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Thanksgiving Day Sale & Free gifts


This season is when I stop to reflect about this year’s events and
think about all the things to be thankful for – a warm home, a Loving
and helpful family, wonderful friends and customers and I want to
tell you what a joy it is work with you and serve you, my dear knitting
friends and customers, throughout the year. I started this business
about 5 years ago and so blessed with and it gave me the chance to
work from home and be with my dear daughter in her early years.

I begin my Thanks with a 50% off (buy One get One free) for any
patterns, listed in my Shop, at Etsy or eBay stores.

And a SPECIAL offer! First 3 persons, who leave a comment on this
post will receive a free surprise euro yarn box from me. I’ll email with
a quick questionnaire to make sure you will get yarn in your favorite
colors and textures. You will not be disappointment, I promise!

Oh, and mark your calendars for this Friday, Saturday, Sunday and
Monday!  I’ve added an extra day for those who were busy with the
family this weekend.

8 Responses to Thanksgiving Day Sale & Free gifts

  1. 1
    Lindy says:

    This is my first time to this site, and I’m AMAZED with all the things you’ve made! I’m excited to try some of your patterns in the future! I’m so thrilled I found this site!

  2. 2
    Inma says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    Many blessing to you and your family. I can´t wait to see what you have coming in the next days.


  3. 3
    Sarah says:

    Oh I am numero 3! Sweet!! What a nice Thanksgiving :)

    Happy Thanksgiving Alla!

  4. 4
    Irina HoleyFiber says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Thank you for all your wonderful work, your inspiring designs and wonderful blog which is a joy to read!

  5. 5
    Alla says:

    Dear Ladies, my Congratulations!!! I’m SOOOOO EXCITED for you!!!! Thank you so much for join and your kind of words!! I’ve just emailed you with details and can’t wait to hear back from you ;)

    Thank you again,

  6. 6
    Heather says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Alla!


  7. 7
    Inma says:

    How do we get the two for one deal. Do we need a coupon?

  8. 8
    Alla says:

    Just buy one pattern and let me know which another one you would like and I’ll send 2 patterns to you.

    Thank you for asking, Inma!

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