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Celtic Pink. Crochet Scarf Pattern for Kids & Women

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This scarf  with tassels was  created by  very special  request and I’ve got
a cool  experience  to play with  Two-color spiral motifs. Such a fun project,
which takes just a couple hours and can be made in any color combination
and with any weight yarn. Light  weight yarn  is perfect for belts and sport
weight baby  yarn work great  for headbands and  bracelets. A perfect gift
idea too! The detailed tutorial how to join motifs is included.

And I have a Giveaway for you: First 5 persons, who leave  comment on
this post will receive this pattern for FREE!

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Size: 3 1/2” wide by 40” long

Skill level: intermediate

Yarn: Cascade Cotton Rich (64% cotton, 36% Nylon/50 g (1.75 oz/ 80
yd): 8001 white – 1 ball; #3131 candy pink – 1 ball; #5186 green – 1 ball;
a mall amount of sport-weight baby yarn in white

* This pattern involves crochet skills ONLY.

6 pages; 4 pictures; a diagram; a tutorial
Celtic Pink Pages copy
This pattern has been edited by professional Tech Editor and tested by
me. However, please contact me if you have ANY questions. I will happily
provide email support for any of my patterns.



Copyright: All rights reserved. Please be respectful to the designers right
of this pattern. No portion of this work may be photocopied or reproduced
by any means without written authorization from My Little Citygirl. The
purchaser of this pattern is granted permission to sell the finished product
for profit on a limited basis. © Copyright 2010 My Little Citygirl.

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33 Responses to Celtic Pink. Crochet Scarf Pattern for Kids & Women

  1. 1
    Angie Tam Sing says:

    I love this pattern. It’s pretty and dainty and at the same time very artistic. Thanks for designing it. angie

  2. 2
    Rosemary J. Diletto says:

    This scarf is absolutely beautiful! After knitting for 45 years I am just learning to crochet and am looking for crochet patterns such as the “Celtic Pink”. Also, pink is one of my favorite colors.

  3. 3
    Erika says:

    Great pattern again Alla! You never cease to amaze!!!:)

  4. 4
    Rachel says:

    I LOVE this scarf!! It’s so cute!

  5. 5

    Thanks for all the amazing designs.

  6. 6
    Nydia says:

    I like it; it is quite original and the combination of colors is refreshing.

  7. 7
    Cathy says:

    thanks but no thanks..already have one pattern I can’t complete because I don’t know how to read a graph..so dissapointed!!

  8. 8
    Bethany says:

    Lovely, as usual!

  9. 9
    Alla says:

    Cathy, I’m sorry, but if you are talking about Diamond Bikini Top Free pattern, description says: “If you are familiar with reading a crocheting graphs this pattern available for download for Free”. Anyway, I’ve tried to explain you how to read graph and sent a description of similar motif. If you would like me to write a description exactly for this graph… well, I can put it on my schedule, but it will take some time and will not for free. Oh and for reference… This is ONLY one pattern (my VERY first one), which doesn’t has a description. The every my pattern (even if for FREE) has and graphs and description.

  10. 10
    Alla says:

    Thank you so much Ladies for your such Sweet comments!! You just made my day!! :)

  11. 11
    Edna says:

    I’m excited to try this Celtic Pink scarf! I have a grandaughter who will love it!

  12. 12
    Sarah Jones says:

    Awesome! Congratulations on the release Alla!! This is a very unique scarf :) I love the two color spiral.

  13. 13
    lilycobweb says:

    So gorgeous! Being Irish, I love Celtic knotwork and interlacing.This is a really authentic and stunning pattern!!

  14. 14
    Keri says:

    Very cool!

  15. 15
    Bonnie says:

    love the designs that you come up with, this scarf is stunning

  16. 16
    glor says:

    What a beautiful scarf. Love the colors too.

  17. 17
    Sandra says:

    Very beautiful scarf. I would like to try it. Could you please Alla, send me the pattern and deduct it from my last Give away. THANK YOU.

  18. 18

    I like the idea of this scarf in black and white! I will be looking to make one of these… ;)

  19. 19
    Lisa says:

    Oh I’m so disappointed that I missed this giveaway! I just LOVE all your designs!!! You take such care with the details and your love for the craft shines through! I’m so happy that I found you here and on Etsy! I’m having so much fun with your flower patterns and have also made your vintage rose cap, which turned out beautifully! Your patterns are very well-written and easy to follow, I just love them! I hope I can make it in time for the next giveaway!

  20. 20
    Sandra says:

    Thank you Alla. Got it …

  21. 21
    Alaina Klug says:

    Thanks for all you do. Your patterns are so fun and unique. I love this Celtic design. Can’t wait to try it.

  22. 22
    saramoon says:

    very nice scarf


  23. 23
    Cody says:

    It’s nice to find a quality article. I really enjoy many of the blog posts on your website.

  24. 24
    Scarf says:

    Gorgeous and uniquely creative!

  25. 25
    Carmen says:


  26. 26
    Ecy says:

    So lovely,i love it,love it,love it.Thanks Allas

  27. 27
    nancy says:

    i love this pattern i would love to make some day wish you would e-m it to me

  28. 28
    Bonnie McCauley says:

    how may I obtain this celtic swirl scarf pattern??

  29. 29
    Amanda says:

    I love this pattern. I’ve been looking for patterns similar to this to make for my next projects

  30. 30
    Julie says:

    It os a lovely scarf! I’d love to crochet it for my cousin’s birthday next November.
    I’d be very grateful if you could tell me how to get it.

  31. 31
    Chantelle says:

    oh very nice scarf

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