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Port Townsend, WA

Pt Townsend17Pt Townsend04 Pt Townsend02

We’ve had another little trip this weekend to visit Mt. Townsend Creamery. I did not plan to post about it… but, oh my, Port Townsend is such a nice place, NOT to mention they’ve had Annual Rhododendron Festival this day ;o)

Pt Townsend05

The place was interesting. We tested cheeses and they even told to us how to make cheese.
Pt Townsend06

Pt Townsend07 Pt Townsend08
Pt Townsend09

…below is our “catch” – seven kinds of such yummy cheeses

Pt Townsend01

Port Townsend… Actually we were very surprised with its architecture. Small Europe in North West ;o)

Pt Townsend21
Pt Townsend23 Pt Townsend22
Pt Townsend26
Pt Townsend24 Pt Townsend25

…and some pictures of Annual Rhododendron Festival

Pt Townsend10
Pt Townsend11 Pt Townsend12
Pt Townsend15
Pt Townsend13 Pt Townsend14
Pt Townsend18
Pt Townsend19 Pt Townsend20

Well, it was another amazing weekend, but now I’m hurry back to work. I’ll share with you something new just in a few, stay tuned ;o)

Happy and productive Monday to everyone!!

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    judy says:


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    Ayesha says:

    very nice … looks like a fun trip! X)

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    Beautiful photos…it is amazing how much Kristin’s smile looks like yours!

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