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Finished on the 15th. FaveCrafts Blog Hop for September

FaveCrafts Blog Hop for September is live and active! Take a blog hop to check what other crafty souls have been up to this month. The “Finished on the 15th” blog hop is where you get to showcase your work: show everything you made so far this month, from DIY home decor and holiday decorations to homemade clothing and general craft projects.

Oh my, is September, 15th already?! I think my list would be much longer if I’ll post what I planed, but did not finish this month…well, I still have a hope ;o)

So, this month I’ve released Jardin Hip Shawl pattern:

Jardin Hip Shawl01

Created Faerie Dreams mini collection, including crocheted zippered scarf, hat, flower pin and hand knitted dress. All 4 patterns are done and will be released right after tech editing.

Faerie Dreams03

Faerie Dreams05

And last is that almost finished a pattern for one book, but it’s a secret so far ;o).  And if you are curious what is next on my schedule – I’m going to work on crochet version of Grinch Jacket and one exciting new project I can’t wait to get a chance to start! I’ll keep you updated.

5 Responses to Finished on the 15th. FaveCrafts Blog Hop for September

  1. 1
    Judy Orrego says:

    You are so talented , congrats for the projects you finished and for the comings projects , because I’m sure its gonna be something amazons.

  2. 2
    May says:

    I can’t wait for the release of the Faerie Dreams mini collection and the Grinch Jacket, and God knows what else is in store for us? You are so exceptionally talented, and all your designs are so unique!

  3. 3
    Ayesha says:

    I sOOooOOO love your projects too X) on top of everything they are easy to understand!!!! i am desperately waiting for your book to be released :D

  4. 4
    Alla says:

    Thank you so much Ladies!!

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