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I am off…

…  to a little escape, feel like extremely needed and I hope enough deserved  ;)
I’ve finished some new designs for my  Fall/Winter ‘2009 collection, almost done
pattern for Flower Power Bolero  (still need to polish it a bit), continue working
on some Exciting collaborations with fabulous boutique designers. And of course
I have not forgotten about the patterns for sweaters I’ve promised. But for now,
I’m so ready for a little break with all summer activities and family fun. I’ll be back
in 1-2 weeks. See you then!

P.S.: Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. I’ll check my
inbox daily and reply on your emails timely as and process all orders.

3 Responses to I am off…

  1. 1
    Wendy says:

    Hope you have a nice break Alla, enjoy yourself!!!!


  2. 2
    Sarah says:

    Oh Alla you do deserve it!! I sure hope you have a lot of fun. Take that much needed break from designing and just let go! We’ll be here when you get back ;)


  3. 3
    Alla says:

    Thank you so much Ladies!!!
    We had a Blast and I’m back with LOTS of energy and plans! ;)

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