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Where do you buy yarn?

FaveCraftBlog is having a new feature: Monthly Craft Question. This
month’s question: Where do you buy yarn? Tell us about your yarn stash!
Pictures welcome.

If you would like to join, just leave a comment with your answer on this
post  and Caley  will  put  this link at  the  top of the  heap and  compile
“votes” between  our readers. Some  of the  choices I included in a poll
were:  Chain Craft  Store, Yarn  Store, Thrifty  Store, Online  from  eBay,
Etsy, Manufacturer, Other. 
YarnStashN copy   
For my part… Usually I order yarn  online and  first of all check eBay,
Little Knits, Elann and Raverly. I love to buy yarn direct from Manu
facturer or wholesale and just can’t resist when see nice and happy
colors. I am definitely yarn addict and just can’t help myself. So my
yarn stash is huge and colorful LOL!

Oh and I am in Etsy Ocean Mists treasury! Thank you so much to
Sarah for such Lovely treasury!! I’m so in love with this color too!

OceanMists copy

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    […] re-posted the question on her blog too. For my part… Usually I order yarn  online and  first of all check eBay, Little Knits, […]

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    May says:

    I usually purchase cotton yarn through littleknits.com and yarnmarket.com. I love their bright colors and they match the yarn recommended by Alla in her gorgeous patterns. My experience with the above has been wonderful and I highly recommend them.

    Happy Easter!

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    Barbara Starkey says:

    I buy my yarn at either Wal Mart or Hobby Lobby. I live in a small town and those are my options. For some reason I am unable to download the directions for these beautiful hats. They will look delightful on me great grand daughters. Would it be possible for you to send me the patterns for these hats. I would really appreciate it if you could. Thank you.

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