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We are back

Hola amigos ;o) We just came back from Barcelo Riviera Maya, Mexico,
full of energy, memories and happiness! This place was really more than
you can imagine and we will definitely be back!

Ocean. Turquoise waters about 29o C. Pretty quiet and friendly even for
babies… oh well, who doesn’t love the ocean?!
Barcelo O7
Barcelo O41 Barcelo O2

Water Pools.  Five really  giant  pools quickly  became  Kristin’s absolute
favorites. Filled with natural  fresh water with no chloric (!!) they are the
very first pools I really enjoined too ;o)
Barcelo P2
Barcelo P8 Barcelo P5 Barcelo P4
Barcelo P1
Barcelo P9

Water Activities… finally! A vacation with your 9 years old does truly make
a difference and give your lots of possibilities. Especially if your little one’s
familiar  with  swimming.  This time we had a blast with our very first two
hours snorkeling adventure and Kristin was great and we all so enjoined it!
What an inspiration for my Ocean Friends line to be continue… stay tuned ;o)

Barcelo S2
Barcelo S1 Barcelo S3 Barcelo S4

Diving.  We need to wait just one year more to be able take Kristin with
us  to  ocean diving,  but we  went ahead and took our first diving class
even in a pool. Sure we need more to learn but it took only few minutes
to study before our first dive. Thanks to Eduardo, our trainer guy!
Barcelo D5
Barcelo D1 Barcelo D4 Barcelo D3

Swimming With Dolphins. One of our presents to Kristin on her 9th B-day
at November, 17. She was Super excited and happy and felt in love with
dolphins in instant ;o)
Barcelo SD6
Barcelo SD2 Barcelo SD3
Barcelo SD1 Barcelo SD7 Barcelo SD5

Flora.  If you  know me, you will  no wonder of such  number  of pictures
below. I’m totally crazy on tropical plants and have successfully adopted
some of them here, in Seattle area.  What an eye candy…
Barcelo TP10 Barcelo TP2
Barcelo TP4 Barcelo TP8 Barcelo TP5 Barcelo TP6
Barcelo TP7 Barcelo TP9 Barcelo TP13
Barcelo TP11 Barcelo TP12 Barcelo TP15

… And Fauna. What a cutie, isn’t it?! LOL BTW, one waiter told us that
iguanas are big fan of French fries… poor sweeties ;o)
Barcelo TP17

Resort. Pure escape… and it was also included ;o)
Barcelo R5 Barcelo R1
Barcelo R2 Barcelo R4 Barcelo R3

Restaurants And Buffets with amazing variety of international kitchens,
fresh pressed juices and  tropical fruits, delicious yogurts on breakfast
and such choice of my  absolutely  lovely seafood delicious – 6  days of
seafood paradise – could I ask for more?! lol
Barcelo F2
Barcelo F5 Barcelo F1

… and another dilemma of choice (which one is first?! :о) JK!
Barcelo F7

Evening Shows.  Fun.  Original.  Lovely.  Everyday we were spoiled with
something special and truly enjoined it!
Barcelo ES1
Barcelo ES2

… yeah, that’s all :o) I feel sorry for such number of pictures, but I have
excuse. I’ve finally read manual for my D-SLR camera…Almost two years
later is better than never, right?! … And looks as I hooked. Sure, I have
LOTS  things  to learn, but  at least  playing  with camera  and got little
understand what I’m doing was really fun.

OK. I’m back and here to reply all your emails first of all. Because we got
confusion  with comments  and participating to my Followers Giveaway,
I’ll post a list of  participants tomorrow (November, 22th) morning and by
afternoon  will  select the  Winner with  random number generator. Also,
release of  crochet version  on  Polar Bear Coat pattern is scheduled at
November, 23th. Stay tuned.


7 Responses to We are back

  1. 1
    Sarah Jones says:

    Oh it looks like you guys had a wonderful time and well.. also completely sounds like it! Beautiful pictures Alla!! I really love when your share your pictures, because it is almost like we are there. Your pictures would be good enough for brochures!! I love them.

    BIG hugs!!

  2. 2
    Alla says:

    Oh yes, my Sarah, we did ;) Thank you so much for your sweet comments!


    HUGS & LOVE,

  3. 3
    kutina says:

    Какая же красота! как хорошо отдохнуть!

  4. 4
    Alla says:

    Ир, спасибки! Учитывая, что здесь уже второй день идет снег, даже не вериться, что все это с нами происходило пару дней назад ;)

  5. 5
    Людмила says:

    Привет! Аллусик! Да, какие вы умнички! Фотки просто супер! Кристина выросла, такая лапуля…..
    Ты тоже такая красотка стройная. Не страшно было с аквалангом? А дельфины в бассейне или это океан?
    Пора пить кофе. У меня винда полетела на буке, а когда восстановили камера исчезла, я ее сегодня восстановлю и буду тебе звонить. Ты фотки наши получила?

  6. 6

    My favorite photo is the one with Kristin and the Dolphin holding hands…priceless! LOVE IT! :D

  7. 7
    Ayesha says:

    Beautiful pics!!! the tulip garden is breathtaking !!!

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