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Daisy Chain

I love to check Etsy’s Treasury, an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery, where members can feature their favorite items or items selected on a theme or whatever they like. And I can’t hide that always thrilled to see my designs included in such wonderful and lovely collections ;o)

Daysy Pin6

Many thanks to Valerie Wick’s for including my Garden Party. Daisy Pin Pattern to such sweet and romantic Daisy Chain treasury, featuring daisies of all kinds!

Daisy Chain

Grape Scarf

Fruity Fun. Grape Scarf Pattern featured in two wonderful collections: Grapes and The Vinyard.

Thinking of spring and the beauty of grapevines covering a trellis, the romance of the plant itself and the luscious flavors!

Thanks a lot to Elisabeth Kinney and Deb L for including my pattern.


The Vinyard

And make sure to check such darling and lovely Gifts for a little chic princess treasury! Thank you so much to Alessandra Geninatti for including my Minnie Jacket Pattern.

Gifts For A Chic Princess


Happy Tuesday everyone! Make your day fantastic!

3 Responses to Daisy Chain

  1. 1
    judy orrego says:

    I love to see them included in those beautiful collections . Congrats Alla. <3

  2. 2
    Magaly Conley says:

    So cute… Your flower designs are adorable… Congrats!!!

  3. 3
    Alla says:

    Thanks for your kind words Judy and Magaly!! :) You are such a dear!

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