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A Contest Time

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I’m going to start to work on patterns for fall/winter sweaters next month
and have received several requests, mainly for these jackets ( from left to
right): Raggedy Ann, Minnie, Elfi, Grinch (2 pics), Flower Power (click on pics
to enlarge). Thank you so much for all your requests and sweet emails, but
I must to admit that patterns definitely take some time and even if I’m truly
enjoining to work on them, I’m not sure I’ll able to offer more than 6-8 pat-
terns for jackets during this season. So, to participate to this contest, JUST
leave a comment or please email me at  mylcg@mylittlecitygirl.com with
your request of which pattern(s) of these designs (or any other shown here)
you would love to see this year. ANY opinions will be counted and so much
appreciated! AND……

2006_36 2006_37 2005_01
Everyone, who will participate to this contest receive a 25% off coupon
for ANY single purchase in my online Shop, or in Raverly’s store or in my
eBay store including all listings, whatever for yarn, kits or patterns. The
Coupon will be expired June, 30 midnight PST time. Please wait for invoice
or I’ll send a refund to you via PayPal (ONY!). Please email me with any

P.S.: If you feel I should offer a couple more patterns for tops before all, just
let me know and I’ll try to fit my schedule the best for you.

Just got an email asking to add these designs to vote too ;) Thanks guys!
From left to right: Cat in the Hat; Urban couture; Miss Spider.

2007_24 2007_22 2007_23

12 Responses to A Contest Time

  1. 1
    Heather says:

    I am so glad to hear that you will be working on the Fall/Winter Sweater Patterns! I would definitely like to see the Grinch and Minnie Mouse Sweaters, Ragedy Ann, 2006_39.jpg (; 2007_24(Cat in Hat); 2007_23(Black/Purple/OrangeSpiderweb); 2007_22(Black/White).
    Thanks for making these available to all of us to enjoy!


  2. 2
    Heather says:

    My vote if you are to do six patterns would be:

    1)Miss Spider
    2)Urban Couture
    5)Cat In The Hat
    6)Raggedy Ann


  3. 3
    Inma Gimeno says:

    I think they are all great but I vote for these 6
    1. Raggedy Ann
    2. Minnie
    3. Elfi
    4. Flower Power
    5. Cat in the Hat
    6. Urban Couture

  4. 4
    Sarah says:

    How can one choose?! Hmm… ok! Here’s my list (I take it we are going with 6?) Don’t feel pressured though ;)

    1. Flower Power
    2. Minnie
    3. Grinch
    4. Raggedy Ann
    5. Cat in the Hat
    6. Miss Spider

    I really like all of these! So I truly wish I could say all please…lol!

  5. 5
    Wendy says:

    How can I pick just six??? They are all sooo sooo adorable.

    1 Flower Power
    2 Minnie
    3 Urban Couture
    4 Grinch
    5 Cat in the Hat
    6 Raggedy Anne

  6. 6
    Heidi says:

    They really are works of art…

    1. Elfi
    2. Flower Power
    3. Grinch

    Thank you for your wonderful designs!!

  7. 7
    Melanie Adey says:

    My mom just e-mailed me the link to your web-site. Your work is beautiful. I vote for..

    2.Flower Power

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful patterns.

  8. 8

    I LOVE the flower power and raggedy ann~really ANYTHING PINK! (My little girl has THREE older brothers, so I can’t help it! LOL! ((((((HUGS))))) sandi

    Hey~I’d actually love to see BLOOMERS!

  9. 9
    Angie says:

    I just came across your website. I am an avid knitter but not such a great fan of knitting. Yours are the only patterns that have made me want to set down the needles and pick up the hooks.

    My top three or four

    1) Elfi
    2) Raggedy Ann
    3) Urban Couture / Flower Power (they were a tie for me)

    Thank you for the truly fun kids clothes.

  10. 10
    Tracy says:

    Oh my god. They are all AMAZING!
    1) Grinch
    2) Minnie
    3) Urban Couture
    4) Raggedy Ann
    5) Flower Power
    6) Miss Spider

    You are such a talented deisgner!

  11. 11
    Theresa Kelly says:

    Thank you! Crossing my fingers I can start knitting a beautiful sweater for my daughter! Anything pink is always perfect!

    1) Elfie
    2) Grinch
    3) Flower Power
    4) Miss Spider

    Your talent is amazing!

  12. 12
    Людмила Григорова says:

    Наша модель самая, самая! А одежки все оченььььь красивые, красочные, жизнерадосные. Ничего подобного раньше не видела!

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