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Forget Me Not. Sneak Peek

Forget Me Not

… coming soon. Well, at least the pattern is already on my schedule ;o)


P.S.: Oh my, You can’t imagine how I’m happy that you like this little dress (top) and not only because I wanted since so long to make something romantic and delicate in forget-me-not theme. But it was an another experiment of “grow” with baby clothes and this one with adjustable straps can be her first dress and later a top… or something the sisters can share… why not ?! ;o) …And by your requests by email hint what is back looks like, below is picture (not a good one – sorry, but at least it give an idea). 

Forget Me Not1


Thank you so So SO much for your lovely comments and interest!! You made my day!!

Yours FOREVER! :0)

32 Responses to Forget Me Not. Sneak Peek

  1. 1
    Sarah Jones says:

    OMG!!! I LOVE THIS!!! I can’t wait for the pattern. I really really want to make this one :D

  2. 2
    Радлена says:

    Алла, какое незабудковое чудо! Так нежно и романтично! Я в восторге!

  3. 3
    Julie says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. 4
    Jeannette says:

    Wow!!! This is so very beautiful! Wish it could be an adult size for me!

  5. 5
    Oksana says:

    Waw! It’s so wonderfull, so tender, so cute! BRAVO!

  6. 6
    judy says:

    Wow, beautiful !!

  7. 7
    Bredja says:

    How lovely! I could hardly breath as I saw it! God bless you Ally!

  8. 8
    Женюльчик says:

    Прелесть, так не похоже на предыдущие модели. Цвет тут подобран в точку!

  9. 9
    Beata says:

    It’s so delicate and ellegant!

  10. 10
    fran batten says:

    just stunning alla when will the pattern be out for this lovely top…….

    kindest regards

    Fran :-)

  11. 11

    Just precious Alla :D

  12. 12
    ERIN says:

    Love it!! That is so beautiful!!

  13. 13
    judy says:

    I would like to buy some patterns but I got trouble at checking out the patterns would u include the money order in your method of payments I really want to have some of your beautiful patterns .

  14. 14
    Александра says:

    Алла, спасибо за Ваши работы
    вдохновляют … посмотришь … и крючок сам в руки просится
    обязательно что-нибудь дочке свяжу

  15. 15
    Alla says:

    Thank you so much everyone!! I think this top is my favorite so far ;)

  16. 16
    Kelli says:

    I love this! What sizes are you going to have?

  17. 17

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! You never cease to amaze me!

  18. 18
    Alla says:

    Thank you so much Jen!!

  19. 19
    Kelli says:

    Thanks Alla. I am looking forward to getting this pattern. My daughter will look so beautiful in it.

  20. 20
    Ana says:

    Hi Alla Im new in this site, i came in your site looking for a crochet hat for a friend of mine who has cancer. And she ask me to do one for her, cause she still working. And then I saw the beatifull dress,just right for my grandaugther. I can wait to get this pattern too. She have 14 month. I had done to her booties, dresses, shoe, tenis, headbands and a flip flop sandal.
    God bless you, you have such a beatifull skill, keep up with all you beautifull site. Be sure I will refered to my friends at work how like to crochet at our lunch time it a beatifull team we have there.
    my best regards for you
    From our Island of the Encanto (Enchantment)Puerto Rico


  21. 21
    Karen Acker says:

    I can hardly wait for this one… my girls are still trying to decide which tops I should make for them, they love all the choices..

  22. 22
    Trang says:

    beautiful! so cute!

  23. 23
    Simone Heldt says:

    Liebe Alla, das sieht ja wirklich allerliebst aus. Vielleicht könntest Du mich infomieren, wenn Du das Muster veröffentlichts. Ich würde dieses Kleidchen gern häkeln.

  24. 24
    Leona says:

    Beautiful dress pattern, thank you!

  25. 25
    Edit says:

    WOW!!! Really wonderful!
    I can’t see the pattern anywhere.. I want to make it :-)

  26. 26
  27. 27
    Cathy says:

    Exactly what i was looking for to make for my expected Grand daughter…soooo look forward to receiving pattern. Your work is stunning!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  28. 28
    mary says:


    please can i have this pattern

  29. 29

    how do I get the pattern for the “Forget me not Dress”?

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