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Jardin Poncho & Skirt 2 in 1. Preview and Contest for You

Jardin 01

Crochet Poncho, made out of square motifs and features contrasting insert and delicate organza flowers applique. This poncho can be worn as a skirt with matched shorts or leggings. The pattern is coming pretty soon.

… And now let’s go for a little  C O N T E S T  (please scroll down for details)

Jardin 03
Jardin06 Jardin07 Jardin15 
Jardin10 Jardin09


  • I am looking for the short and clear description for this garment. In English only please ;o)
    Any suggestion? To enter the contest, please post the description here (feel free to post as many entries as you like). 
  • I may take full text of your post or part of it. The post with biggest number or used parts will become a Winner.
  • The Winner will get Visa Gift Card of $25 value (for US residents only!) or $25 via PayPal (WORLDWIDE).
  • Other participants who’s post parts will be used in final pattern description will receive Jardin pattern for free.


  • This contest starts today, August 14th 2011 and will end August 21st, 2011 at Midnight PST time.
  • The Winner will be announced and notified next day – Monday, August, 22th.
  • The Pattern Winners will receive Jardin Poncho & Skirt pattern same day as pattern will be released.

    Have a Fun and Good luck!
    P.S.: If you are not interesting in this contest, please feel to leave comments anyway. I just love to receive them and every comment is much appreciated!! Well, I bet You now ;o)

  • 42 Responses to Jardin Poncho & Skirt 2 in 1. Preview and Contest for You

    1. 1

      I Love this shawl/skirt patter–you’ve done it once again. I would name it The Celtic Shkrawl. Thanks again for another beautiful pattern.

    2. 2
      Tina says:

      OMG…..Alla…..this is gorgeous! I can’t wait to get my hands on that pattern!

      I love the panel in between.

      Anita is right, in which it looks like a celtic panel there. I am going to have to give this some thought…..

      • Alla says:

        Thanks Tina! Yes, I agree with you both ;) I think I may be interesting to work on some coat or jacket for Spring/summer in the Celtic theme ;)

    3. 3
      Tin Ambat says:

      Hello Alla! This is lovely beyond belief, as usual :-) Here’s my entry:

      Evoking a garden in bloom, this 2-in-1 poncho and skirt features delicate lace motifs and a contrasting lattice panel insert. Organza flower appliques add further interest to this enchanting piece.

      • I like this description Alla, I could not get much better than that if I tried! ;)

        • Alla says:

          Sweetie, me too!!! Thank you so much Tin!! Are you writer? You are SO GREAT with!!

          • Tin Ambat says:

            Thanks for the kind words Alla and Heather :) I write business policies and procedures for a living, so yes I am a writer in that sense! And you mentioned in one of your other replies that there’s an adult size for this? That makes me very happy indeed!

            Here’s another entry:

            This 2-in-1 poncho and skirt will appeal to flower children of all ages. Repeating lace motifs are highlighted by a simple yet elegant filet panel insert, while floral organza appliques and a tasseled belt add the perfect finishing touch.

    4. 4
      Judy Orrego says:

      Gorgeous as always, I love it Alla! <3<3<3

    5. 5
      Bredja says:

      How nice! How surprising you are! Gorgious :)

    6. 6
      Heloisa says:

      Hi Alla
      I’m a fan of your site here in Brazil. I already bought the site and some models have done beautiful work with your recipes. . Some recipes that I bought conisgo not translate, however follow the chart you sent me and they are very similar. My rings (cap) did not make it stiff like yours. I ask you some uriliza product to harden it? Kisses and thank you for your attention. If you can, take a stranded on my site. Bjs Heloisa Helena

    7. 7
      Heloisa says:

      Ai Alla

      “Let’s do two looks with the same piece? In addition to creative, it’s still a romantic idea.”

      I’ll try to run because my English is not perfect. I loved the piece and I’ll call it Brasileirinho look for are the colors of the flag of Brazil and how we are preparing for the World Cup football, I will honor my country.

      with love
      Heloisa Reis

    8. 8
      jenifenia frez says:

      Hello, from Chile with very much fondness and astonished increasingly with your work my description serìa:
      Wonderful duality of fantastic colors, and modern points, closely of flower of organza, accompany the versatility of this article

    9. 9
      Molly says:

      I’m going to take a slightly different approach. I LOVE this piece, but think it “sells” better as just a wrap around skirt ala vintage ’70’s style.

      “2-tone ’70’s-esque wrap around skirt w/ front plaid panel bordered by peek-a-boo flower lace. Marcia Brady doesn’t hold a candle to this handmade beauty!”

      Good luck! and I can’t wait for the pattern to come out!


      • Alla says:

        Thank you so much Molly!! I LOVE your idea and I’m sure it will work VERY WELL with this design and for ladies for sure! Did I tell you that this pattern is written in 3 sizes:
        Small (toddler)/ Medium (child)/ Large (adult)?! ;)

    10. 10
      Carolyn Rash says:

      Alla Your patterns are way beyonds words to explain, how beautiful they are. Again you have done a fantastic job with this design. Can’t wait for this pattern to come out.
      Wishing you the best in all your designs.

    11. 11
      Melinda Pagan says:

      “A Flowering Trellis” Poncho/skirt.. To me it looks like Blue flowers growing on a green trellis.. Or a “Basket of Flowers” It is a very beautiful Pattern, you are a very talented designer and crocheter..you always have very vibrant colors which makes everything you make alive/breathtaking… Keep doing great work….

    12. 12
      Christina says:

      Lacy Flowers on a Garden Trellis–love the pattern!!

    13. 13
      Callie says:

      “This is not your grandmother’s poncho! The poncho/skirt poncho piece is a modern twist on an old favourite. With two different patterns coming together, your eyes are never bored, nor is your imagination. In a Jardin Poncho you or your little ones will love being the centre of attention”.

      From Canada…

    14. 14
      Людмила says:

      Привет Алла! И модель и пончо- просто красавицы!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. 15
      Mary says:

      Hello from Ausralia! This is a lovely creation! I think it could also be referred to as a “Hip Shawl!”.This “Hip Shawl” uses some crochet stitches which could also be used on other projects.The contrasting colours make the stitches stand out, and the organza applique on the insert give it a very girlie touch. It could also be a great addition to a travel wardrobe as it creates great versatility. Any girl would be thrilled to dress up in it whether it was around her shoulders or around her waist!

    16. 16
      Lana says:

      Hi Alla! I love your designs and my idea for this beautiful poncho is “Blue Breeze”.

    17. 17
      Gen says:

      Hi Alla,

      What a beautiful poncho/skirt! It’s so trendy. My daughter described it as a waterfall of flowers. Very flowing, breezy. I love it.

      How long does it take you to create a piece like that???


      • Alla says:

        Thank you so much Gen to you and your daughter!!

        This poncho in Child Size took me 2 days to make (with designing ;o). It’s really fast and fun project. And I just loved to work with Ultra Pima by Cascade Yarns and the colors ;)

    18. 18
      Lana says:

      Hello Alla!

      My second idea is “Garden Morning” Good luck in your creation!

    19. 19
      Lana says:

      Hello Alla! The third my idea for this beautiful poncho is ” Ocean Breeze” I hope you are not tired of my constant new ideas.

    20. 20
      Sarah Jones says:

      Oh this is GORGEOUS!!!!

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