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Another busy week

… Oh my, is it Friday already? REALLY?!!! Well… just another AWESOME,
crazy busy and productive week ;o)

This week I’ve finished 3 patterns, which will be available right after tech
Celtic Pink2 copy 2008_04 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          

Yesterday I was SO happy finally back to my 2 baby lines, which I started
at beginning of March, but never had a chance continue to work on them…
Sneak peak coming soon ;o)

Also, we had contractors this week. They worked hard and really did great
landscape restoration on our front and back yards and now I’m so enjoying
our landscaping and was so glad to add a couple more of my favorite plants
like Hosta, Japanese Forest grass, Yucca… just to name a few.  
Landscaping2 Landscaping1
Oh and if trust weather forecast, today is last day of rains here… We are
so ready for the Summer and I really hope that we finally get temperature
warmer than 53F LOL!

And last thing, I believe I reached the point when hot yoga became not
just fitness but JOY first of all! ;)
To visit yoga class together, Igor and I found that 6:00 am class works
the best for our schedule. The only thing is I still need assure itself that
wake up at 5:00 am is fun and tomorrow it will be much easy  ;o)

HAPPY and WONDERFUL weekend everyone!!


7 Responses to Another busy week

  1. 1
    Genia says:

    Oh! 5:00 am for yoga! How is it possible?!:-)
    I like your landscaping!

  2. 2
    Alla says:

    Genia, I WONDER too!! Do you think it’s age ?! LOL!! …And as an “owl” person, i can’t believe it ‘s EVEN happened to me :) JK!!

  3. 3
    Sarah Jones says:

    YES!!! Rapunzel Ruffles!!! I am SO SO excited that this halter is coming out! And the bikini top and skirt 2 in 1… Yay!! This one is cool too! I love the look of the scarf. I’ve always wondered how that was done. I’m so excited for you Alla!

    Your yard is breathtaking! I really need to work on our yard. It is getting over taken by growth of plants and some weeds. We have roses, mint, sweet peas and periwinkle. Other seasonal flowers and bushes and some that I don’t know what they are called.

    Glad to hear that you and Igor are enjoying yoga. My mom and I have been walking (well she more than me), but I walked a 4 mile walk with her and it felt so good. She is training for a 26 mile marathon that will be in Maui, Hawaii.

  4. 4
    Becia says:

    Alla, you are so busy!!! I’m so ashamed – must totally get much more crochet and knitting!
    I love to wake up early, so 5 doesn’t mean much to me, usually start my day at 4 and I think from tomorrow I will do some bicycle just like you! Yoga is great, I think I can watch over some yoga classes here in Poland…
    Your plants are so beautiful, I love them too in my home and small garden, they are so close to make our world like paradise…

  5. 5
    Alla says:

    Sarah, I was thinking about you when worked on Rapunzel ;) SO glad you like it! The only thing, it may take some time since my dear tech editor on vacation until next 2 weeks…

    You can’t imagine our front and back yards before maintenance LOL! It was like a wild forest, no kidding :) So it’s why we hired some workers. Anyway, we still need to change grass, make some changes on back yard, but at least we have no weeds and really old trees and bushes any more… a kind of relief!

    Oh, walking is my FAVORITE thing if talking about “aka sport” ;) I WOULD LOVE to marathon in Maui (my MOST FAV island on Hawaii)!!

    Beata, you will laugh, but I have NO ANY experience to drive bicycle since childhood LOL! I have no idea how it happened, but it’s true ;) I’m so excited for you, have a Fun!!

    Oh, and I SO agree about the plants!!!! I have lots of them inside too and must to admit that Maranta is my fav one ;)

  6. 6
    Becia says:

    Alla, I didn’t have bike from childhood till last year ;) well, now I’m 34 and FINALLY HAVE MY OWN bicycle! Just didn’t have much motivation to driving earlier:) LOL
    In Poland nordic waliking is very popular now, are you guys meaning the same kind of sport?
    In childhood I trained sport acrobatics, there was MUCH of stretching, I think that yoga is similiar

  7. 7
    Sarah Jones says:

    I’d be happy to lend a hand if needed Alla ;)

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