 There are no rules. None. Never.


To read “rules” for writing, click here. You’ll find a more detailed version in The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write.

Such lovely and easy to follow rules ;o) Thank you for sharing Mark David Gerson! And I just love Mark David’s “Now Clock” (see photo above)!


Happy Friday everyone!! Have a lovely and wonderful weekend!!

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$5 Deals. Sunlit Rose Bolero Pattern


It’s another $5 Sale at!

And, it’s on RIGHT NOW!

Over 100 great patterns and projects are on sale for only $5!

However, it will end Monday, June 18th.

"So, how do I find these deals?" you may be asking…

It’s easy! All of the patterns and projects that are part of the $5 Sale added to the Featured Products category. You can click the link below to visit that section.

There are several pages of deals to look through! You might also want to try using the sorting options at the top of the page and increase the Items per Page – there is a lot to see! I was invited to join and gladly offering you my newest Sunlit Rose Bolero pattern for this such great event!

Sunlit Rose Bolero Logo


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Poppy Love & Beyond

Poppy Top

Poppy Love Little Lady

Such gorgeous and my absolute favorite collection of poppies so far!! I would buy every single piece from this Poppy Love treasury – just lovely! And oh my, how cute is Little Lady collection?! What gorgeous little ladies they all are! I ♥ it! Thank you so much Anna Poli  and UnlimitedCraftworks for adding my Poppy Tank Top pattern.



Grapes and Grapevines

Grapes and Grapevines. Beautiful purple summer fruit of the vine. Thank you Alida Bunder for adding my Grape Scarf pattern.



Strawberry Picking  You make me happy when skieas are grey

To continue fruit theme …smaks of sunshine and summer ;o) Thank you so much Margaret for adding my Strawberry Apron Top pattern to such yummy and fun Strawberry pickin’ treasury! Also this pattern was featured in another Margaret’s You make me happy when skies are grey treasury. Just wonder if Margaret lives in Seattle. We definitely need more treasures like this ;) Thank you again Margaret!



Twirls for girls

What a sweet collection Twirls for our girls… of all things twirly … bunch of lovely finds to twirling in ;o) Thank you so much Margaret for including my Sunlit Rose Bolero pattern.


Flower Girls

April Showers Bring Flowers  Emeraild,Neon

April Showers Bring May Flowers is all about daisies and Emerald, Neon, Green, Spring Daisies Flower, Children Gifts, Pastel Home Décor is all about wonderful blend of pretty things! Many thanks Christine and Nermin for adding my Daisy Halter Top pattern to such sweet and pretty treasury.



More Pink

And something for girly girls… Thank you so much Sue for adding my Raspberry Top pattern to More pink is Girly-icious… Gift Guide collection! Not sure about pink, but raspberries are ones of Kristin’s favorite berries (most favorite are blueberries ;o)


Happy Monday everyone!!

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Thursday’s Moments. A Gift


My new Dell monitor!! 30” this time with such lovely 2560x1600 screen resolution!!! ;o)

Before I started to use Adobe Illustrator there was no even thinking about bigger monitor (I had Dell 27” 1920×1200). But now, 10-15 minutes after working on new one and in dual monitor setup (old 27” plus new 30”) I can’t imaging myself working on one monitor again and with less screen resolution :о) Oh my, and now I am even able to see page in InDesign and Charts in Illustrator both on one screen side to side—what a dream to work with!!

So now, my desktop’s diagonal is 57” to be exact:



Cover Girls

Cover Girls 02

Meet Autumn and Mya, such beautiful your ladies—the winners of the cover of the summer 2012 issue of Wee Style Magazine. What adorable and sweet girls, isn’t?!

And it was our new and fun collaboration with my friend and beyond talented French designer Francoise Lama-Solet, who designed these gorgeous skirt and pants.

Make sure to visit Francoise’s store to order yours. You will love it!!

Wee Style Summer 2012

Cover Girls 05

Milleffiori Top 01

Milleffiori Girls 01

Cover Girls 07

Cover Girls 04

More detail pictures, description and some exciting news (I hope ;o) about both—Millefiori (white one) and Still-looking-for-right-name tops are coming. Stay tuned!


Happy Tuesday everyone!!

The Winner!!

Dear Friends,

First of all, I would like to Thanks everyone for your kind of words and such sweet comments! I’m truly happy that you enjoy everything and MUCH appreciate all your support and love! You are the Best!!

And our Winner is…

The Winner

My Congratulations, Vinolin!! I’ll contact you shortly.


Happy Friday everyone!
Have a wonderful and lovely weekend!!

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