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We are back

Harrison Springs1
Harrison Springs4 Harrison Springs3

Oh my, what a Lovely place!! If you live close enough, I would heartily recommend you this resort. Especially now, when outside temperature is about 45–55 degrees, but you have 3 warm pools outside and 2 inside about the same temperature as your morning shower. It’s a second time we visited this place and definitely will be back soon. We arrived about 4:20 pm and were in a pool 10 minutes later (or a bit early ;o). Then we had some walking and yummy dinner in German restaurant.

Harrison Springs5
Harrison Springs6 Harrison Springs7

… and then swimming, swimming and swimming again before 11:00 pm with Kristin and after 11:00pm – “adult” swimming (no kids jumping around :0). Well, we spend about 6-7 hours in pools in total. Everyone had a fun, even our camera ;o)

Harrison Springs9
Harrison Springs8 Harrison Springs10

On the next day after couple hours of morning swimming and then check out from resort, we visited 2 tulip festivals – in Canada and US. Here is Canada’s one:

Harrison Springs13
Harrison Springs14 Harrison Springs15

And in WA (I guess I have about 200+ more pictures from this festival and if you don’t mind I will post couple of them on Thursday or so ;o)

Harrison Springs16
Harrison Springs17 Harrison Springs19Harrison Springs18
Harrison Springs20 Harrison Springs22 Harrison Springs21

Not to mention we met our friends:

Harrison Springs24
Harrison Springs23 Harrison Springs25

Guys, it was so Amazing to see you and right after your trip we definitely should set up a party ;o)

Well, that’s all. We really had a BLAST and enjoined every minute! The only thing made us boring was 3 hours in line to pass a border… But as we were told – it’s OK for Friday’s afternoon… well, good to know and it’s really sounded enough logical ;o)

I hope you had a Blessed Easter!

A Happy and productive week to everyone,

5 Responses to We are back

  1. 1
    Judy orrego says:

    Glad your back, what a wonderful vacations

  2. 2
    pansycritter says:

    I just adore your patterns! Please keep up the wonderful work. When I’m rich and famous, I will buy them all!!

  3. 3

    That looks like so much fun! The tulips are stunning! I would love to visit Canada…maybe sometime in the near future…but, if I do, I will let you know in advance and come for a visit! :)

  4. 4
    Alla says:

    Oh yes, that would be AWESOME!!!!! Just let us know when you will be ready! To Canada from our place is only 2 hours of driving, but from you to us – something about 12 or so :( But we did it (as and our friend from CA) several times… well, even you have an airplane option – less then 2 hours and then we can travel by our car – just an idea ;)

    I hope to see you soon… oh, and please feel free to bring Ada Gurevich too ;)

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